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In Assassin’s Creed, we play a nimble, agile and brave assassin. Our game is about the war of Byzantine forces who want to conquer Jerusalem and the battle of the honorable Islamic Army and the body of blood. What we have to do is to prevent this war from occurring and to do what Altair is most professional in doing.

The most outstanding feature in the game is the handling of assassinations. We need a good plan before the assassination. Otherwise, our unplanned works return us as a waste of time and, at worst, death. Therefore, we must first collect information about the person we are going to kill. But to do this we need a few people from the public. But of course no one is helping us with his father’s good. First, we can help people who are in trouble.

So we can be a gradually loved character among the people. Once we have received the information from these people, we must review the scene in advance. It is very important to learn the shortcuts of the murders in the open spaces. Because if the plan doesn’t make any difference, we have to run. It is very useful to know the back gates of the space and the places where you will kill a lot of people. Thus, you will master your mastery. The people you are about to kill are very well protected because they are made up of people who can usually “start” the war. Therefore it is very important to capture the deficit of people. If you catch him with less, it’s easier for you to get your job done. At the same time to start the work you do earlier, the power to help us can reduce the difficulties that can give us. For this reason, follow the people you kill frequently.

Altair’s real talents are revealed when performing the assassinations. The most important of these skills is Altair’s ability to use swords. He uses his sword as a knight, not taking a minute from his waist. Like the great talents of Prince, Altair also has the ability to use a distinctive sword. With his other talents arising from his reflexes and speed, he quickly unleashes his troops and separates his heads from his trunks. In addition, the sword scene adds a whole new touch to the game. It definitely makes you feel you’re fighting the sword Assassin’s Creed.

Another feature of Altair is that it can make dangerous jumps from very high. For example, Altair can jump from a very high place. Of course, if you overdo it, you can die. Altair is also a hero who can jump from buildings to buildings, from walls to walls. In addition, climbing to the walls of Prince of Persia is more realistic in Assassin’s Creed. If we open a little; we don’t have the ability to climb straight walls. However, with the help of indentations and protrusions anywhere on the wall, we can climb very high walls. We’re just standing there where the indent ends.

It is very important to give importance to confidentiality after the murders. When something goes wrong in the plan and the soldiers feel it, they come after you. They will not enter into the public to lose your trail in a short time, if you treat yourself as if you are one of them. Being able to control our body with Altair is a nice feature. For example, we can turn our necks while examining the environment. Or you can pull one with your arm. At the same time you can push while walking, you can stop with your arm. This property is a very nice feature brought to the game.

We can’t act free of any action. We can easily undermine enemies by making the movements we need to do at the right time. So after a while the man can annoy the kill. You can even kill a few battles with similar moves. Well, let’s go back before it breaks. The sword scenes I’ve told you before make us forget the monotony in the combat system. On top of this, the occasional singing, but the high quality of artificial intelligence is added to a more entertaining gameplay.

Seeing the game and seeing how great you are, it is quite different. The city you see in the pictures really leaves the game and makes us focus on the beauty. There is a really well designed city plan. It is just as realistic as it has been moved to the game except for a few different sides of Jerusalem. Especially when you go to a high place and watch a beautiful view of the city, and if  you have a PlayStation 3 and you feel a happiness that cannot be described. It is also very nice that there is nothing modern in the game. Those who complete the beauty of the city are those who try to trade on the left and right. It gives you a very pleasant town excitement.



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