Stick War Legacy

Stick War: Legacy, which is a strategy of Max Games Studios, is set in a rod man universe called Inamorta. Since it is a free mobile game, it is also one of the most popular web games. In this game, where there are four nations in total, each nation has its own characteristics and we are in a state of war against them. Every nation’s problem is to rule this universe, unless we stop them.

Stick War: Legacy, the ruler of a nation called Order in a universe called Inamorta, is about our war with nations that are not very pleased with your peaceful attitude and want to destroy you. Every nation that is hostile to you has a special feature. We have to destroy them before they do. Our enemies; Archidons, a nation of archers, consist of Swordwrath, who is adept at using swords, and Magikill nations using magic.

As the nation of order, we have to fight to protect ourselves. When we defeat a nation, we are able to use the technologies of that nation and make use of their technologies. Stick War: Legacy, which you play by controlling your army, also gives the player a chance to use a single soldier. As with most games, we need to collect resources for military production and development. To obtain these resources, you need workers. You must be careful when adjusting the distribution of workers and soldiers. The game includes different modes. With classic story mode, tournament mode and survival mode, you can enjoy the rich content of the game.

Stick War: Legacy is a game of legend, you will be joining the game as a legend. When you start the game you will find yourself in the world of stickman. In Stick War game you must defeat your enemies in the battle. You can use weapons, swords, arrows or knives for this. In the game you can also have special skills besides sword, arrow and knife. Just press the Play campaign key to start the game. After pressing the play button, click on the New game button and select one of the game’s difficulty levels. You should initially select the recommended Normal degree. Then you will watch a video that tells the story of the game and the game will start.

Stick War Legacy is an animation game based on stickman characters as the name suggests. Although the game is based on the garbage man as a character, he has done a great job in terms of graphics. With a very successful color matching and fluent animations, the game is very enjoyable. Within the scope of the game, players can learn to control many different breeds. With these skills learned, he can dominate the larger armies and fight against the larger enemies. In this way, new places can be explored and battles can be given to conquer these new places.

Thanks to the new breath that the market has brought to the market, many players today are very successful and often played. There are many races you can control in the game. With miners, you can remove precious metals, so you can buy new weapons and new weapons by spending the raw materials you earn. In this way, you can have a stronger army, you can fight against larger opponents and you can win.