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Before briefly mentioning the story of Tokyo Ghoul, what is Ghoul? roughly the ghouls are a kind of vampire. Unlike vampires, ghouls can also easily travel during the day and eat their prey with meat instead of sucking blood. This prey is naturally human. Ghoulis except human flesh put whatever they put in their mouths.

While some ghoul is enjoying the pleasure and turning the business into slaughter and blood bath, others do not like to hunt, and only when they are forced (when they are very hungry) they go hunting. In addition, each ghoul has a different power, called kagune, which is a part of the bodies of the ghoulis. There is also a unit called CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), which fights against them in Tokyo. So as you understand, the ghouls are not hidden and people are aware of their existence.

In the world I’ve said above, or rather, a college student named Ken Kaneki in Tokyo is living on his own. Kaneki, who is usually hanging out with her only friend Hide, meets a girl named Rize in a coffee shop called Anteiku and starts to be interested in her. The common point of Kaneki in Rize is literature and books, so it decides to quit. After a pleasant day, Kaneki offers to take Rize home, but Rize takes Kaneki to a dark construction site.

And then it happens, and Rize bites Kaneki. The girl she liked was Kanman and was a feast and a Kaneki dinner. When everything is over for Kaneki, the iron from the top of the construction falls on Rize and kills him. Emergency teams arriving at the scene immediately take the critical Kaneki into operation and the organs of Rize, who have died, are transported instead of the fragmented organs. The surgery results in success and Kaneki is also discharged after a few days. However, there is a strange situation. Kaneki cannot eat properly and feels different.

As the days pass by, Kaneki realizes that the hunger Kaneki has directed himself towards the people is terrified because he begins to realize that due to Rize’s organs, he becomes half human half ghoul. Soon there comes an exquisite smell to his nose and when he follows the scent, he sees that another ghoul is being fed and he suffers a lot, but thanks to the human side he manages to rein in himself. Events develop and Kaneki meets Touka and officially enters the world of ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul’s anime quartet starts with a first episode, and especially the breaks of the episode are great. After the first episode, the atmosphere is a bit focused because it is trying to introduce us to the anime that the ghoul people live in. When this happens, a few episodes made me feel like anime with a life-like theme.

Fortunately, this situation does not take too long and as soon as the tempo is rising and again with a final section, we are almost still with to be continued. In other words, anime ends up with the 13th episode as if it is going to continue, and while you are watching with excitement, your enthusiasm stays on your knees. Tokyo Ghoul’a 9 – 9.5 points could be given, but more than 13 episodes were required for this.

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