Traffic Racer

Hi friends, our game review will be on Traffic Racer. This game, which is a Turkish producer and developer, is in the category of the most popular racing games in Google Play. When we enter the game a very simple interface meets.

Traffic Racer, a fun racing game, can be seen in traffic, not on empty roads, as its name suggests. The game is popular with its fun gameplay and successful graphics, 129 MB in size.

Play is asking us to choose a car if you’re new to the game, you can make free money at the top free of charge. When we choose the car, he asks us what part to play. As the infinite one-way name suggests, the cars only go in the forward direction. This section is difficult compared to the others, which makes the 2-direction move forward in the other 2-side backward direction in 2 directions. We are given a period of time against us until we get the car until it is full, we’ll make more money. We do everything we want in free, but it doesn’t make us any money.

With the new update added daily bonus is given to us here for a while we’re ambulance driver and ambulance drive is making good money every day I recommend you to play. When we press any part, we are asked to choose a venue. There is no difference between the desert, the snowy areas of the desert, just no difference, but I would recommend getting it the earliest as the money we earn in the night section doubles up.

Endless-style games are often preferred today, a Turkish-made game Traffic Racer; A racing game that most iPhone fans fondly played. For a long time, it has maintained a high ranking in the Best of the AppStore. You can buy a universal game Traffic Racer once and play it smoothly on both your iPhone and iPad. Of course, you can also use in-app purchases if you want to buy new cars and reinforce the game money you use to develop existing cars.

The logic of the game is a little too simple to talk about. When you press the right side, the car accelerates when you press the left side. To go left and right, we turn the phone left and right. You can adjust the acceleration, deceleration and vehicle control in the settings section. In the updated new version, new tools, graphics enhancement, daily bonus event and many bugs have been fixed.

The game will go up to where you can go until you hit a vehicle on an endless road with a simple logic. But the rest of the game is that you have a variety of cars at the market and you want to pick them up. So you will be connected to the game

The game grabs a lot of cars up to Porsche. We can also change the color and color of the car. You can also decorate your car with various pictures. For this, you need to play a lot of money to play. If we talk about the sound part, a simple music playing in the menu always meets us. When you go over 100km in the game scissors, you earn bonuses and you can get the car ahead of you by pressing the horn. In the game there are 5 modes and one daily bonus mode. It includes free mode (single, double direction), against time and free modes.

There are 4 different modes in the game. But if you don’t see Free mode as a complete game mode; 3 different game modes remain. Infinite (unidirectional), Infinite (double direction) and Time Against. The purpose in infinite modes; go as far as you can without accident. Of course, at the same time to go high speed and near the vehicle to give you extra points. In Time Again mode; You’re trying to go as far as you can in 100 seconds. Even if you have an accident during this time, the game continues where it left off.