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Our Japanese brothers, who were bored with VR technology, invented AR technology. What is it, if you say this AR technology, you can briefly tell the virtual world not to dive, but to bring the virtual world to the real world. If we think of the Pokemon GO logic, we can say that the virtual world is transformed into reality. In the Ordinal Scale, you can earn coupons that you can spend in the real world. That boss is my boss in this chase, everyone is our high school graduate, the Sword Art Online Black Sword Master, scratching his fallen belly, researching the university.

In 2022, a Virtual Reality with a major success after the beta release was released in Sword Art Online (SAO), which is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) ie Virtual Reality Multi-Personality Online Role-Playing Game. By switching the device called Nerve Gear to the Matrix virtual reality by the user’s head, the user can control his / her character like real life thanks to Nerve Gear and use his five senses by means of signals sent to the brain waves. On November 6, 2022, the day of the official opening of the servers of Sword Art Online, Kirota Kazuto, nicknamed Kirito, also officially joined the game with the beta character (as a level 1).

Kirito is used to the huge virtual world. In Sword Art Online, the goal is to reach the 100th floor and defeat the final boss. Kirito also acquires a friend named Klein on the first day, and Kirito teaches him basic things. At the end of the day Klein wants to quit the game but there is a problem; There is no logout or no exit button.

When Kirito and Klein are wondering if a bug or not, all the players are teleported to the starting town and the game’s creator Kayaba Akihiko tells everyone what happened. Akihiko says that the exit button is no longer in play and everyone is stranded in the SAO world. The only way out of the game is to either end the game or die. But there is such a reality; If you die in the game, Nerve Gear will fry your brain in the real world and will actually lead to your death. As you understand, we are witnessing the struggle of Kirito in the virtual world to end the survival and the game.

Sword Art Online is starting to change the skin like the season finale in the 13th episode and I was very hopeful about this change. However, anime unfortunately lives in the second half. I’m not going to talk about the lack of spoilers, but the last episode is said to have peaked in excitement. Akihiko, who imprisoned 10,000 people in the game at the end and caused the death of nearly 30% of them, is being portrayed as if he were a hero.

Despite the poor progress of the scenario, the anime has no plus points. First of all the fantastic world is very beautifully created and very well animated with RPG elements. Especially with the excitement of the first episodes, something wonderful came out. Fighting scenes and characters are also quite successful. All of this could be combined with a sound fiction and could be an inedible anime. Finally, as someone who is fond of RPGs, there are some logic errors in the anime. For example, to finish the game, you have to go to the 100th floor and defeat the last boss, but let’s say that Group A defeats a player’s boss, and B is the group, that is, in the group not meeting the boss. So if a person does a boss, he gets the boss dead.

In short, if we talk about drawings; SAO’s drawings are classic anime drawings. Colored hair, big eyes etc. As I mentioned in my paragraph above, a very beautiful fantastic world was created. The atmosphere manages to keep you alive that virtual world. There are two opening and closing animations. The music played during the episodes is very successful and very similar to the music played in RPG games.



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