Batman & Superman New Tab for Google Chrome

Batman v Superman was a film made by Zack Snyder as a continuation of Man of Steel, which excited me from the first moment I heard about it. I’m not too disappointed, but I can’t get the movie to the skies. Zack Snyder is just a movie I like Watchmen.

Inevitably, the dark and stifling air that he makes in order to create his own style suffocates me after a while and I think that it is unnecessary. Man of Steel also did not like a movie I like the cause of a very broken, end of the story and I have difficulty to follow the story, the name of the original just because the name of the Super Knight, not the Superman, the hero’s nickname of the artist, is clearly older than Superman, appearing significantly older and Amy Adams, who succeeded in turning the powerful Louis Lane character in the graphic novel into the film again.

In Batman v Superman, just like Injustice, two heroes are dropped at each other for other reasons. Both are reflected as tyrants, and no party is investigating the facts. Alexander Luthor, the most important name that feeds and nurtures hostility. Lex Luthor is a great enemy of Superman. It’s a little different from that in a comic book. It’s not too serious, and it’s physically pretty soft. Unfortunately, the likeness of the Joker in The Dark Knight was in Luthor. The Luthor heads we know of being bald are partly long haired.

Superman is seen as a god in the environment he lives in and a large part of the world, but he has to pay the price of a movement he did at the beginning of the film with Luthor’s conspiracies. Batman in this film for the first time was described in detail. Batman is a hero representing humanity.

In the first half of the film, we are told about the comparison of God-man and the characteristics of the two heroes. The bottom text is very nice. Luthor’s  Man vs God,  which has put two heroes against each other, summarizes the situation. I want to examine the film as the first half and the second half. The first half was uneventful, boring, unloved by most people I had been chatting with.

Every film that sets off from the idea that there must be a war in superhero films is a work that is only available in the eyes of the box office. That’s why the first half of this movie was so great for me. He introduced the characters, made them question them, exposed the man’s war with Superman as the god, and asked him whether Superman or Batman always did the right thing.

The second half is incredibly simple. Batman and Superman, who were in a state of extreme warfare for an hour and a half, were suddenly rushed into a rush of peace. Obviously it was such a funny scene to be forgotten for years. After the appearance of Doomsday, the quality of the effects fell, and the film suddenly came out of its heavy air and became a children’s film. Wonder Woman, who decided to help Batman and Superman at the last minute, was also very funny. It was like a circus walker next to the heavy costumes of the others.

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