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The Avengers: Endgame, where the ordinary human population is less than the superhero population, had almost all the emotions for 3 hours. The film was made the best foreign film opening of all time in. Worldwide, at the end of the first week, $ 1.2 billion was able to generate revenue.

You may have read, watched or heard a lot about the film. Empty everything you have in mind. Today we are analyzing the Avengers: Endgame, the biggest cinema event of all time, which closes an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we look closely at the links to new beginnings. We do not extend the subject, does not riff, we see what we see in a short and clear way we share with you.

In the last scene of Captian Marvel, we saw Carol Danvers taking Nick Fury’s call and meeting with the team. Despite years of war, the arrival of Captain Marvel, who was originally from Earth, did not change much. His explanation of the absence in the world most affected Thor. Because he was a man who had lost his own planet and was crushed under his responsibility.

Coming together with a warm sense of revenge, the team squeezed Thanos on the planet where he killed all living creatures and turned them into garden . We saw a Thanos who regretted what he was doing here and destroyed the stones with the last one. Thanos, who had a relatively just and logical motivation in the first film, seemed unable to find what he was looking for. We haven’t done enough to understand what happened. With Thor’s fast vengeance, the final breath of the already weak power of Thanos was the starting point of the story.

In the comic book world there is a concept called fan service. It means giving them what they want to see. It was a film that was built on what fans want to see in Endgame. All Disney has to do is build a story that brings together fans’ own plans and what they want to see. The fact that Captain America swept Mjölnir in a single move, which he hadn’t been able to lift, was a fan of his, Avengers, at the very top, assemble! he was also an admirer. So what else did we want to see?

We have seen that the theme of time travel has been processed many times until today. Endgame’s responsibility on this issue was very, very heavy. Infinity War already had to go back to the past, which became the subject of curiosity.

As the scientific basis, the structure of a geometric shape was used. This shape, called the Möbius Strip, is a three-dimensional expression of the infinity cycle. You’re coming back to a place you’ve been on before. This cycle can continue until your energy runs out. In the film, the first Ant-Man Hank Pym’s serum was the source of time travel. It was Tony’s job to find a way back to the Möbius Strip as long as those serums existed.

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