Smash Hit

Smash Hit, developed and produced by Mediocre Games, released its debut on March 6, 2014. The gameplay is particularly appealing to the bored of the casual and repetitive self-repeating productions. When you enter Smash Hit which is an action type, you meet a world of glass. Your goal is to throw the balls into obstacles and targets while going in one direction. However, although it sounds easy, it is not easy in the game.

In fact, you are constantly going in one direction in the game. The only thing you check is the ball. However, it is not easy to throw the balls to reach the goal, as the rules of physics work one-on-one. You can win more balls by shooting triangular life targets at the edges and you need to overcome some obstacles. Obstacles in front of you in the form of giant glass structures or blocks in the form of DNA. You are trying to cross them by throwing the ball from the appropriate distance and height for being in motion.

However, one of the most beautiful points of the game after you miss every 10 goals, the number of balls in one shot is increasing. This gain enables you to eliminate difficult and moving targets more easily. Support for Games Center on the iOS platform, Smash Hit calculates the scoring system based on the distance you have traveled and the number of balls you hit. A total of 13 episodes in the game is a paid content.

The purpose of our game is simple. We have a certain number of tools available, which of course will break the glass of the ball. When we break the triangular glass, we win 3 more balls. By breaking them, we are increasing our ball count and we continue our way by downloading the windows. If we do not break the obstacle, 10 balls are falling out of our hands. When the total number of balls reaches 0, the game is over. As I mentioned at the beginning of this simple article, I can say that it is a game type that will fix your life for a certain period of time. There is no continuity of the game.

With premium content called Premium, it’s possible to have features such as starting from where you left off, playing the chapter again, and storing the cloud. Otherwise, you have to start the game from scratch when your ball is finished and you cannot pass the section.

When we enter the settings section of the game sound and music, except for the other games, we do not see much of the graphic setting. Thanks to the three-stage adjustment, it is possible to make the game run at low, medium and high quality, allowing the phone to consume less energy.

Of course, one of the most important points of the game will not pass without mentioning the graphics. Since Smash is formed in a world of Hit glass, it has to give players a good feeling, from light to shadowing. This is because the sense of distance or proximity can only be awakened in this way.

Developers who have achieved a very successful work on this issue have shown a good job, especially in fracture effects. In addition, the game’s easy controls, quality graphics combined with a near-perfect production.

As long as I play the game I have not encountered any errors or missing. Moreover, due to the structure of Smash Hit, it is a construction that you cannot leave as it encourages the players to break their previous records continuously. Although some producers are constantly selling things, Mediocre Games does not make any pressure.