League Of Legends New Tab for Google Chrome

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. So what makes League of Legends different from other MOBA games? I think this is because the tournaments, the in-game league system,  and also it is much more fun than the other games. We said tournaments because League of Legends is a game that revives the concept of eSports all over the world.

As for the game’s structure, the League of Legends consists of a map, two main centers, corridors, and 5-person teams such as other MOBA games. Yes, we can summarize this type of game in this way. You can download the game free of charge from the official website of League of Legends. When you download the game to your computer you need to make an update of 2-3GB. You are then asked to open an account. Once you open your account, you also create a name for yourself. Now that you’ve created your name, you’re ready to fight in the squares of justice. The game also has a level system. For the first time the game naturally starts from the 1st level. Then you can raise your level up to level 30. Games take in general 30-60 minutes approximately.


In the game, before entering the game you will have a magic spell. These spells help you in team battles. Therefore, before entering each game you must choose your magic spells very carefully.


The game also has a rug and talent system. These make you more resilient to your opponent at the start of the game or more warrior. First you need to prepare your product page. The Rune sheets consist of three main sections. You need to prepare them at the beginning of the game according to the roles you will play in the game. You have to reach level 30 to complete the entire Rune page. Rune consists of 4 categories in total, including stamps, seals, insignia and ores.


Likewise, your talent pages also have the same features as the runes. But you’ll play your talent pages in that game, and you’ll need to edit it. You get 1 skill point each time you jump. You can mark up to 30 abilities on the skill pages. Within this, as in the runes, you have to reach level 30 again.

When you first enter the game you will see a amount of life and mana in the lower bar. This can and mana bars can change champions from champions. Can shows you the amount of life in the game. Mana is an empowerment given to you to use your skills and when you use your skills in the game, your decreasing meaning increases spontaneously.


In the game there is a system of goods. Every minion you kill in your corridors gives you gold. The more minions you kill, the more gold you have won. So play petite focus, buy your stuff and move your team. So what do the items do? Items make you stronger than the game you play. This allows you to carry the game on your own.

The game came, where we play the game, the game passes a place called Summoner’s Rift . There are many champions in the game ranging from fairy tales to evil-hearted creatures. You have to choose your champions and bring justice to the summit valley. You can control your champion with the Q, W, E, R keys on your keyboard. After you choose your champion, you go to your corridor. Your corridor consists of a path that connects your base with your opponent’s base. There are three kinds of corridor, the middle corridor and the lower corridor.


The game also features a war fog. So you can’t always see everything. You can see certain parts of the map as you walk. But with the totems you will get from your headquarters, you can put the totem in the places you want to see in the dark, and you can have the advantage of viewing on the map. There is also a petite wave going from both centers to these corridors. Minions are controlled by artificial intelligence to leave the corridors from both centers. These minions fight each other in the corridors while you need to do the last shot. Because you can only win golds when you make the last shot to minions.



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Mortal Kombat New Tab for Google Chrome


Mortal Kombat, which was developed by Nether Boe’s NetherRealm Studios and published in 2011, was able to attract the attention of the players. The fact is that even Ed Boon, who was the head of the game, wasn’t sure if he could return the Mortal Kombat series back to his old days.

Mortal Kombat’s films, which were published in 1995 and 1997, were brought into play by Mortal Kombat 9 producers. In the first place, the construction of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 made its way to the PC with the effect of its success. As the game lovers will know, unless you count the latest Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games, the number of fighting games for PC in the past was not much. That’s why the Mortal Kombat lovers were so appreciated.

It was launched for the Mortal Kombat Complete Edition PC in 2011, which covers almost all DLC packages in two years. Mortal Kombat did not disappoint Ed Boon on the PC, and the producer team heralded that the next game will be released for the PC. While everyone is looking forward to the next game of Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm announced that the new fighting game will be Injustice: The Gods Among Us. This means that in the near future there will be no new Mortal Kombat game.

NetherRealm, Injustice: The Gods Among Us, the same as the Mortal Kombat in a screenplay of gamers in a screenplay of fighting games. Because this kind of players were very pleased, the idea of fighting for a purpose instead of doing mere fights had received positive reactions.


When you first enter Mortal Kombat X, a classic screen meets you. In this section, you can connect to scenario mode, if you wish to challenge modes or to online modes. Of course, we can first call the game’s main foundation of the scenario mode Mortal Kombat X. Let’s step up to that.


When you enter the scenario mode of Mortal Kombat X, you see a cinematic describing the events. To summarize what is described here, the game takes place 25 years after the events that took place in Mortal Kombat 9. So what’s going on in these 25 years? As will be remembered in the previous game, Shao Kahn tried to unite the worlds by violating the tournament rules. Meanwhile, Shao Kahn, who had found the Earthrealm fighters against him, was later neutralized by ElderGods.


After these events, Shinnok attacks Earthrealm forces with the forces of Netherrealm under his command, but he cannot be successful. When all events begin to settle, a peace agreement is signed between Outworld and Earthrealm. But Mileena comes out this time. Mileena, who cannot digest into the atmosphere of peace, is shattered by a special talisman and leaves Shinnok’s serenity and turns into a carnival area.

From the very beginning, Mortal Kombat X’de same as Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us in the scenario mode you have to play for the moment with the fighter. So you don’t have the luxury to choose a fighter in scenario mode.


The scenario mode of Mortal Kombat X starts with a highly action-packed cinematic. Despite the years passed in the first video, Johnny Cage, who doesn’t know what to do, comes out. Despite the 20-odd-year period, Cage has not lost anything in its form. Moreover, he married Sonya and had girls. This can be said to be a small surprise for the fans of the game.


Because Cassie Cage, one of the characters in the game, was also included in the list of characters previously described as Johnny and Sonya’s daughter. By the way, let us also state that this new member of the Mortal Kombat world has a lot of fun. Yes, after talking about the story and similar elements, let’s talk about the fighting system in the game.

Before we start the fight in Mortal Kombat X, there are Quick Time Events which can be defined as the right time system in the entering cinematics. So you need to pay attention to the keys that will appear on the screen while watching the video. So what happens if you don’t hit the right key in time? In such a case, you are eating a clean stick from your opponent. In the long term, there may be small scale scenario changes in the game. Of course, these actions do not change the future of the MK universe will change.

MK X is an extremely successful performance in the sound and music. Especially the music is very successful in bringing you to the gas. Apart from this, from the deep and MK classics such as Fatality, Brutality and similar voices have been great.




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Undertale New Tab for Google Chrome

Undertale is a role-playing game that Toby Fox has developed almost entirely from graphics to story and music. The story of the game is as follows: People and creatures live together in peace. This peace ends with the war between humans and creatures. In battle, people defeat creatures with an overwhelming force. They trap creatures under the ground with a magical barrier.

Creatures that continue their lives under the ground cannot leave the earth once again. Years pass by, and one day a human creature goes to the mountain where it lives and falls down. You are this curious person. Loving you named Toriel, your mother welcomes a creature you can replace and becomes your first friend. Even if you are at peace with you, you will have to set out to return to your home no matter what happens with Toriel.

Undertale’s  graphics are simple and you are right , they are Really simple. But at the same time he is so friendly and sincere. Every NPC you meet has a unique style, personality and voice (like Shovel Knight). You can always enter into very funny dialogues with characters such as grinning Sans and his sister Papyrus, who isn’t aired. There are not many puzzles in the game, and I’m sure you won’t have any problems.

As a gameplay, Undertale looks more like old-style JRYOs, but Toby Fox has chosen to be more experimental. We can say that the fights are half-turn-based. When you fight a creature, your heart appears in a box on the screen. You can attack with ATTACK command when you are in the queue, you can snack or escape with FLEE when your health decreases. The attack doesn’t stop pressing a button, you can do more damage when the pointer on the screen reaches the appropriate point.

 Each creature has a different attack and when it attacks you, you can stand still and run away from the attack instead of getting hit. When you kill the creature, you earn some EXP and gold. There is no map in the game, but since there are not many places to go, you will not get lost. You can regain your health in the four-pointed stars at certain intervals, and you are filled with determination and recording the game. You can buy food, weapons or armor from the shops, but you can’t sell anything to most of them.

 Now, let’s talk about the most important feature that distinguishes Undertale from other role-playing games. You don’t have to kill anyone in Undertale. When a creature attacks you, you can contact, compliment, or touch it with the ACT command. After the creature has stopped attacking you, you can choose SPARE from MERCY and donate it. When you do this, you still get some gold and you can’t win any EXP. Failure to level may make you weaker. But do you need that EXP? I want you to think well before answering this question, because being merciful is significantly affecting the course and the end of the game.

Let’s talk a little more about compassion. I don’t know how many games we’ve played and how many creatures, robots, enemies, innocent people have killed in these games. Why have you ever thought about destroying someone or something? Are we dealing with destroying others to give meaning to our purpose, to feel that we can survive? Do we not hurt anyone even in the most peaceful and harmless games?

Undertale, one of the most compassionate and peaceful games of recent years, has conquered many players’ hearts. It is a game that is so peaceful and so much fun that I can strongly recommend that everyone play it.




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Sword Art Online (SAO) New Tab for Google Chrome

Our Japanese brothers, who were bored with VR technology, invented AR technology. What is it, if you say this AR technology, you can briefly tell the virtual world not to dive, but to bring the virtual world to the real world. If we think of the Pokemon GO logic, we can say that the virtual world is transformed into reality. In the Ordinal Scale, you can earn coupons that you can spend in the real world. That boss is my boss in this chase, everyone is our high school graduate, the Sword Art Online Black Sword Master, scratching his fallen belly, researching the university.

In 2022, a Virtual Reality with a major success after the beta release was released in Sword Art Online (SAO), which is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) ie Virtual Reality Multi-Personality Online Role-Playing Game. By switching the device called Nerve Gear to the Matrix virtual reality by the user’s head, the user can control his / her character like real life thanks to Nerve Gear and use his five senses by means of signals sent to the brain waves. On November 6, 2022, the day of the official opening of the servers of Sword Art Online, Kirota Kazuto, nicknamed Kirito, also officially joined the game with the beta character (as a level 1).

Kirito is used to the huge virtual world. In Sword Art Online, the goal is to reach the 100th floor and defeat the final boss. Kirito also acquires a friend named Klein on the first day, and Kirito teaches him basic things. At the end of the day Klein wants to quit the game but there is a problem; There is no logout or no exit button.

When Kirito and Klein are wondering if a bug or not, all the players are teleported to the starting town and the game’s creator Kayaba Akihiko tells everyone what happened. Akihiko says that the exit button is no longer in play and everyone is stranded in the SAO world. The only way out of the game is to either end the game or die. But there is such a reality; If you die in the game, Nerve Gear will fry your brain in the real world and will actually lead to your death. As you understand, we are witnessing the struggle of Kirito in the virtual world to end the survival and the game.

Sword Art Online is starting to change the skin like the season finale in the 13th episode and I was very hopeful about this change. However, anime unfortunately lives in the second half. I’m not going to talk about the lack of spoilers, but the last episode is said to have peaked in excitement. Akihiko, who imprisoned 10,000 people in the game at the end and caused the death of nearly 30% of them, is being portrayed as if he were a hero.

Despite the poor progress of the scenario, the anime has no plus points. First of all the fantastic world is very beautifully created and very well animated with RPG elements. Especially with the excitement of the first episodes, something wonderful came out. Fighting scenes and characters are also quite successful. All of this could be combined with a sound fiction and could be an inedible anime. Finally, as someone who is fond of RPGs, there are some logic errors in the anime. For example, to finish the game, you have to go to the 100th floor and defeat the last boss, but let’s say that Group A defeats a player’s boss, and B is the group, that is, in the group not meeting the boss. So if a person does a boss, he gets the boss dead.

In short, if we talk about drawings; SAO’s drawings are classic anime drawings. Colored hair, big eyes etc. As I mentioned in my paragraph above, a very beautiful fantastic world was created. The atmosphere manages to keep you alive that virtual world. There are two opening and closing animations. The music played during the episodes is very successful and very similar to the music played in RPG games.



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Assassin’s Creed New Tab for Google Chrome

In Assassin’s Creed, we play a nimble, agile and brave assassin. Our game is about the war of Byzantine forces who want to conquer Jerusalem and the battle of the honorable Islamic Army and the body of blood. What we have to do is to prevent this war from occurring and to do what Altair is most professional in doing.

The most outstanding feature in the game is the handling of assassinations. We need a good plan before the assassination. Otherwise, our unplanned works return us as a waste of time and, at worst, death. Therefore, we must first collect information about the person we are going to kill. But to do this we need a few people from the public. But of course no one is helping us with his father’s good. First, we can help people who are in trouble.

So we can be a gradually loved character among the people. Once we have received the information from these people, we must review the scene in advance. It is very important to learn the shortcuts of the murders in the open spaces. Because if the plan doesn’t make any difference, we have to run. It is very useful to know the back gates of the space and the places where you will kill a lot of people. Thus, you will master your mastery. The people you are about to kill are very well protected because they are made up of people who can usually “start” the war. Therefore it is very important to capture the deficit of people. If you catch him with less, it’s easier for you to get your job done. At the same time to start the work you do earlier, the power to help us can reduce the difficulties that can give us. For this reason, follow the people you kill frequently.

Altair’s real talents are revealed when performing the assassinations. The most important of these skills is Altair’s ability to use swords. He uses his sword as a knight, not taking a minute from his waist. Like the great talents of Prince, Altair also has the ability to use a distinctive sword. With his other talents arising from his reflexes and speed, he quickly unleashes his troops and separates his heads from his trunks. In addition, the sword scene adds a whole new touch to the game. It definitely makes you feel you’re fighting the sword Assassin’s Creed.

Another feature of Altair is that it can make dangerous jumps from very high. For example, Altair can jump from a very high place. Of course, if you overdo it, you can die. Altair is also a hero who can jump from buildings to buildings, from walls to walls. In addition, climbing to the walls of Prince of Persia is more realistic in Assassin’s Creed. If we open a little; we don’t have the ability to climb straight walls. However, with the help of indentations and protrusions anywhere on the wall, we can climb very high walls. We’re just standing there where the indent ends.

It is very important to give importance to confidentiality after the murders. When something goes wrong in the plan and the soldiers feel it, they come after you. They will not enter into the public to lose your trail in a short time, if you treat yourself as if you are one of them. Being able to control our body with Altair is a nice feature. For example, we can turn our necks while examining the environment. Or you can pull one with your arm. At the same time you can push while walking, you can stop with your arm. This property is a very nice feature brought to the game.

We can’t act free of any action. We can easily undermine enemies by making the movements we need to do at the right time. So after a while the man can annoy the kill. You can even kill a few battles with similar moves. Well, let’s go back before it breaks. The sword scenes I’ve told you before make us forget the monotony in the combat system. On top of this, the occasional singing, but the high quality of artificial intelligence is added to a more entertaining gameplay.

Seeing the game and seeing how great you are, it is quite different. The city you see in the pictures really leaves the game and makes us focus on the beauty. There is a really well designed city plan. It is just as realistic as it has been moved to the game except for a few different sides of Jerusalem. Especially when you go to a high place and watch a beautiful view of the city, and if  you have a PlayStation 3 and you feel a happiness that cannot be described. It is also very nice that there is nothing modern in the game. Those who complete the beauty of the city are those who try to trade on the left and right. It gives you a very pleasant town excitement.



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Ford Mustang

It’s great to start your day with a Mustang GT, because the engine is very good. The name of the V8 is still Coyote, but it is a bit different from the old version. The cylinder diameter is slightly increased thanks to the plasma cutting technique.

This increased the total engine volume from 4.96 liters to 5.04. The coalition of elements that are injected directly with the port fuel injectors means that there are 16 injectors under the hood. The red line was transported up to 500 revolutions and taken to 7,500 rpm. Cylinder heads, crankshaft and connecting rods are new. And with the composite oil sump, the engine is now 1 kg lighter.

The result is enormous with one word. In the red line between the idling speed and the idle speed, the V8 engine offers a sudden and volatile acceleration. The graceful throttle response has exhilarated the corrective movements in the middle of the bend. When the mid-range capability is so good, it is not annoying to steer before the maximum power of 7,000. Also, it is pretty loud. When you take the $ 895 active exhaust into Track mode, you can’t stop the grin on your face. The engine roars and grunts with the intention of admitting that it is the best Muscle Car ever.

You should definitely take the exhaust option. Normal or neighbor friendly In quiet mode, the V8 engine is so quiet that you don’t notice much on long trips. However, in the Sport and Track settings, the sound reminds you that it is behind the wheel of a very good racing vehicle.


Paired with the new 10-speed automatic transmission, the Mustang GT is very good. On the long roads, the civilization exhibited at low revolutions is quite good. Ford says it takes less than 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 97 km / h with this gear option. Enthusiastic driving can sometimes confuse the 10-speed gearbox that moves with the intention of going into the next gear; so it is better to set it to Sport. For the best results, I recommend the ears.


I think it’s better to take the tool with a 6-speed manual. With the new, double-part flywheel and larger synchromesh, the gearbox has a better balance and mechanical agility. The gearbox can be easily shifted with two fingers, so there is no automatic speed capture feature, which allows you to drive continuously.


If you expect the entry-level Mustang Eco Boost to be relatively disappointing, you’re wrong. The power of the turbocharged 2.3-liter engine is still 310 hp, but the torque has been increased from 433 Nm to 475 Nm. This increase was made possible by programming the Focus RS’s “overboost” mode in which Mustang shared the engine block.

The maximum torque is achieved at 3,000 rpm, so EcoBoost feels sufficiently nimble at medium speeds. Even though it starts to fall from power after 5,500 revolutions, you don’t have to worry about the Mustang with only 4 cylinders. Ford says the engine has reached a speed of 97 km / h in less than 5 seconds with a 10-speed transmission. The only problem with EcoBoost is that the sound is too weak compared to the GT.


Another great advantage of the EcoBoost engine is its improved fuel economy. The manual transmission version is 73.5 kg lighter than the GT with the same characteristics, the majority of which come from the front of the vehicle. You do this very well in the canyon roads. EcoBoost is more nimble in the bends than in the head. The routing is fast and precise. This makes the four-cylinder Mustang feel smaller than the V8.


In fact, if your aim is to attack corners, it is better to choose the EcoBoost version. The power is already on the winding road. Adding a performance package also improves braking and chassis capabilities. The limited-slip differential U helps narrow my line in bend outputs, while the four-piston brake calipers manage to deliver robust deceleration performance and a precise pedal feel.


Of course, that doesn’t mean the GT isn’t a performance machine. His performance is far ahead. The front brake calipers with six pistons and the noticeable difference in handling, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires give you the extra power that comes with the V8 in the corners. The GT is officially flying on fast bends and open roads.


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This time the work has a large, 4.5-liter V8 engine. Four thick wheel around. And in front of some of the most attractive toys . The shortest recipe of this Ferrari 458 Italia is this. The body feels so lightly to her that I almost do not feel my presence! But I don’t need to be fond of it, it makes it a half ton. Less is already a Formula 1 car!

This Pininfarina design, replacing the Ferrari F430, was a car with targets beyond the color layer on the roads. The rear part of the road racer developed in Pininfarina studios under the leadership of Ferrari Design Chief Donato Coco has been very effective. At 200 km / h, it provides 140 kg of downforce force and its back can hold more firmly. At the front, the grille has deformable fins to optimize wind resistance at high speeds.

The interior design of the car is the work of French interior designer Bertrand Rapatel. But the design of the control units has been improved by clues from Michael Schumacher. It’s a pleasure to have a look at the cockpit shaped by the King’s ideas. He said what the boss said. He wants to go faster than fast. Motivating! As long as you’ve had your heart.

In fact, when first introduced, the new 430 was supposed to be new, but the new design elements as well as some of the new technologies introduced by Formula 1 clarified that it was a re-created car. In 2009, there is a Italia attachment named 458 which was produced until 2015. That additional symbolizes the fiery spirit carried by the Ferrari!

Yellow light illuminated indicator, which first attracts my attention in the cockpit that looks like a space shuttle control. You ask why? It ends at 9000 rpm! Speed is a detail in the Ferrari, the digitally right-handed, important V8 engine rotates! And another, the Manettino button on the steering wheel. Introduced in the first 430, the ın character selector ’is at work to adjust the speed of the traction control and gears change for different driving conditions of the car.

For the suspension settings there is also a button in the center of the steering wheel. The task is to choose the driving mode that suits the conditions. There is not a full professional job of this car, everyone should not use. Of course to give the right! Even her image makes it a little more complicated. If you want to get up with the Launch Control, it is activated by a button located on the gear console .

Ferrari and Maserati’s direct-injection V8 engine is eerily efficient. The 570 HP produced at 9000 rpm is not a performance that everyone can easily reach. But the maximum torque of 540 Nm is experienced at 4000 rpm, keeping the steering wheel tight. Already in the slightest neglect or surface lubricity of the 458 Italia in milliseconds you can see in front of you! Of course, do not write them fear and fear, we are not in the race. With its longitudinally positioned engine, the center of gravity of the car pulls down and moves the balance to a maximum, Ferrari can reliably press the ground.

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Tokyo Ghoul New Tab for Google Chrome

Before briefly mentioning the story of Tokyo Ghoul, what is Ghoul? roughly the ghouls are a kind of vampire. Unlike vampires, ghouls can also easily travel during the day and eat their prey with meat instead of sucking blood. This prey is naturally human. Ghoulis except human flesh put whatever they put in their mouths.

While some ghoul is enjoying the pleasure and turning the business into slaughter and blood bath, others do not like to hunt, and only when they are forced (when they are very hungry) they go hunting. In addition, each ghoul has a different power, called kagune, which is a part of the bodies of the ghoulis. There is also a unit called CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), which fights against them in Tokyo. So as you understand, the ghouls are not hidden and people are aware of their existence.

In the world I’ve said above, or rather, a college student named Ken Kaneki in Tokyo is living on his own. Kaneki, who is usually hanging out with her only friend Hide, meets a girl named Rize in a coffee shop called Anteiku and starts to be interested in her. The common point of Kaneki in Rize is literature and books, so it decides to quit. After a pleasant day, Kaneki offers to take Rize home, but Rize takes Kaneki to a dark construction site.

And then it happens, and Rize bites Kaneki. The girl she liked was Kanman and was a feast and a Kaneki dinner. When everything is over for Kaneki, the iron from the top of the construction falls on Rize and kills him. Emergency teams arriving at the scene immediately take the critical Kaneki into operation and the organs of Rize, who have died, are transported instead of the fragmented organs. The surgery results in success and Kaneki is also discharged after a few days. However, there is a strange situation. Kaneki cannot eat properly and feels different.

As the days pass by, Kaneki realizes that the hunger Kaneki has directed himself towards the people is terrified because he begins to realize that due to Rize’s organs, he becomes half human half ghoul. Soon there comes an exquisite smell to his nose and when he follows the scent, he sees that another ghoul is being fed and he suffers a lot, but thanks to the human side he manages to rein in himself. Events develop and Kaneki meets Touka and officially enters the world of ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul’s anime quartet starts with a first episode, and especially the breaks of the episode are great. After the first episode, the atmosphere is a bit focused because it is trying to introduce us to the anime that the ghoul people live in. When this happens, a few episodes made me feel like anime with a life-like theme.

Fortunately, this situation does not take too long and as soon as the tempo is rising and again with a final section, we are almost still with to be continued. In other words, anime ends up with the 13th episode as if it is going to continue, and while you are watching with excitement, your enthusiasm stays on your knees. Tokyo Ghoul’a 9 – 9.5 points could be given, but more than 13 episodes were required for this.

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Fortnite Battle Royale New Tab for Google Chrome

Epic Games, which we are familiar with Unreal Engine and Paragon, has come up with a new game with Battle Royale mode. Released for free for all platforms, this game is paired player-based and is an online game. The game begins as follows: A relentless storm begins. Most of the world’s population has disappeared.

As if this was not enough, monsters came to invade the world. You must lead the rest of the people to join the struggle to stop the storm. You must be part of an unrelenting struggle in the world where every game is different. In the game you must build deva fortresses, make exotic weapons, collect loots and make your heroes level up. You have to fight against Storm with four players in online paired mode.

First, I want to start by talking about Fortnite’s graphic quality, sound features and performance information. The developer team went out of realistic graphics like Paragon and presented the Fortnite, which has cartoon-style graphics. With the colors used, the game has a pretty and sweet look. The characters in the game, the objects around, the enemies and the scenario make us feel that the game has come to light with a meticulous work. The fact that the graphics are far from reality is the biggest indicator that the developer team does not adhere to the Paragon game. If we compare Fortnite with Paragon, we can call it a game made entirely from scratch.

Sound effects and voices used in the game is a very successful structure. In the game we hear very clear and appropriate sounds. The fact that the character voices in the game were made with a joke instead of a serious style added a different atmosphere to the game. In fact, these voices can make our faces laugh at times. Epic Games, in fact, often used a humorous style of games. Coming from the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite was quite admired with its humorous style.

Fortnite is a game developed with Unreal Engine. On PlayStation 4 Pro, the game has a performance of 30 FPS. In addition, FPS decreases in places you can bother. The game gives an extra graphics improvement with 1080p resolution, but FPS doesn’t make much sense when it comes to optimizing graphics. After playing Fortnite Battle Royale, the most important detail is that all games released by Epic Games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro were 60 FPS, while Fortnite was limited to 30 FPS. It is not known whether it will increase to 60 FPS with future updates, but we were surprised to see that one of the most successful games of Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale, has 30 FPS.

We have a main zone in the game. While we are protecting this region, we are asked to expand and expand this region. We are exposed to attacks by zombies when we decide to grow our field and act. The defense missions of our region rarely come. Usually the tasks on the map are given in various regions. But the logic of the tasks doesn’t change at all.

 In the game we find the lens, protect and activate by pressing the button. We are asked to stop the zombie attacks from all directions as the mission period slowly flows. As a result of the tasks we have completed successfully, we are rewarded with loot boxes depending on our performance. As a result of the task you find the loot is incomplete or if you did not complete the task you can do that task many times. The game features many characters in different features. Each character has its own abilities. In the game there are many character classes like ninja, warrior and path finder. Each class has their own unique abilities. If you wish, you can improve your character by improving your skills.

If you wish to perform tasks within the game on your own, you can perform your friends. However, there is a problem in the middle. We want to do tasks alone, the degree of difficulty can increase. If you complete the tasks with your friends you can enjoy more easily from the game. As I said at the beginning of my writing, most people in the world died. While we are performing tasks in Fortnite, we can coincide with living people.

Even the trophy boxes and people who live in the awards given to us. If you have made progress to a certain level in the game you can open your own special teams and expand your area easily. The higher the level of people in your team, the stronger you are. So the game is entirely based on the booty system. We have a large booty warehouse in the game. We can easily see guns, heroes, protectors, resources and survivors in this warehouse. We can quickly find weapons in the game. It also has a certain level of weapons. You can increase it if you wish. For example, a 10-level gunhead can hit more damage than other weapons. In the game there are melee weapons as well as range weapons and trapped weapons. We need resources to find bullets in all these weapons. Already the annoying side of the game is to look for resources. Our time is more searching for resources than the task.

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Batman & Superman New Tab for Google Chrome

Batman v Superman was a film made by Zack Snyder as a continuation of Man of Steel, which excited me from the first moment I heard about it. I’m not too disappointed, but I can’t get the movie to the skies. Zack Snyder is just a movie I like Watchmen.

Inevitably, the dark and stifling air that he makes in order to create his own style suffocates me after a while and I think that it is unnecessary. Man of Steel also did not like a movie I like the cause of a very broken, end of the story and I have difficulty to follow the story, the name of the original just because the name of the Super Knight, not the Superman, the hero’s nickname of the artist, is clearly older than Superman, appearing significantly older and Amy Adams, who succeeded in turning the powerful Louis Lane character in the graphic novel into the film again.

In Batman v Superman, just like Injustice, two heroes are dropped at each other for other reasons. Both are reflected as tyrants, and no party is investigating the facts. Alexander Luthor, the most important name that feeds and nurtures hostility. Lex Luthor is a great enemy of Superman. It’s a little different from that in a comic book. It’s not too serious, and it’s physically pretty soft. Unfortunately, the likeness of the Joker in The Dark Knight was in Luthor. The Luthor heads we know of being bald are partly long haired.

Superman is seen as a god in the environment he lives in and a large part of the world, but he has to pay the price of a movement he did at the beginning of the film with Luthor’s conspiracies. Batman in this film for the first time was described in detail. Batman is a hero representing humanity.

In the first half of the film, we are told about the comparison of God-man and the characteristics of the two heroes. The bottom text is very nice. Luthor’s  Man vs God,  which has put two heroes against each other, summarizes the situation. I want to examine the film as the first half and the second half. The first half was uneventful, boring, unloved by most people I had been chatting with.

Every film that sets off from the idea that there must be a war in superhero films is a work that is only available in the eyes of the box office. That’s why the first half of this movie was so great for me. He introduced the characters, made them question them, exposed the man’s war with Superman as the god, and asked him whether Superman or Batman always did the right thing.

The second half is incredibly simple. Batman and Superman, who were in a state of extreme warfare for an hour and a half, were suddenly rushed into a rush of peace. Obviously it was such a funny scene to be forgotten for years. After the appearance of Doomsday, the quality of the effects fell, and the film suddenly came out of its heavy air and became a children’s film. Wonder Woman, who decided to help Batman and Superman at the last minute, was also very funny. It was like a circus walker next to the heavy costumes of the others.

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Avengers Endgame New Tab for Google Chrome

The Avengers: Endgame, where the ordinary human population is less than the superhero population, had almost all the emotions for 3 hours. The film was made the best foreign film opening of all time in. Worldwide, at the end of the first week, $ 1.2 billion was able to generate revenue.

You may have read, watched or heard a lot about the film. Empty everything you have in mind. Today we are analyzing the Avengers: Endgame, the biggest cinema event of all time, which closes an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we look closely at the links to new beginnings. We do not extend the subject, does not riff, we see what we see in a short and clear way we share with you.

In the last scene of Captian Marvel, we saw Carol Danvers taking Nick Fury’s call and meeting with the team. Despite years of war, the arrival of Captain Marvel, who was originally from Earth, did not change much. His explanation of the absence in the world most affected Thor. Because he was a man who had lost his own planet and was crushed under his responsibility.

Coming together with a warm sense of revenge, the team squeezed Thanos on the planet where he killed all living creatures and turned them into garden . We saw a Thanos who regretted what he was doing here and destroyed the stones with the last one. Thanos, who had a relatively just and logical motivation in the first film, seemed unable to find what he was looking for. We haven’t done enough to understand what happened. With Thor’s fast vengeance, the final breath of the already weak power of Thanos was the starting point of the story.

In the comic book world there is a concept called fan service. It means giving them what they want to see. It was a film that was built on what fans want to see in Endgame. All Disney has to do is build a story that brings together fans’ own plans and what they want to see. The fact that Captain America swept Mjölnir in a single move, which he hadn’t been able to lift, was a fan of his, Avengers, at the very top, assemble! he was also an admirer. So what else did we want to see?

We have seen that the theme of time travel has been processed many times until today. Endgame’s responsibility on this issue was very, very heavy. Infinity War already had to go back to the past, which became the subject of curiosity.

As the scientific basis, the structure of a geometric shape was used. This shape, called the Möbius Strip, is a three-dimensional expression of the infinity cycle. You’re coming back to a place you’ve been on before. This cycle can continue until your energy runs out. In the film, the first Ant-Man Hank Pym’s serum was the source of time travel. It was Tony’s job to find a way back to the Möbius Strip as long as those serums existed.

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NBA Stephen Curry New Tab for Google Chrome

Stephen Curry, who is actively playing for the Golden State Warriors and is considered one of the best players in the NBA, is considered to be the biggest player in the championships won by his team. Stephen Curry, who is noted for her excellent close-up shooting skills, has equalized many records in the NBA.

Stephen Curry, who is in the NBA’s dominant team Golden State Warriors, is in a position to avoid this negative situation thanks to its foolishness, which is accepted by many authorities despite its feeble physics. Curry, one of the top five NBA players, is also considered one of the best shooters in NBA history. Curry is the most important player in the success of his team.

Born on March 14, 1988, Wardell Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player wearing the NBA team Golden State Warriors. Curry weighs 86 kilograms, which is 1.91 meters tall. However, when the American team of players is forced, he has the capacity to play in the position of a shooting guard whenever needed. In 2011 she married Ayesha Curry and they had two daughters, Riley and Ryan Carson.

During his university career, Curry played basketball and completed his training at Davidson College between 2006-2009. The US player’s excellent performance at 28.6 points per game in 2008-09 was his college’s highest scoring average. He also succeeded in being elected to the 5th of the year at the NCA conference. In her career, Curry Davidson was twice voted Best South Conference Player of the Year and succeeded in winning the John R. Wooden Award. In addition, the most foul player in a match 30 times in a season, three times the player who broke the top three records and the history of the university has passed.

Stephen Curry is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and former volleyball player Sonya Curry. On April 23rd, 2009, Stephen Curry announced that he would leave the college where he spent 3 years and join the 2009 NBA Draft. On the 25th of June, he was selected by the seventh rank Golden State Warriors. On February 27, 2013, Curry scored 54 points for the New York Knicks. In the season of 2012-13, he scored 272 points in the regular season and scored the NBA record and went down in history as a player with a maximum of three points in a season.

Also Curry held in Turkey 2010 FIBA ​​World, which has struggled Basketball Championship has taken place in the squad the US and has performed well in the tournament, the champion of the country where the horse across New Orleans Pelicans at bulunmuştur.2016-17 season contributed to take the gold medal in the most in a match broke the three-point throw record.


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