Assassin’s Creed

Professional killer’s Creed is a 2007 sandbox style activity experience secrecy computer game created by Ubisoft Montreal and distributed by Ubisoft. The game was delivered for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in November 2007 and for PC in April 2008.
The game bases on the utilization of a machine named the “Enmity”, which permits its client to see the hereditary recollections of their progenitors, revolving around the hero, a barkeep named Desmond Miles. As Desmond remembers the recollections of one of his progenitors, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad who lived in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade, subtleties of a fight between two old organizations – the Knights Templar and the Assassin Order – arise as both scour for a relic referred to just as a “Piece of Eden.”

Professional killer’s Creed got basically sure surveys, for the two its story and its interactivity, and got a few honors at 2006’s E3. In November 2009, a spin-off as Assassin’s Creed II was delivered, expanding on the establishment set by Assassin’s Creed.


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Among us

Among Us (adapted in the Apple App Store as Among Us!) is an online multiplayer sci-fi/social derivation murder secret game made by Innersloth that sudden spikes in demand for the Unity Game Engine. It was first delivered on June 15, 2018, for Android and iOS – and was subsequently delivered on Steam on August 18, 2018. On December 15, 2020, a Nintendo Switch version was delivered, which is accessible on the control center’s Nintendo eShop. On December 14, 2021, Xbox and PlayStation versions were delivered for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.
The game is set on one of four areas; a spaceship, above-earth base, planet base, or a Henry-Stickmin-themed Airship which contains a gathering of team individuals, among which depend on three Impostors who need to Sabotage the boat/base/planet and kill off the Crew. Crewmates need to finish their picked responsibilities, report assortments of other Crewmates who are killed, and start crisis gatherings assuming that they witness another player accomplishing something implicating or dubious.

By 2020, Among Us was considered by Innersloth to be a finished game, and as of June 11, 2020, MIRA HQ and Polus, which were recently paid for, were delivered free of charge for players playing both on Windows and Android/iOS/iPadOS to have. The game acquired an expansion in prevalence in 2020 because of popular Twitch decorations and YouTubers playing it. A spin-off, named Among Us 2, was reported by Innersloth on August 18, 2020, and was planned to be accessible by 2021 however was dropped in September. Work will rather further develop the first game because of the startling notoriety of the first Among Us. Likewise, many types of product, for example, T-shirts and toys, have been reported and sent off.


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Brawl Stars

High speed 3v3 multiplayer and fight royale made for versatile! Play with companions or solo across different game modes in less than three minutes.

Open and update many Brawlers with strong Super capacities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Gather remarkable skins to stick out and flaunt. Fight in various baffling areas inside the Brawliverse!

Stoplights can be found close to the ‘Alter’ or ‘View Source’ button on the vast majority of the pages on the Brawl Stars Wiki. They address the degree of assurance that is available on that page.

A green light implies that it is a local area page and can be altered by any individual who has a Fandom account.
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A red light implies that you should be a mediator or an Administrator to alter that page. A page is commonly given this degree of insurance since it is viewed as complete.
Note that while client pages are not ordinarily secured, it is for the most part viewed as affable to acquire that client’s consent prior to altering their own page. Assuming you have any inquiries, kindly request one from the staff individuals for help.



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Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire (otherwise called Free Fire) is a fight royale game, created by 111dots Studio and distributed by Garena INTERNATIONAL for Android and iOS. It turned into the most downloaded versatile game universally in 2021. Because of its fame, the game got the honor for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2020. As of May 2021, Free Fire has established a standard with more than 1 million everyday dynamic clients worldwide. As of November 2020, Free Fire has earned north of 1 billion around the world.

Ongoing interaction
Free Fire is a definitive endurance shooter game accessible on versatile. Every 10-minute game puts you on a far off island where you are set in opposition to 49 different players, all looking for endurance. Players uninhibitedly pick their beginning stage with their parachute, and expect to remain in the protected zone to the extent that this would be possible. Drive vehicles to investigate the tremendous guide, conceal in the wild, or become imperceptible by proning under grass or cracks. Trap, kill, get by, there is just a single objective: to make due and set out to make a genuine difference.

Endurance shooter in its unique structure

Look for weapons, remain in the play zone, plunder your adversaries and become the sole survivor. En route, go for incredible airdrops while staying away from airstrikes to acquire that little edge against different players.

10 minutes, 50 players, awe-inspiring endurance goodness is standing by

Quick and Lite interactivity – Within 10 minutes, another survivor will arise. Will you go past the vital mission at hand and be the one under the sparkling light?

4-man crew, with in-game voice visit

Make crews of up to 4 players and lay out correspondence with your crew at the absolute first second. Set out to make a real difference and lead your companions to triumph and be the last group remaining at the peak.

Conflict Squad

High speed 4v4 game mode is currently open day in and day out! Deal with your economy, buy weapons, and rout the adversary crew!

Reasonable and smooth illustrations

Simple to utilize controls and smooth designs guarantees the best endurance experience you will find on portable to assist you with deifying your name among the legends.

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Minecraft Wallpaper and New Tab

In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch), the independent game producer will have asked him the question that Minecraft has created a construction. In theory it was good, but in practice it made a very good idea that mistakes were made so good that Minecraft attracted the attention of all the players. If you start the game without knowing anything about the game, you can ask yourself the question “where am I?” Visually, some poorly-looking graphics will turn into a great visual presentation for you when you’re able to look through pixels.


Of course, Minecraft is not a game that tries to like us with graphics. The hit point of the game is the production part. Imagine a universe that almost everything you can shred and add to your inventory. Moreover, you can do what you want to do with these pieces of pieces. Whether it’s a castle, bread field or waterfall … all you need is the right stuff and the right schemes. You can make new items by combining the items in the game, but you need to set the items in the correct diagram.


Minecraft offers us 2 different game modes to create something. First, let me talk about creativity. In this mode where you have unlimited resources, you are playing only and only production-oriented. It’s a game for players who like to produce something and just want to concentrate on that direction. Yes, I just wanted to concentrate on production, I said, because it was a mode of play, the game’s main mode of survival, which will have a whole different problem in life.

In survival mode, your main goal is the same; to develop and to produce better works. But the biggest difference of this mode from creativity mode is that you are exposed to the invasion of zombies and creatures at night. You need to build a house at the beginning of the game from the first day until the evening. Otherwise, you’re involved in the food chain of living things that come out at night. When you have a certain amount of knowledge, you can also begin to challenge the zombies. The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can do all these online together with your friends. 3-5 even 10 friends can come together and create the works you want, together you can fight against zombies.

Minecraft Tree

The game allows you to experience the Stone Age environment in a way. It starts with a random game where a player is completely randomly produced and doesn’t know much about it. While you are surrounded by mountains, plains, beaches and seas, you start to play with your strong punches and your sense of creativity. What you can do in the game and your goals are completely up to you. To describe an example of the beginning of the game, the first thing you should know is that each cube you see around can serve as raw material to you. You can start your craft and architecture career with the boards you get from a tree you broke with your bare hands in the first place.

It is possible to convert these boards from wood to craft (which allows you to produce something new using raw materials) in the character menu. Then you can create the first walls of your house with these lumbers or you can use it as raw material to produce new tools. The lumber is also able to get wooden bars by putting them in a more craft menu. Or you can create a box that will allow you to produce larger and more detailed items by placing timber in each space of the 2×2 size craft space.

The heart of the game is this box. With 3×3 craft space, you can access dozens of different tools from digging up to TNT with the materials and placement variations you will use. First, you can fill the top row completely and put wooden bars in the boxes in the middle of the bottom 2 line, so you can accelerate the construction time of your home. With this digging you can break the stones quickly. However, an excavation made of wood will not be extremely durable. That’s why you can put the stones on the top row and put the wooden rods on the bottom and you can accelerate the digging process by making a more durable digging.

You progressed by digging the stones quickly into the center of the mountain. Now it’s time to take the first steps of your home. The design of this house is completely up to you. If you want, you can build a modest 2 room 1 living room, or you can build a gigantic and absurd design castle. If you want, you can develop your castle over time and spread all over the map. After all, the map grows randomly as you run around. So you can take the freedom of an unlimited world.

There are different materials for many interesting objects that you can create in the game. For example, if you want to make glass or make TNT, you need sulfur and sand. Or you need to find charcoal and wooden stick for the torches. For unusual materials like this, you may need to get a few more digging shots in the mine and go down to the diplomats. However, one should not forget that you can fall into a cave as you descend to the bottom of the ground, and even burn in lava and taste a painful death.

Minecraft didn’t actually try to do much, but it was a game that made you do a lot. The production system built by the game is a very good example of how simple and detailed gameplay can come together, and there are even producers who see this example in practice. With a little research, you can see games that try to imitate Minecraft. These imitations show us something very well; Minecraft is a touchstone for the gaming industry. It is also worth mentioning that the game is less than 50 MB in size. The only thing ahead of you is your determination and creativity. The game that offers its players such a wide and free space is therefore preparing to go down in history as the fastest developing and increasing number of players in the near future.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

I’m sure you’ve heard, many things are being said for this gang that goes beyond Mexico and even manages to cross this land. Years later, even in the hall corners, gambling tables, the names are passed … Yes, yes, in the late 1800s, even until the beginning of the 1900s, terrorism until the beginning of the Dutch Van Der Linde and its notorious gang I’m talking about. Numerous robberies, raids, duel, hundreds of leaps left behind and a life in exile .. But despite all these difficulties and lives in pursuit of chase, they are said to be free even in their last breath.

Yes, we are not very foreign to the Dutch gang and perhaps the most important members of this gang. Although the stories continue to be told in the nooks, we actually learned the finale in the first hand. If you played Red Dead Redemption, you already know how tragically the story ended. Dutch Van Der Linde Although our time has passed John in the minds of his words, but at the same time with his memory still continues to take place in our memories. Here’s Red Dead Redemption 2 goes to 1899, we have a closer look at what Dutch and his gang do and much more.

In the first game, we knew the characters like Bill Williamson, Dutch Van Der Linde, Uncle, Javier Escuella, Jack Marston and Abigail Marston. In Red Dead Redemption 2, we can actually say how crowded the gang is. Leaving the active members aside, we also testify that in the camp area, the concept of family grows rather than a gang, but we are witnessing big problems as in every family. As we already know the collapse of the Titanic, we can say that the collapse of these characters, which we started to connect with because we know the story of the collapse of the gang, is a little more upset.

Come to Arthur Morgan, the character we lead in the game. Arthur Morgan, like John Marston, was raised by Dutch at a young age. For this reason, he sees himself as a father figure and does not say that he is extremely committed to it, but he shows it at every opportunity. Arthur is also one of the most important and active members of the gang. Although it seems like a striking character, it is also a complete duty man. Dutch is very confident about it and we are taking steps that cannot trust that trust throughout the game. In the same way Morgan relies on Dutch and is sure that his decisions are the best decisions for the gang.

We start by learning that the gang has returned empty-handed from a big robbery. This robbery in the town of Blackwater ends in frustration and turns towards the north and the snowy mountains to make the gang lose. There are also difficult life conditions and some losses due to continuous movement. As soon as you start the game, you are already in the process of recovery, and at the very beginning of the work, the gang needs to be addressed. In fact, I can say that these needs are not easy. After a while, even though we are migrating to the hot land, you should always be interested in your gang. In other words, you are trying to chat with the gang members, to put aside both the main and side tasks that you get from them, and to improve their living conditions. It is in your hands to develop the camping site with the important materials you will collect outside of hunting and of course money.

The Dutchman, who has a fatherly speech, puts a donation box for the gang’s recovery and substitution, and you can put the money or valuables you earn in this box, as all gang members do. Of course, a separate book for the money deposited. In this book, it seems clear how much money he has invested. Of course, as you progress in the game, you understand that you are making the greatest contribution. When you’re donating hundreds of dollars, you can get bored of a little bit when you see that gang members donate only a few dollars. But remember, the family comes first and there is an important burden for you to survive.

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My Little Pony New Tab for Google Chrome

In a city called Ponyville, cute ponies lived in peace. The cute ponies, who were unaware of the catastrophes of this city, had been running and enjoying with their friends all day long. But one day, a dark force threatens Ponyville. In the face of this threat Ponyville and friends Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity; They go on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria. This journey that makes them new friends leads them to an adventure where they will face new challenges, using the magic of friendship to try to save their homes.

Pony friends, while preparing for a friendship festival will be held soon, they heard that a bad witch has frozen the 3 princesses in the Ponyville. The new My Little Pony, a reboot version of My Little Pony in 1980, is also known as the Friendship Magic. She’s been very successful in re-shooting the previous film. Everything was just modernized, and the originality was preserved, so there was no scattered movie script.

The originality is almost completely preserved in terms of new characters designed for the film made in the past. Two baddies, Tempest Shadow and The Storm King, are the two main villains of the movie. The purpose of the Pony’s  is to save Ponyville from the bad guys they live in and continue to live friendly. To stop this evil, friends all go on a journey together. They make new friends during this journey. This journey teaches them that friendship and togetherness are more important than anything else.

This may sound very pleasant to an observer. But fans of the My Little Pony  series  fans often ignore the imperfections in this film. First, the characters our heroes face – Capper, a totally human-looking cat, and Captain Celaeno, a purely human-looking pirate parrot – completely break the rules of the series. The show’s design philosophy is completely subverted for introducing new characters that are not required for the story and for add-ons such as self-added fanatic characters.

Also, as everyone who watches the series really know, the time when Mane Six is friends with God is a powerful chaos that can do something in the full sense, and it revolves around finding a powerful, magical MacGuffin. The only thing they really need to do is look for Discord and solve all the problems. And if, for some reason, Discord was not available, they would also have the army of dragons and changes that did not owe them a small favor. If we are to explain this issue in a way that can be understood by the audience who is not a fan of My Little Pony; In Endgame, it is as ridiculous as heroes to try to find a bigger infinity glove instead of traveling in time.

And in contrast to its name, the day is saved not by friendship and understanding, but by violence. Capper and Spike friends literally set people on fire. One of these characters is completely consumed by the flames and falls, and we move away from that scene and never look back. This is a friend of ours made of fur and he could not survive the fire.

We can’t ignore the changes in character design. With the development of technology, the characters are seen in quite different situations. At the end of the film they are separated and I guess the reason for this is to end the movie with a dramatic ending. One of the malevolent characters really sees the light, but the only way they can allow them to show their salvation is to carry out an act of violence on another villain.

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Hello Kitty New Tab for Google Chrome

I wanted to introduce  you our cute little cat today. Thanks to the Japanese firm Sanrio, we can say that this reputation of Hello Kitty, who has come to the present day and is increasing and popular all day long, will continue for many years. Hello Kitty, born November 1, 1974, is the full name of Hello Kitty White. Hello Kitty, who is five apples long and weighs three apples, has a twin brother named Mimmy. Hello Kitty lives with her mother, Mary, her father George, and her twin brother, Mimmy. Hello Kitty’s ribbon is on the right, and Mimmy is on the left. So don’t confuse it when you see it. Hello Kitty has a pet! This pet named Charmmy Kitty is a cat. Hello Kitty loves to eat apples, go to the park, visit the candy store. Hello Kitty would like to be a pianist or poet in the future. Hello Kitty first burst onto the scene in 1974 courtesy of Japanese company Sanrio, which designs and produces products solely aimed at the kawaii – meaning cute in Japanese – section of popular culture in the country. Since then, Hello Kitty has become one of the most recognised and successful brands in the world, appearing on fashion accessories, school supplies, starring in her own TV series; to now wandering across numerous countries in Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends. Travelling the world is no easy feat thanks to the cost of public transport these days; yet Hello Kitty seems to make her way around the globe with ease thanks to her own personal aeroplane. One minute you can be giving a helping hand at the American diners in the US, to next designing an outfit in fabulous France.   The main menu gives you a list of options to choose from when you’re in Hello Kitty’s room, so it’s up to the youngster in charge  to decide what she should be doing with her day. Going Out allows you to select where you should embark on an adventure; there are six countries to choose from and four mini-games residing in each country, giving 24 games in total. There are a variety of activities to choose from, such as tapping to the rhythm of the music to designing colourful accessories. Each challenge consists of an easy and hard mode; easy mode tends to hold the player’s hand by pointing to the correct piece of item or colour, depending on which game you’re playing at the time, while hard mode unsurprisingly requires more skill, demanding concentration from the player. The gyroscope is utilized in a small selection of challenges, such as leading Hello Kitty down the river on a raft, where you have to guide her through obstacles that protrude from the water. This can often feel sluggish, as it can take a second for Hello Kitty to change direction after you’ve tilted the 3DS, causing her to bash into a rock or the wall. An AR card also comes packaged in the box, allowing the lovable feline to spring to life before your eyes. Put the card in various locations to snap some interesting shots, or why not jump into the photo yourself and pose with Hello Kitty? The picture is saved onto the SD card if you wish to print the photo and hang it on a wall; it will no doubt bring a smile to young children’s faces. Going Shopping allows you to visit all 15 countries, where you can purchase souvenirs and costumes using Puro – the game’s currency – accumulated from each of the mini-game challenges. A delightful addition is the inclusion of fun educational facts about the country in which you’ve just visited. Did you know that Mount Fuji is 3776 meters high? It may not be common knowledge to most people, so it’s most definitely a welcome ingredient to learn as well as have fun. Dressing Hello Kitty up in the various costumes can often feel like a bland affair, however, as it doesn’t allow the player to channel their inner fashionista; it’s as simple as choosing an outfit and mixing up various styles from each of the countries. Further customization would have been worthwhile, as children love to run wild with their imagination and creativity. For the target audience of Hello Kitty’s global adventure on the 3DS, it delivers a range of activities that is enough to keep young children occupied for a short amount of time; despite this it falls short on longevity, as the most basic of challenges can be completed within a matter of seconds. Its charm and simplistic controls will appeal to the younger audience, but leaves little to the imagination for older children.  

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Gangstar Vegas Mafia Game New Tab for Google Chrome

Gameloft, which has proven itself with the games it develops for mobile devices, is coming out with the new game of the Gangster series. Gangster: Vegas has a map that is 9 times larger than Rio’s previous game, Gangster: Vegas. Using the Havok physics engine, the game offers a visual feast.

The main character of our game is Jason Malone, the champion of far east fighting techniques. Malone must be defeated at 4.Raund by the owner of the casino. However, when our character hits his opponent a little hard in the fight, our opponent falls to the ground before us and the casino owner Frank Veliano’s plans fall into the water.

After the fight, he hardly saved his hand from Veliano’s hand and went to Vera, the wife of Vegas’s youngest thug Jack Montello. Vera Montello does everything to save our character from Veliano and his men. But there is a response to these favors. Now our character has to do what Vera wants.

Gangster: Vegas, which looks like Grand Theft Auto with its gameplay, seems to revolutionize the mobile platform. Especially Havok physics engine graphics and gameplay structure, Gangster: Vegas shows the effects. However, due to these high graphics, there is sometimes a low frame rate in the game. 4. We have witnessed these frame drops on most points, even on iPad and iPhone 5. Gangster: Vegas has 80 different missions, 54 different vehicles, 38 weapons and 39 clothes. If you don’t pass a mission in Vegas, you can ask your friends for help.

You can send notifications to your friends via Facebook and Gameloft LIVE. However, when your friend has passed the section, you cannot get the prize money at the end of the episode. The prize goes straight to your friend’s membership.

Not until we’re in Vegas. Vegas; There is also a section for playing blackjack, slot machines and video poker. You can get keys with the points you earn from the games and you can open the locked boxes in the Secret Service section with these keys.

The game features two different modes, New Play and Quick Play. The options in Quick Game mode open as you complete the tasks in the main mode of the game. The difficulty levels of these tasks have been successfully balanced for touch screens. Gangster: It takes a while to get used to the Vegas controls. You may sometimes have difficulty controlling your character during a fight. In using the vehicle, Gangster: Vegas performs superbly in contrast to character control.

As you complete the tasks in the game, you earn Skill Points. With your skill points, you can improve your character’s features such as driving and fighting. You also earn money when you complete the tasks. You can use these coins to buy new weapons as you can spend changing your character’s clothing and hair style.

If we look at the game in general, there are too many in-game graphics errors caused by the Havok physics engine. However, Gameloft can provide a solution to this problem with updates. In-game music performs successfully. You can easily get used to the air of Vegas with the Skrillex, the master of Dubstep music.

Available in the Chrome Store

Roblox New Tab for Google Chrome

Roblox is a free mobile adventure game released by Roblox Corporation. He managed to be among the most talked about games of recent times. The logic of the game is similar to that of many known Minecraft. Of course not completely. A platform where you can have smaller worlds. In the game you can create a special world for yourself or you can go to the worlds created by others.

Roblox simulator games are limitless. The content shapes the creators of the players. Let’s look at what BlueStacks 4 can do with this creativity. If you want to play a more comfortable game like you BlueStacks 4 is enough to download.

Roblox is a game system, which is very popular around the world, and all the virtual users on this system do their own games or play the games they want. So, how to register and play Roblox? ROBLOX infrastructure, which is used to create simple playable games, has now come to tablets with an Android app. With ROBLOX, you can easily create your dream game and share it with anyone who uses the platform.

With ROBLOX you can play any type of game, race, adventure or puzzle games. You can add multi-player support, change the physics properties of the game engine, and set up social elements. Apart from offering all features, the game is hosted by ROBLOX’s cloud service.

Although Minecraft is seen as a useful and entertaining game, it reaches a wide audience and the game is not as popular as it used to be and it is losing popularity. There are games that catch up with growth thanks to Minecraft, Minecraft players from Minecraft now bored as they turn to counterparts. One of those games, Roblox, was released on the Windows Store.

Of course, Roblox does not work in one-to-one logic, and the game has its own meaning. For example, while Minecraft focuses more on creating new worlds, you can play, race or fight with other users online in a tiny world at Roblox. The game that looks fun with the features it provides doesn’t get close to Minecraft on the educational side.

You can create chapters, stories, characters and, if you like, you can buy special and interesting objects in the game’s object library by giving them money. In addition, if you keep the game, you can even earn money from it. ROBLOX has saved more than $ 315,000 to developers so far.

Available in the Chrome Store

Counter Strike CS GO New Tab For Google Chrome

The legend of counter-strike, the history of describing the multiplayer playing again the head actor of the team-play games, has emerged with its new face Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When the first Half-Life came out in 1998, not only with its great gameplay and intense atmosphere, but also with its many features, it became a big phenomenon in a short time in the game world.

 The first Half-Life’s game engine, in contrast to the hardware craze that was rising at that time and every player had to refresh their computer every 6 months, could also work on low systems. The game engine was very popular in independent developers, both because of its flexibility in terms of optimization and good graphics rendering and very wonderful game mechanics. As a result, two cronies, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, created a Half-Life mode called Counter-Strike. Certainly, this initiative, which is not a commercial purpose, has changed the multiplayer acting forever and made a terrible contribution to the professional acting concept.

Already later Minh Le was hired by Valve. The great success of Counter-Strike was also an inspiring story for independent developers. In the intervening years, there have been brands that have changed the multiplayer gameplay, such as Modern Warfare and Battlefield, but a classic is always  a classic.


Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the one that has captured us at the beginning of the CS. Extremely exciting gameplay, realistic weapons and team play… All these components are the CS: GO’s nervous system. Even though there is no groundbreaking innovation in the game, re-interpreted maps and new modes are very addictive. Players are still organizing tournaments through CS 1.6 and Source, and GO’s policy of expanding to more players will make the game popular.

 According to us, GO, 1.6  was closer to Source. For example, those who have just started or have not played for a long time can directly enter the event with the Classic Casual mode. This option allows you to literally warm up the game and the mechanics. For example, in this option FF (Friendly Fire: your teammates can be harmed by your weapons) you can buy guns directly and automatically. This option allows you to adapt to the game more quickly. Classic mode is known CS. The two new modes we’ve seen in the CS games, Demolution and the Arms Race, allow you to play highly exciting and high-level matches. As you clean up your opponents at Arms Race, the weapon in your hand is changing, so every new frag means a whole new challenge.

Every time you die, you’re spawning immediately.  In this mode, the last piece of the knife knives and knives at the end of the competition are trying to make an epic signature. In Demolution, every time you win, the weapon in your hand changes, but you don’t respawn when you die; you need to wait for the end of the round.

As you can see from the name of this mode, terrorists in each round to set up a bomb, special teams are trying to prevent them. Other than that, we can count the revision of classical maps in the game. It’s good to see classic maps like de_dust, cs_italy with brand new graphics. Of course, all character models and weapons have been overhauled. Although it has no effect on gameplay, it has made the game look good. Although Global Offensive has been trying to please both the new players and the former players and close to 1.6, the Classic mode has become quite difficult. You’ll notice when you hit the game without getting into the habit of Classic Casual, it’s harder to aim and shoot headshot than the 1.6, which is the gold key to success in CS. Obviously, the game’s lack of a bit of a lack of impact has an effect. In Counter-Strike 1.6 you can feel a rattling every bullet that gets stuck in your opponent’s body, but in GO, that feeling is lost.

For the last part of the text, want to share with you the game modes that you can play in The Counter Strike Global Offensive. I hope you will enjoy the game with the highest pleasure.

Competitive: 5v5 is played. Each round head players are given a certain amount of money. Most played mode. By winning the match, the rank can be jumped or lost. Players are matched according to their rank.

Weapon Race: You will be alive again after you die. It’s like a death match, but you can’t pick the weapon you want to use. New weapons are given as the enemy kills. The last level is the golden blade and the person who kills the enemy with the golden knife wins the game.

Demolition: The weapon system is similar to the Arms Race mode, but there is no immediate revival like a death match. When you kill the opponent, you go to an upper gun. 11 Round area team wins the game.

Death Match: You are born again as you die. You can play with the weapon you want. In 10 minutes the winner of the game will be the most points.



Available in the Chrome Store

World Of Warcraft New Tab for Google Chrome

In a different world, there is an ongoing war between the two races for centuries. This war is going through alliances with Hordle. Which side are you on? World of Warcraft is a masterpiece that has survived to the present day with new additional packages. These additional packages are integrated into the game with different topics and presented to the players.

World of Warcraft is perhaps the first game that comes to mind among MMORPG type games. World of Warcraft, which is among the games that best reflects the spirit of this genre, continues its path full with World of Warcraft: Legion. As you know, the year in which World of Warcraft was released, it was 2004 and it was a new phenomenon  all of a sudden. This, of course, even laid the foundations of being the most widely preferred MMORPG. However, Blizzard has not rested his back on this legacy and has extended the world of World of Warcraft to a considerable extent with the additional packages it has made over time. This expansion not only affected the content but also the story.

Nine years have passed since the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion package. World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth in this series. During this time, we have witnessed stories that are not connected to the main story under the name of Mists of Pandaria and the Warlords of Dreanor, but it seems that we are going back to the essence with Legion. In other words, the story map of World of Warcraft is added to the story map.


According to the story of the World of Warcraft: Legion supplementary pack, a series of passageways by Orc Warlock, previously opened by Gul, allows the army of Burning Legion at the command of Sargeras to pass to Azeroth. In the face of this situation, different races living in these lands hand in hand and managed to stop the Burning Legion army. After a very long time, Gul tried to open a new gateway to Azeroth’s lands to try his luck once again. With this success, the Burning Legion is back on the territory of Azeroth. Of course, then it happens. At this point, our task is to stop Sargeras.

We have said that the World of Warcraft: Legion additional package has added a new piece to the story map of the World of Warcraft universe. In this way, some question marks in the minds of the players can also be answered with the filling of certain gaps. With this new addition, we are joining a new class called Demon Hunter. The reason for this class to be included in the game is that the inhabitants of Azeroth were seen as the last trump in their hands against the Burning Legion threat. During the battle of the War of the Ancients, he is leading the Demon Hunter fighters, captured by the younger brother of Maud Shadowsong, Jarod Shadowsong, who had played a key role in the battle against the Burning Legion army. As a result, the Demon Hunter class is included in the scenario.

The universe of World of Warcraft is not a universe that has come up with its visuality until now. World of Warcraft: Legion does not disrupt the line in any way by focusing more on the content to serve the expectations of the old-style players. However, in addition to today’s games that seem almost realistic with the power of the latest technology, of course World of Warcraft: Legion may not meet the expectations of the players who are new to the series. But if you’re a player who is more focused on the script and content than on visual, it’s almost as if you wouldn’t have any problems.

The Blizzard company’s productions that has been marketed, can easily manage to take us to the realms of the game, even though they are not considered too much. This has not changed in World of Warcraft: Legion. Especially during the war, don’t forget to turn up the music that changes in the background. They will never disappoint you and bring out the monster inside you.

World of Warcraft: With Legion, some innovations have been introduced in terms of playability. One of them is the Class Trial system. As you know, the process of character development is perhaps the biggest shortage of the World of Warcraft universe. Most MMORPG types, however, are the biggest drawback of the game.

The higher the character levels and the higher the level, the higher the level of progress, the more we play the game, the more likely it becomes a lifecycle. If you choose a class that is not suitable for our style, we can see the next level of strawberries on the cake. But fortunately World of Warcraft: Legion took a precaution for this situation. Class Trial added to the game, you start to use a hero in any class from level 100. You are allowed to use this character until a certain part. In this way, you can easily decide whether the class you choose is right for you. In other words, unnecessary waste of time is being avoided. However, the newly added Demon Hunter class is not included.



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