Angry Birds

A family of birds that live in the endless bosom of the wild is coming to the brink of extinction as a result of the unexpected attack of the pigs. The pigs have stolen the eggs of our tiny birds . On top of this, the family members of the bird family that consolidates their ties well, take back the eggs and counter attack to take revenge.

For this struggle they want from us, that is to say, people (it is normal for them to choose people because they do not have the ability to think in the animals. Do not say how they do this without thinking, and instincts come into play).

Let’s come to the implementation phase and our methods. The operation is quite simple. You should develop your own methods for the most effective attack. We have a sling in the left corner of the screen and birds waiting next to it. On the right side, there are pigs and structures. We’ve got to kill all pigs by placing all the birds in the sling, respectively. Only this way we can move to the next map.

Speaking of birds, they’re not all the same type, of course. They differ in both shape and power. When we touch the screen while we are floating in the air; We have weapons that accelerate, explode, or turn into 3 small birds. While our birds are found in different varieties, the other side is not bald. Although there are pigs of different sizes, the structures in which they are stored vary. Sometimes they stand in a simple wooden shed and sometimes they can take shelter in castles surrounded by iron blocks.

Angry Birds physics in the foreground. From your touches to the moments of birds’ flight, collision, and subsequent disintegration, everything is physics. Sometimes it’s bullshit, yes, but it’s in your best interest.

We can say that there are very cute graphics in terms of visuality. Especially bird designs have been perfect. It doesn’t taste as good as it sounds. Definitely play this game with clear sounds. In fact, there is much more to be said for the game: more than 100 episodes, humor, reward system and prize games. If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch, play this game.

Knowing the Angry Birds, there is a very important story. At the beginning of the eggs singing happy songs in a moment the birds are kidnapped by pigs and the pig is given a relentless struggle against the king. The new episode also has nothing to do with changing in Rio. The cage falls to the top of the birds at the beginning of their eggs again and they begin to glide through the air before they understand what they are and find themselves trapped in a hangar in Rio. There are countless birds in cages around and do ours stand idle? As they jumped out of their cages, they go after the cruel parrot, who is responsible for it.

Just like the previous episodes, fun and simple gameplay in Angry Birds Rio actually has nothing to change. We are launching our birds, which have different features in Rio, towards the objects. In the previous games, we try to shoot the pigs and this time we shoot the cages and release the birds inside them.

As the rules of physics and gameplay are completely the same, there is not much to explain. We try to stretch the sling sufficiently, to catch a certain angle and to drop the objects onto the cages. The more bodies we destroy in the department and the less birds we lose, the more points we earn.