This time the work has a large, 4.5-liter V8 engine. Four thick wheel around. And in front of some of the most attractive toys . The shortest recipe of this Ferrari 458 Italia is this. The body feels so lightly to her that I almost do not feel my presence! But I don’t need to be fond of it, it makes it a half ton. Less is already a Formula 1 car!

This Pininfarina design, replacing the Ferrari F430, was a car with targets beyond the color layer on the roads. The rear part of the road racer developed in Pininfarina studios under the leadership of Ferrari Design Chief Donato Coco has been very effective. At 200 km / h, it provides 140 kg of downforce force and its back can hold more firmly. At the front, the grille has deformable fins to optimize wind resistance at high speeds.

The interior design of the car is the work of French interior designer Bertrand Rapatel. But the design of the control units has been improved by clues from Michael Schumacher. It’s a pleasure to have a look at the cockpit shaped by the King’s ideas. He said what the boss said. He wants to go faster than fast. Motivating! As long as you’ve had your heart.

In fact, when first introduced, the new 430 was supposed to be new, but the new design elements as well as some of the new technologies introduced by Formula 1 clarified that it was a re-created car. In 2009, there is a Italia attachment named 458 which was produced until 2015. That additional symbolizes the fiery spirit carried by the Ferrari!

Yellow light illuminated indicator, which first attracts my attention in the cockpit that looks like a space shuttle control. You ask why? It ends at 9000 rpm! Speed is a detail in the Ferrari, the digitally right-handed, important V8 engine rotates! And another, the Manettino button on the steering wheel. Introduced in the first 430, the ın character selector ’is at work to adjust the speed of the traction control and gears change for different driving conditions of the car.

For the suspension settings there is also a button in the center of the steering wheel. The task is to choose the driving mode that suits the conditions. There is not a full professional job of this car, everyone should not use. Of course to give the right! Even her image makes it a little more complicated. If you want to get up with the Launch Control, it is activated by a button located on the gear console .

Ferrari and Maserati’s direct-injection V8 engine is eerily efficient. The 570 HP produced at 9000 rpm is not a performance that everyone can easily reach. But the maximum torque of 540 Nm is experienced at 4000 rpm, keeping the steering wheel tight. Already in the slightest neglect or surface lubricity of the 458 Italia in milliseconds you can see in front of you! Of course, do not write them fear and fear, we are not in the race. With its longitudinally positioned engine, the center of gravity of the car pulls down and moves the balance to a maximum, Ferrari can reliably press the ground.

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