Minecraft Wallpaper and New Tab

In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch), the independent game producer will have asked him the question that Minecraft has created a construction. In theory it was good, but in practice it made a very good idea that mistakes were made so good that Minecraft attracted the attention of all the players. If you start the game without knowing anything about the game, you can ask yourself the question “where am I?” Visually, some poorly-looking graphics will turn into a great visual presentation for you when you’re able to look through pixels.


Of course, Minecraft is not a game that tries to like us with graphics. The hit point of the game is the production part. Imagine a universe that almost everything you can shred and add to your inventory. Moreover, you can do what you want to do with these pieces of pieces. Whether it’s a castle, bread field or waterfall … all you need is the right stuff and the right schemes. You can make new items by combining the items in the game, but you need to set the items in the correct diagram.


Minecraft offers us 2 different game modes to create something. First, let me talk about creativity. In this mode where you have unlimited resources, you are playing only and only production-oriented. It’s a game for players who like to produce something and just want to concentrate on that direction. Yes, I just wanted to concentrate on production, I said, because it was a mode of play, the game’s main mode of survival, which will have a whole different problem in life.

In survival mode, your main goal is the same; to develop and to produce better works. But the biggest difference of this mode from creativity mode is that you are exposed to the invasion of zombies and creatures at night. You need to build a house at the beginning of the game from the first day until the evening. Otherwise, you’re involved in the food chain of living things that come out at night. When you have a certain amount of knowledge, you can also begin to challenge the zombies. The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can do all these online together with your friends. 3-5 even 10 friends can come together and create the works you want, together you can fight against zombies.

Minecraft Tree

The game allows you to experience the Stone Age environment in a way. It starts with a random game where a player is completely randomly produced and doesn’t know much about it. While you are surrounded by mountains, plains, beaches and seas, you start to play with your strong punches and your sense of creativity. What you can do in the game and your goals are completely up to you. To describe an example of the beginning of the game, the first thing you should know is that each cube you see around can serve as raw material to you. You can start your craft and architecture career with the boards you get from a tree you broke with your bare hands in the first place.

It is possible to convert these boards from wood to craft (which allows you to produce something new using raw materials) in the character menu. Then you can create the first walls of your house with these lumbers or you can use it as raw material to produce new tools. The lumber is also able to get wooden bars by putting them in a more craft menu. Or you can create a box that will allow you to produce larger and more detailed items by placing timber in each space of the 2×2 size craft space.

The heart of the game is this box. With 3×3 craft space, you can access dozens of different tools from digging up to TNT with the materials and placement variations you will use. First, you can fill the top row completely and put wooden bars in the boxes in the middle of the bottom 2 line, so you can accelerate the construction time of your home. With this digging you can break the stones quickly. However, an excavation made of wood will not be extremely durable. That’s why you can put the stones on the top row and put the wooden rods on the bottom and you can accelerate the digging process by making a more durable digging.

You progressed by digging the stones quickly into the center of the mountain. Now it’s time to take the first steps of your home. The design of this house is completely up to you. If you want, you can build a modest 2 room 1 living room, or you can build a gigantic and absurd design castle. If you want, you can develop your castle over time and spread all over the map. After all, the map grows randomly as you run around. So you can take the freedom of an unlimited world.

There are different materials for many interesting objects that you can create in the game. For example, if you want to make glass or make TNT, you need sulfur and sand. Or you need to find charcoal and wooden stick for the torches. For unusual materials like this, you may need to get a few more digging shots in the mine and go down to the diplomats. However, one should not forget that you can fall into a cave as you descend to the bottom of the ground, and even burn in lava and taste a painful death.

Minecraft didn’t actually try to do much, but it was a game that made you do a lot. The production system built by the game is a very good example of how simple and detailed gameplay can come together, and there are even producers who see this example in practice. With a little research, you can see games that try to imitate Minecraft. These imitations show us something very well; Minecraft is a touchstone for the gaming industry. It is also worth mentioning that the game is less than 50 MB in size. The only thing ahead of you is your determination and creativity. The game that offers its players such a wide and free space is therefore preparing to go down in history as the fastest developing and increasing number of players in the near future.

Available in the Chrome Store

Zynga Poker


One of the most played games on Facebook, Zynga poker is a well-known Texas Hold’em poker game. In addition, thanks to the increase of Facebook usage in a short time, it has even managed to be among the most known games in the world. This game, which we play in a virtual environment with real opponents, is seen as an ideal entertainment tool for players who want to spend time.

You only need to have a Facebook account to play the game. But if you don’t use Facebook, you can also register with your e-mail address and try to beat your opponents. However, if you connect with a Facebook account, you can also invite people on your friends list to the game, and just like in real life, you can meet your friends in this game to play an enjoyable poker game.

The Zynga poker game is considered to be the largest and most comprehensive game found on the world. I have to admit that Facebook has a big impact on it. But besides this factor, there is another parameter that makes this game great. Since the game can be reached from almost anywhere in the world, the number of players increases in direct proportion to that, and the size of the Zynga poker game comes from here.

There are multiple types of games you can play in the game. These game types are different in terms of card numbers or number of players. There are also quick and slow gaming tables as an option. In the game you can increase your profit by adding incremental bets. Of course, different payment options are offered for you. Zynga poker, which has quite a few tournaments and tables, is trying to provide players with the highest quality possible.

Zynga poker, which is certified, is one of the most reliable games for card distribution and hosts many sports events. Zynga Poker game is a free download to your phone and you can play your games without using any web browser. After downloading the game, you are given the right to receive free chips and you are stepping into the poker world this way. You are also given a certain amount of bonuses for each day you enter the game.

This bonus amount can reach up to $ 45 million daily. Winning or losing this money for the rest of the day depends entirely on your skills. Internet connection is very important for this game. Because it is played with a number of real players to sit on a table, and the moves are done in order. If your Internet connection is slow or inadequate, you may not be able to use the time given to make your moves. Or because you won’t be able to see the turn to move, you lose your money in the game.

In addition, if the system sees your internet connection as slow, you can play and the game is in the middle. In order to avoid such situations, internet connections must be checked before entering the game. Zynga Poker, which has reached the level of addiction for the people who like poker game, is the leader of the poker games industry with this quality content.

There are of course people who think that playing a game like poker is ridiculous. According to them, poker must be played face to face and in a serious environment that can even feel the sound of the opponent’s breath. Despite this criticism, Zynga Poker has millions of players and the number of players continues to increase. In case your money runs out in the game, you can buy play money using real money. Especially for players who like to play poker, wherever they are connected to the internet to play poker wherever you have the opportunity to download Zynga Poker from your mobile stores and become the king of poker is in your hands!


Traffic Racer

Hi friends, our game review will be on Traffic Racer. This game, which is a Turkish producer and developer, is in the category of the most popular racing games in Google Play. When we enter the game a very simple interface meets.

Traffic Racer, a fun racing game, can be seen in traffic, not on empty roads, as its name suggests. The game is popular with its fun gameplay and successful graphics, 129 MB in size.

Play is asking us to choose a car if you’re new to the game, you can make free money at the top free of charge. When we choose the car, he asks us what part to play. As the infinite one-way name suggests, the cars only go in the forward direction. This section is difficult compared to the others, which makes the 2-direction move forward in the other 2-side backward direction in 2 directions. We are given a period of time against us until we get the car until it is full, we’ll make more money. We do everything we want in free, but it doesn’t make us any money.

With the new update added daily bonus is given to us here for a while we’re ambulance driver and ambulance drive is making good money every day I recommend you to play. When we press any part, we are asked to choose a venue. There is no difference between the desert, the snowy areas of the desert, just no difference, but I would recommend getting it the earliest as the money we earn in the night section doubles up.

Endless-style games are often preferred today, a Turkish-made game Traffic Racer; A racing game that most iPhone fans fondly played. For a long time, it has maintained a high ranking in the Best of the AppStore. You can buy a universal game Traffic Racer once and play it smoothly on both your iPhone and iPad. Of course, you can also use in-app purchases if you want to buy new cars and reinforce the game money you use to develop existing cars.

The logic of the game is a little too simple to talk about. When you press the right side, the car accelerates when you press the left side. To go left and right, we turn the phone left and right. You can adjust the acceleration, deceleration and vehicle control in the settings section. In the updated new version, new tools, graphics enhancement, daily bonus event and many bugs have been fixed.

The game will go up to where you can go until you hit a vehicle on an endless road with a simple logic. But the rest of the game is that you have a variety of cars at the market and you want to pick them up. So you will be connected to the game

The game grabs a lot of cars up to Porsche. We can also change the color and color of the car. You can also decorate your car with various pictures. For this, you need to play a lot of money to play. If we talk about the sound part, a simple music playing in the menu always meets us. When you go over 100km in the game scissors, you earn bonuses and you can get the car ahead of you by pressing the horn. In the game there are 5 modes and one daily bonus mode. It includes free mode (single, double direction), against time and free modes.

There are 4 different modes in the game. But if you don’t see Free mode as a complete game mode; 3 different game modes remain. Infinite (unidirectional), Infinite (double direction) and Time Against. The purpose in infinite modes; go as far as you can without accident. Of course, at the same time to go high speed and near the vehicle to give you extra points. In Time Again mode; You’re trying to go as far as you can in 100 seconds. Even if you have an accident during this time, the game continues where it left off.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 came out at a time, quietly shot. The iPad Mini also looks so good in every aspect. While adding highly innovative features, the developer team has managed not to disrupt the essence of the game. In short, if you liked the first Temple Run, even if you played as addictive as everyone else playing, the second game can spend you uncanny hours.

After a short time, we had the chance to review the upcoming game on the iPad Mini, so it was like a cillop, so to speak images (which I think should be permissible). In the first game he left the place of a lot of smoother animations in the animated animations, the character designs also afford a little more aesthetic. Of course, the design of the space is less pointed, the effect of the roads are not all flat, most have a slope. Thus the dynamics of running afford quite fluent.

And now we have three little monkeys behind us, and one gorilla is following us. Gorilla can be described as this person to escape the character and mind can come to think much more logical. Because when you play the game you can see how big it is, you can start to run the phone.

Speaking of space design, it is important to note that there are many changes to the dynamics of gameplay. We run on high roads, not even at the water level, even at the clouds, and the only thing we can do is not run like the first game.

Thanks to the Green Gem in the game, we can get away with time and continue our escape from where we are. Of course, during each game, the number of Gems required by each drop increases exponentially, so you should either buy these Gems by paying real money or look carefully. In short, Imangi Studios seems to have found a very simple way to earn money from the game.

We go into the mines and drive the mine carts, we can slip by the meters hanging on the hanging ropes. Also, we can move the phone or tablet left and right and reach to the edge and collect the gold.

Basically with the same control mechanism as the first game, Temple Run 2 takes the chase from the sea level to the skies. This time we are running on the high roads from the ground and our lives are passing in front of our eyes when we fall. It is likely that the producer team will calculate the time of the fall and the impact on the ground, which we can revive when we die. To do this, the first bonus in the first game is using a different system: Green Gem.

These Green Gems, which we earn as we level up, and can buy with real money, are used to return both from death and to activate special bonuses. So with Temple Run 2, the micro-payment system is a little more prominent but more refined.

Going back to the dynamics of the game, this fluency shows itself quite successfully in the design of the department. The only thing we did in Temple Run 2 is not just run anymore; We are able to hold and release ropes between cliffs, enter the mines and proceed in the Hugo atmosphere in mine cars. Another thing added to the series with TR2 is our new enemy, our gorilla. As we used to, we don’t run out of three monkeys, we’re only dealing with a big gorilla.

To sum it up, Temple Run 2 surprisingly emerges from the first game on a run-down floor and a beautiful floor, like a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. Of course, there is a lot to add to such a minimal game, but we are also waiting in the third game. Some players may not like the turn of the game’s color palette to the day, but the refreshment is good, the refreshment is the best.

My Talking Tom

Talking tom, which is the ancestor of the gaming industry in the smart phone world, had a big impact when it first appeared. This game, which was played by almost every person with a smart phone at a time, was entitled to be the most popular game in 135 countries. Talking Tom, who takes over a talking cat and wants us to play various games, owes this success to his cute cat character.

If we look at the general purpose of the game, we need to feed and raise a baby cat until it becomes an adult. It can be called the smartphone versions of the virtual babies that are not missing from our pockets. Our kitten is  required to bath, to feed and to resolve health problems are our biggest responsibilities. Isn’t it like having a real pet?

But you don’t own a pet just by meeting your basic needs. Especially if you own a cat, you have to play games and fun activities with the cat. You should be careful about Tom’s sleep pattern and your interest in him. Because when he can’t get his sleep, he turns into a cat that is very angry and grumpy. Of course you’re thinking now. How I’m going to know what Tom wants or what he needs.

The answer is also quite easy and surprising. Because talking cat Tom has gestures and mimics just like people. Tom yawns when his sleep comes in, shows his belly when he gets hungry, and even makes you cry when you’re not interested in him. If you caress him, he takes you from the sweet murmur of the pussy, he pisses you off if he does not want to be touched. Tom becomes nervous and irritable when he is sick, and Tom continues to pout you until he is healed.

One of Tom’s favorite things is his soap. You need to bathe Tom periodically in the game and you use soap on the screen. As I have just said, having a pet is not just defined as being able to meet the main needs. Our pets like to play games and spend time with us. Here at this point, Tom offers more than one type of game where you can play together. These games, which we define as mini-games, can be defined by saying game in a game.

By playing these games you can have a lot of fun and win two games at the same time, allowing Tom to progress faster at the levels. Tom grows as he gets higher, he grows taller, and sometimes he can get even more pounds. As our cat grows, their needs are growing and we need to be more concerned with it. We can  dress him up and take him to the clothing shops where there is a dress of the world, from funny hats to the most elegant suits.

We also have the opportunity to make changes inside Tom’s house. We can change wallpapers by choosing from galleries. In addition, if we connect to the game with our Facebook account, we can visit other friends’ houses and look after their cats. We find treasures and gifts while wandering in the homes of our friends and we are rewarded when we open the chests. Let’s not forget the ability to simulate the main feature of the Talking Tom app. Tom listens to us and repeats our conversation with his own unique voice.

If we want our cat to jump and grow, we can’t do it just by talking. We have an average of 90 levels that we need to jump in front of and there are a lot of coin locks that we need to open when we pass them. To summarize, Talking Tom offers us a pet opportunity that we have in our smartphones and we can do a lot of things with this pet. You have the chance to have a cat who can also speak, unlike a real cat, with the application that contains the things that many pets need in real life, such as playing, feeding, cleaning and not disrupting their care. You can download the application on google play and appstore and start having fun.




Super Mario

Mario series, continues to expand a little more with the new games every day. The current production name is New Super Mario Bros. and our goal is the same again. Mario and the beautiful princess walk out on a sunny day to see something go wrong in the palace. This flurries Mario, leaves the princess behind and takes action to find out what happened. But this is a trap and the Princess is kidnapped. The protagonist sees this shortly after, and then goes on an adventure to save him.

When we stepped into the production menu, the one-man scenario, Mario etc. We meet the titles of Luigi and mini-games. When we decide to play the scenario mode, a map is being met at the bottom of the DS screen. This route, which is divided into various sections such as snowy, tropical, desert and glaciers, constitutes the path that we will follow throughout the 8 chapters.

Each section has its own sub-sections. After completing a few subsections, you can save the script, and sometimes you may encounter extras. For example, if you get a high score, a prize house appears on the map and you can get many features with the help of getting there. Talking about these; such as throwing flame balls, tortoise shells and even new rights.

Section progress is the same as the previous classic Mario games. We collect the gold, beat the turtles and the human-eating flowers, and finally we reach the flag and complete the section. We may face changing ground levels and also we can climb the walls by making a final move before falling. We can collect mushrooms that grow, but this is not ordinary growth. Mario grows up to cover the entire screen and destroys everything that comes in front of him. Thus, we become untouchable for a short time. Also, if we took flowers to throw the ball of flame and come back again, we can also take it and keep it in stock. If we lose our property, we can activate the stock reserve.

The final parts are always in gloomy buildings, and we’re dealing with the end-of-section boss. In the first stage, we fight the creature who missed the princess (Turtle, rather). The enemies we will face to complete the main section are different and bigger. The common point in defeating them is to hit their heads three times when they are vulnerable.

When you look at the other titles of the game, Mario etc. We see that Luigi has allowed online struggles. One player is Mario, the other is Luigi and they can play together. In the title of mini-games, there are mutual and one-man battle modes. There are over twenty games ranked under categories of action, poker, puzzle and bomber. You can also test them with the Nintendo DS control bar.

New Super Mario Bros. Making a cute, graphical and auditory. Already DS’de visuality, not a fun game experience to wait the most logical. I would definitely recommend Mario because of its comfortable controls and beautiful gameplay.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run  is the first game of the series. Mario appeared for the first time in an endless run. Mario’s automatic progression at first seems nice, but I like to collect all the gold will infuriate those who want. It’s hard to stop Mario in Super Mario Run.

However, this doesn’t mean that Super Mario Run is the greatest entry in the franchise to date. Nor does it mean you should expect the level of sheen that a home console version offers. To do so is approaching this in completely the wrong fashion because ultimately this is a mobile app. It’s meant to be enjoyed that way, too.

There are boxes in certain parts of the game. Mario’s been on this box for a while. During this time you choose where you want to go. But after this selection, you have to give up the gold in the upper section or the lower section.

In addition to collecting all the gold, it is necessary to collect the colored gold. In each section; There are 3 different colored golds, pink, purple and green. To open the next colored gold you need to collect 5 different colored gold pieces. It’s pretty hard to collect these colored golds. I can say that I like the difficulty in Super Mario Run because it is hard to gather such special gold in the Mario games on Nintendo consoles.

There are 2 balloons in each section. If you miss the colored gold, you can roll Mario back to this balloon. Super Mario Run, which gave a new breath to the endless running type, didn’t like the different gameplay at first, but I thought I should be open to innovation and soon I was accustomed to it.

Super Mario Run offers the opportunity to see Mario in high resolution for the first time after Wii U. Thanks to the successfully applied AntiAliasing filter, a smooth Mario welcomes you. The modeling of characters and spaces in the game looks very good, as in the New Super Mario series.

While the design world passed to the concept of flat design, which I described as a cool design, I was very happy to see the glossy design of Super Mario Run in menu design. The biggest difference between the original cartridges of the Mario games and the emulators is the sound effect. While the sound of Mario games comes without delay, the emulators have a slight delay in sound. Although SuperMarioRun is a new game that is not ported, it feels as if it is using an emulator.

Particularly when passing through the pipes, the sound effect is disturbed. However, I think that this issue will be solved with the updates that will come in the coming days. Apart from the delay, Super Mario Run has been successfully applied to the sound effects of New Super Mario.

As a Nintendo fan and user of Super Mario Run in general terms; the game was very successful despite some shortcomings and short playing time. It is especially nice to have the option of creating the episode of Super Mario Maker style and playing with the characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Princess and Toadette. But apart from Mario, you need to complete the quests to open these characters.

Apart from the main characters, Boom Boom, Fake Bowser and Bowser, as well as to see the boss added a different taste to the game. Under the rally division, I strongly recommend anyone trying out Super Mario Run, which has a game mode other than the main game, with the Toad gold picking race.

Subway Surfers

In this episode, we will have fun with Subway Surfers, one of the most popular games of Play Store with over 500 million downloads. Although there were a lot of imitations after the launch, none of them were loved as Subway Surfers. We are downloading our game to our mobile device, in order to download the game you can use the play store searches.

Standing out with its 500 Million downloads, Subway Surfers has a 55 Megabyte file size and wi-fi connection, as well as games that can be downloaded via mobile data. After installing the game we can enter the game using the Open button.

On the welcome screen, we see that our heroine ashes written using the graffiti letters on the train is Subway Surfers. Use the Tap to play button at the bottom of the screen (clicking on the screen) to start the game. In the first few meters of the game, the moves we need to make for educational purposes will be shown to us with graphics.

A white transparent arrow sign indicating the left direction you see on the screen; he explains that our hero has to go to the left. If the mobile device you are using is a touch screen, you can do this by sliding your finger to the left on the screen, or by pressing the left direction key.

Story; A train station is being noticed by the guard while drawing graffiti on the trains. The game begins with the guardian chasing the child and we are trying to keep the child’s movements and not to be caught by the guard. Although the game seems very simple, it has many functions in itself. One of the most striking features is seen as a speed factor. The speed of 1x at the beginning, as the distance we run and the tasks given to us to rise up to 35 levels can come up.

The developer of the game, Kiloo Arcade, has added daily function to the Daily Mission so that we can log into the game on a regular basis every day. During the first day of the game we will encounter in this task; we are trying to collect the letters of any word. If we complete the letters without hitting the train and catching the guard, we are entitled to win some prizes.

The gold we collect in the chapters and the loots given as gifts are collected in our cash register. The loots collected in the vault give us two different advantages. From these advantages, we are gaining as much points as the 1st Gold amount, the points we earn continue to accumulate in our household by adding to the total score if we are caught. 2. The advantage is that the fact that this is the real advantage; You can also buy special items (Hoverboard, Rocket) that can be used in the game from the store called Store in the game.

We make it easier to understand by mentioning the names and descriptions of the items that you will frequently encounter and will use;

  • Mega Headstart: 2000 Thanks to this feature you can get from the market in exchange for gold; you start to fly as soon as you start the game. You fly fast for a while and collect gold.
  • Hoverboard: During the game, the skipper is escaping quickly. You can move faster with this skateboard and if you hit any obstacle, you lose only skateboard instead of dying. Since there is a time limit, you can use it as numbered within a day.
  • Score Booster: You can buy this property for 3000 gold at the convenience store. The game helps you earn 5 points more per second from the moment you enter.
  • Mystery Box: This surprise box is available for 500 gold. What comes out of the box is a mystery. Sometimes score booster, sometimes rocket sometimes 50 gold.
  • Jetpack: It allows you to fly suddenly and fly as you run fast during the game. In this way, you can easily progress by collecting gold without any obstacles. Perhaps the most useful item of the game can be obtained from the store, you can get on the map as you go through the moment you step on.

Stick War Legacy

Stick War: Legacy, which is a strategy of Max Games Studios, is set in a rod man universe called Inamorta. Since it is a free mobile game, it is also one of the most popular web games. In this game, where there are four nations in total, each nation has its own characteristics and we are in a state of war against them. Every nation’s problem is to rule this universe, unless we stop them.

Stick War: Legacy, the ruler of a nation called Order in a universe called Inamorta, is about our war with nations that are not very pleased with your peaceful attitude and want to destroy you. Every nation that is hostile to you has a special feature. We have to destroy them before they do. Our enemies; Archidons, a nation of archers, consist of Swordwrath, who is adept at using swords, and Magikill nations using magic.

As the nation of order, we have to fight to protect ourselves. When we defeat a nation, we are able to use the technologies of that nation and make use of their technologies. Stick War: Legacy, which you play by controlling your army, also gives the player a chance to use a single soldier. As with most games, we need to collect resources for military production and development. To obtain these resources, you need workers. You must be careful when adjusting the distribution of workers and soldiers. The game includes different modes. With classic story mode, tournament mode and survival mode, you can enjoy the rich content of the game.

Stick War: Legacy is a game of legend, you will be joining the game as a legend. When you start the game you will find yourself in the world of stickman. In Stick War game you must defeat your enemies in the battle. You can use weapons, swords, arrows or knives for this. In the game you can also have special skills besides sword, arrow and knife. Just press the Play campaign key to start the game. After pressing the play button, click on the New game button and select one of the game’s difficulty levels. You should initially select the recommended Normal degree. Then you will watch a video that tells the story of the game and the game will start.

Stick War Legacy is an animation game based on stickman characters as the name suggests. Although the game is based on the garbage man as a character, he has done a great job in terms of graphics. With a very successful color matching and fluent animations, the game is very enjoyable. Within the scope of the game, players can learn to control many different breeds. With these skills learned, he can dominate the larger armies and fight against the larger enemies. In this way, new places can be explored and battles can be given to conquer these new places.

Thanks to the new breath that the market has brought to the market, many players today are very successful and often played. There are many races you can control in the game. With miners, you can remove precious metals, so you can buy new weapons and new weapons by spending the raw materials you earn. In this way, you can have a stronger army, you can fight against larger opponents and you can win.

Sonic Dash

Sonic, first appeared in 1991, is a blue-colored, rapid and continuous He was introduced to our lives as a game character who struggled with Robotnik. In the last years, Sonic has been involved in many games, cartoons and animations, while his latest adventure is on our iOS devices.

Sonic Dash, prepared as an endless running game like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Agent Dash, doesn’t use the sensor of our device in contrast to Temple Run, and we use our fingers just like other games in our moves to the left and right.

We start our game with Sonic and Sonic helps us to play the game in our first adventure. In addition to the controls that are familiar to the players who previously played these types of games, you can use Sonic Dash to wipe your enemies as you try to move your finger down the screen. In addition to these controls in addition to the game that gives the name of the Dash movement takes place. Of course, you need to collect enough gold rings to use this movement.

As you can imagine, the only purpose of collecting gold rings is not to activate Dash mode. You can also use your gold rings to buy power-ups for your character and improve your power-ups, and you can also think of gold rings as an extra life during the game.

Previous Sonic games are already used to this system. When our character hits an obstacle in front of him, he drops the rings that he has collected so far. However, to collect as many gold as possible during the game when you come to the relevant places in the bank to deposit your current gold can continue to play in that way.

Sonic Dash also has a number of tasks like other endless running games, and as you complete these tasks, your score multiplier is increasing. At the moment, however, Sonic Dash is a bit limited. Because in the game there are 11 missions consisting of 3 sub-missions and when you collect them there is no other task.

Although New Missions Coming Soon! While SEGA says new tasks will be added with updates, if 11x is not enough, when you fill in the bar required to activate Dash movement, if you do not perform Dash movement, multiplier is doubled. So you can play the game as 22x, which will greatly affect your score.

This is the case in the earliest days when the in-app purchases have gained a significant share in the earnings of the developers as well as the application fee and the players now pay attention to these prices as well. Remember, the EA made Real Racing 3 free of charge and only focused on in-game purchases, which created some frustrating situations. But don’t be afraid, there is no such application in Sonic Dash. SEGA, who doesn’t want to direct the players to buy too much in-app since the game is already paid, has made many items available for purchase with rings.

Specifically, the numbers determined for Power-ups are lower than many other games. Speaking of power-ups, let’s talk briefly about power-ups you can have in the game. Magnet,, HeadStart, Dash Boost and Dash Fill Rate 4 of these power-ups can be understood from the names of the function already.

Other acquisitions available in the game are HeadStart, Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can buy HeadStart with your gold rings, but you need Red Star Rings, or Red Star Rings to buy Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can earn these rings as you complete various tasks in the game or you can purchase them within the app for a certain fee. As with many of his other adventures, Tails, Knuckles and Amy don’t leave our blue eyelashes alone. However, these characters can also be purchased with red star rings.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit, developed and produced by Mediocre Games, released its debut on March 6, 2014. The gameplay is particularly appealing to the bored of the casual and repetitive self-repeating productions. When you enter Smash Hit which is an action type, you meet a world of glass. Your goal is to throw the balls into obstacles and targets while going in one direction. However, although it sounds easy, it is not easy in the game.

In fact, you are constantly going in one direction in the game. The only thing you check is the ball. However, it is not easy to throw the balls to reach the goal, as the rules of physics work one-on-one. You can win more balls by shooting triangular life targets at the edges and you need to overcome some obstacles. Obstacles in front of you in the form of giant glass structures or blocks in the form of DNA. You are trying to cross them by throwing the ball from the appropriate distance and height for being in motion.

However, one of the most beautiful points of the game after you miss every 10 goals, the number of balls in one shot is increasing. This gain enables you to eliminate difficult and moving targets more easily. Support for Games Center on the iOS platform, Smash Hit calculates the scoring system based on the distance you have traveled and the number of balls you hit. A total of 13 episodes in the game is a paid content.

The purpose of our game is simple. We have a certain number of tools available, which of course will break the glass of the ball. When we break the triangular glass, we win 3 more balls. By breaking them, we are increasing our ball count and we continue our way by downloading the windows. If we do not break the obstacle, 10 balls are falling out of our hands. When the total number of balls reaches 0, the game is over. As I mentioned at the beginning of this simple article, I can say that it is a game type that will fix your life for a certain period of time. There is no continuity of the game.

With premium content called Premium, it’s possible to have features such as starting from where you left off, playing the chapter again, and storing the cloud. Otherwise, you have to start the game from scratch when your ball is finished and you cannot pass the section.

When we enter the settings section of the game sound and music, except for the other games, we do not see much of the graphic setting. Thanks to the three-stage adjustment, it is possible to make the game run at low, medium and high quality, allowing the phone to consume less energy.

Of course, one of the most important points of the game will not pass without mentioning the graphics. Since Smash is formed in a world of Hit glass, it has to give players a good feeling, from light to shadowing. This is because the sense of distance or proximity can only be awakened in this way.

Developers who have achieved a very successful work on this issue have shown a good job, especially in fracture effects. In addition, the game’s easy controls, quality graphics combined with a near-perfect production.

As long as I play the game I have not encountered any errors or missing. Moreover, due to the structure of Smash Hit, it is a construction that you cannot leave as it encourages the players to break their previous records continuously. Although some producers are constantly selling things, Mediocre Games does not make any pressure.


Agar.io, which spread rapidly last year and is very popular among the players, has now transformed into a new and different version, Slither.io. So what is Slither.io, how to play? Slither.io is a game that can make Snake forget about the phenomenon of a period. Although it has been on the market for a short time, it is estimated that the game, which reaches hundreds of millions of people, earns as much as 100 thousand dollars a day.

Slither.io is a hybrid of Agar.io and Snake that have gone recently viral. You start the game as a little snake-like creature, you grow by eating the colorful pointers you see around you. One of the best things about the game is that it offers multiplayer support for up to 500 people and the tip is open. In the game where you can color your creature as you like, it is possible to see many UK flagged creatures celebrating Brexit today.

The game can be played from both desktop and mobile. Producer Steven Howse says Slither.io has been played by 67 million people a day on desktop browsers as of June 17, and has been down 68 million downloads from mobile devices to date. Earlier in New York, his rent was barely paying attention to how confused he was by success. Howse is already profit from the game, the biggest chance of spending on marketing does not need to. One of YouTube’s most popular names, PewDiePie, the game was useful to explore and review.

In fact the content is very simple and easy. The snake is a different version of the game, and the small snakes can eat large snakes can eat different types of snakes. To join the game, you must first enter a nick name after logging in to Slither.io. If you wish you can determine your snake model in the window on the left, then the game begins.


At first, you are trying to grow by eating colorful small icons everywhere. After moving a bit, you may need to go to the middle of the map and tie the big snakes. If the mouth of your own snake touches any other part of the serpent, you are burning and starting from the beginning.


We said that little snakes ate big snakes. To do this, you have to make sure that the big snakes hit you anywhere. After banging, all the icons of the big snake are falling apart and when you collect, you become a huge snake. The champion is determined by looking at the scoreboard on the right side of the screen. If you wish to play the game over the web, iOS and Android platforms can play. The goal is to enter the top 10 list in the right corner of the screen, bringing your snake to the greatest point. You can also follow your general ranking here.

You can personalize your snake in Slither.io as in every game. To do this, it is enough to share your scores on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Slither.io gives you a special snake skin alternative called Slither Skin.


These skins in the United States, Turkey, Israel, France and so it’s like snake skin, consisting of flags of countries. Slither.io skin is a great opportunity to show off your friends and opponents in the game. The biggest factor that makes Slither.io play so many players is that they shatter the prejudices of the game. In this way, the first time you see a game of players who think a classic snake game, the game once again to explain the inability to leave.