Clean Road


We as people always wants a desire to wake up on a white,snowy day in winter  or on a normal sunny day and looking outside. Well, all our profitable dreams have come true in Clean Road. In fact, there is a serious problem with snow in this town, and it’s up to you to make way for trapped civilians.

You may have guessed what the game was about, but there’s more to understand later. There are roadside thrown machines and trapped civilians in the hope that they won’t work today. It is up to you to clear the path of these cars while avoiding the debris scattered all over the place.

You can manipulate some of this wreckage a little. Other types of debris have to slow you down and clutter behind you. If the car flow behind you gets caught and hits your plow, you can’t cross the level. You’d think these drivers would be a little more patient, but they’re desperate to go to work.


Hit an obstacle. There are many situations where one or more items block your path. Target only one item to clear the path that passes through this debris. If you hit two items, you are trying to double the weight. If you hit an item on the edge, you can easily get it out of your way. At Clean Road, you forget how agile and powerful your snow shovel is. It can fall sideways at incredible speed, allowing you to clear the paths you think you are about to miss.

The support parts can also clean the car’s roads. There are situations where a car road is placed in front of the houses to make your life difficult. Don’t worry, if you hit a propeller in the snow pile in front of the car, it cleans it.

Remember to make frequent upgrades. Although there is not much difference between the plows so far, they provide you with a lot of fun. Having different colored cars gives you something to do and should help with your viewing pleasure. However, there is a price that you’ll usually need to follow an ad after you’ve followed this ad to upgrade your vehicle.

Use the path that shows the least resistance. This is something you have to do automatically, but there is a clear and clear path to each level. This path is around the thickness of your scaly and is often knotted between the spills. Follow and get to the first try at all levels.

Don’t worry about the coins. When you release a vehicle and bring it to the end of the level, you are given a coin. There’s nothing to spend money on, so I wouldn’t even worry. Gathering them gives you something to do, but I wouldn’t fail at a level for that.


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