Undertale New Tab for Google Chrome

Undertale is a role-playing game that Toby Fox has developed almost entirely from graphics to story and music. The story of the game is as follows: People and creatures live together in peace. This peace ends with the war between humans and creatures. In battle, people defeat creatures with an overwhelming force. They trap creatures under the ground with a magical barrier.

Creatures that continue their lives under the ground cannot leave the earth once again. Years pass by, and one day a human creature goes to the mountain where it lives and falls down. You are this curious person. Loving you named Toriel, your mother welcomes a creature you can replace and becomes your first friend. Even if you are at peace with you, you will have to set out to return to your home no matter what happens with Toriel.

Undertale’s  graphics are simple and you are right , they are Really simple. But at the same time he is so friendly and sincere. Every NPC you meet has a unique style, personality and voice (like Shovel Knight). You can always enter into very funny dialogues with characters such as grinning Sans and his sister Papyrus, who isn’t aired. There are not many puzzles in the game, and I’m sure you won’t have any problems.

As a gameplay, Undertale looks more like old-style JRYOs, but Toby Fox has chosen to be more experimental. We can say that the fights are half-turn-based. When you fight a creature, your heart appears in a box on the screen. You can attack with ATTACK command when you are in the queue, you can snack or escape with FLEE when your health decreases. The attack doesn’t stop pressing a button, you can do more damage when the pointer on the screen reaches the appropriate point.

 Each creature has a different attack and when it attacks you, you can stand still and run away from the attack instead of getting hit. When you kill the creature, you earn some EXP and gold. There is no map in the game, but since there are not many places to go, you will not get lost. You can regain your health in the four-pointed stars at certain intervals, and you are filled with determination and recording the game. You can buy food, weapons or armor from the shops, but you can’t sell anything to most of them.

 Now, let’s talk about the most important feature that distinguishes Undertale from other role-playing games. You don’t have to kill anyone in Undertale. When a creature attacks you, you can contact, compliment, or touch it with the ACT command. After the creature has stopped attacking you, you can choose SPARE from MERCY and donate it. When you do this, you still get some gold and you can’t win any EXP. Failure to level may make you weaker. But do you need that EXP? I want you to think well before answering this question, because being merciful is significantly affecting the course and the end of the game.

Let’s talk a little more about compassion. I don’t know how many games we’ve played and how many creatures, robots, enemies, innocent people have killed in these games. Why have you ever thought about destroying someone or something? Are we dealing with destroying others to give meaning to our purpose, to feel that we can survive? Do we not hurt anyone even in the most peaceful and harmless games?

Undertale, one of the most compassionate and peaceful games of recent years, has conquered many players’ hearts. It is a game that is so peaceful and so much fun that I can strongly recommend that everyone play it.




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