Fortnite Battle Royale New Tab for Google Chrome

Epic Games, which we are familiar with Unreal Engine and Paragon, has come up with a new game with Battle Royale mode. Released for free for all platforms, this game is paired player-based and is an online game. The game begins as follows: A relentless storm begins. Most of the world’s population has disappeared.

As if this was not enough, monsters came to invade the world. You must lead the rest of the people to join the struggle to stop the storm. You must be part of an unrelenting struggle in the world where every game is different. In the game you must build deva fortresses, make exotic weapons, collect loots and make your heroes level up. You have to fight against Storm with four players in online paired mode.

First, I want to start by talking about Fortnite’s graphic quality, sound features and performance information. The developer team went out of realistic graphics like Paragon and presented the Fortnite, which has cartoon-style graphics. With the colors used, the game has a pretty and sweet look. The characters in the game, the objects around, the enemies and the scenario make us feel that the game has come to light with a meticulous work. The fact that the graphics are far from reality is the biggest indicator that the developer team does not adhere to the Paragon game. If we compare Fortnite with Paragon, we can call it a game made entirely from scratch.

Sound effects and voices used in the game is a very successful structure. In the game we hear very clear and appropriate sounds. The fact that the character voices in the game were made with a joke instead of a serious style added a different atmosphere to the game. In fact, these voices can make our faces laugh at times. Epic Games, in fact, often used a humorous style of games. Coming from the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite was quite admired with its humorous style.

Fortnite is a game developed with Unreal Engine. On PlayStation 4 Pro, the game has a performance of 30 FPS. In addition, FPS decreases in places you can bother. The game gives an extra graphics improvement with 1080p resolution, but FPS doesn’t make much sense when it comes to optimizing graphics. After playing Fortnite Battle Royale, the most important detail is that all games released by Epic Games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro were 60 FPS, while Fortnite was limited to 30 FPS. It is not known whether it will increase to 60 FPS with future updates, but we were surprised to see that one of the most successful games of Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale, has 30 FPS.

We have a main zone in the game. While we are protecting this region, we are asked to expand and expand this region. We are exposed to attacks by zombies when we decide to grow our field and act. The defense missions of our region rarely come. Usually the tasks on the map are given in various regions. But the logic of the tasks doesn’t change at all.

 In the game we find the lens, protect and activate by pressing the button. We are asked to stop the zombie attacks from all directions as the mission period slowly flows. As a result of the tasks we have completed successfully, we are rewarded with loot boxes depending on our performance. As a result of the task you find the loot is incomplete or if you did not complete the task you can do that task many times. The game features many characters in different features. Each character has its own abilities. In the game there are many character classes like ninja, warrior and path finder. Each class has their own unique abilities. If you wish, you can improve your character by improving your skills.

If you wish to perform tasks within the game on your own, you can perform your friends. However, there is a problem in the middle. We want to do tasks alone, the degree of difficulty can increase. If you complete the tasks with your friends you can enjoy more easily from the game. As I said at the beginning of my writing, most people in the world died. While we are performing tasks in Fortnite, we can coincide with living people.

Even the trophy boxes and people who live in the awards given to us. If you have made progress to a certain level in the game you can open your own special teams and expand your area easily. The higher the level of people in your team, the stronger you are. So the game is entirely based on the booty system. We have a large booty warehouse in the game. We can easily see guns, heroes, protectors, resources and survivors in this warehouse. We can quickly find weapons in the game. It also has a certain level of weapons. You can increase it if you wish. For example, a 10-level gunhead can hit more damage than other weapons. In the game there are melee weapons as well as range weapons and trapped weapons. We need resources to find bullets in all these weapons. Already the annoying side of the game is to look for resources. Our time is more searching for resources than the task.

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