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It’s great to start your day with a Mustang GT, because the engine is very good. The name of the V8 is still Coyote, but it is a bit different from the old version. The cylinder diameter is slightly increased thanks to the plasma cutting technique.

This increased the total engine volume from 4.96 liters to 5.04. The coalition of elements that are injected directly with the port fuel injectors means that there are 16 injectors under the hood. The red line was transported up to 500 revolutions and taken to 7,500 rpm. Cylinder heads, crankshaft and connecting rods are new. And with the composite oil sump, the engine is now 1 kg lighter.

The result is enormous with one word. In the red line between the idling speed and the idle speed, the V8 engine offers a sudden and volatile acceleration. The graceful throttle response has exhilarated the corrective movements in the middle of the bend. When the mid-range capability is so good, it is not annoying to steer before the maximum power of 7,000. Also, it is pretty loud. When you take the $ 895 active exhaust into Track mode, you can’t stop the grin on your face. The engine roars and grunts with the intention of admitting that it is the best Muscle Car ever.

You should definitely take the exhaust option. Normal or neighbor friendly In quiet mode, the V8 engine is so quiet that you don’t notice much on long trips. However, in the Sport and Track settings, the sound reminds you that it is behind the wheel of a very good racing vehicle.


Paired with the new 10-speed automatic transmission, the Mustang GT is very good. On the long roads, the civilization exhibited at low revolutions is quite good. Ford says it takes less than 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 97 km / h with this gear option. Enthusiastic driving can sometimes confuse the 10-speed gearbox that moves with the intention of going into the next gear; so it is better to set it to Sport. For the best results, I recommend the ears.


I think it’s better to take the tool with a 6-speed manual. With the new, double-part flywheel and larger synchromesh, the gearbox has a better balance and mechanical agility. The gearbox can be easily shifted with two fingers, so there is no automatic speed capture feature, which allows you to drive continuously.


If you expect the entry-level Mustang Eco Boost to be relatively disappointing, you’re wrong. The power of the turbocharged 2.3-liter engine is still 310 hp, but the torque has been increased from 433 Nm to 475 Nm. This increase was made possible by programming the Focus RS’s “overboost” mode in which Mustang shared the engine block.

The maximum torque is achieved at 3,000 rpm, so EcoBoost feels sufficiently nimble at medium speeds. Even though it starts to fall from power after 5,500 revolutions, you don’t have to worry about the Mustang with only 4 cylinders. Ford says the engine has reached a speed of 97 km / h in less than 5 seconds with a 10-speed transmission. The only problem with EcoBoost is that the sound is too weak compared to the GT.


Another great advantage of the EcoBoost engine is its improved fuel economy. The manual transmission version is 73.5 kg lighter than the GT with the same characteristics, the majority of which come from the front of the vehicle. You do this very well in the canyon roads. EcoBoost is more nimble in the bends than in the head. The routing is fast and precise. This makes the four-cylinder Mustang feel smaller than the V8.


In fact, if your aim is to attack corners, it is better to choose the EcoBoost version. The power is already on the winding road. Adding a performance package also improves braking and chassis capabilities. The limited-slip differential U helps narrow my line in bend outputs, while the four-piston brake calipers manage to deliver robust deceleration performance and a precise pedal feel.


Of course, that doesn’t mean the GT isn’t a performance machine. His performance is far ahead. The front brake calipers with six pistons and the noticeable difference in handling, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires give you the extra power that comes with the V8 in the corners. The GT is officially flying on fast bends and open roads.


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