Sonic Dash

Sonic, first appeared in 1991, is a blue-colored, rapid and continuous He was introduced to our lives as a game character who struggled with Robotnik. In the last years, Sonic has been involved in many games, cartoons and animations, while his latest adventure is on our iOS devices.

Sonic Dash, prepared as an endless running game like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Agent Dash, doesn’t use the sensor of our device in contrast to Temple Run, and we use our fingers just like other games in our moves to the left and right.

We start our game with Sonic and Sonic helps us to play the game in our first adventure. In addition to the controls that are familiar to the players who previously played these types of games, you can use Sonic Dash to wipe your enemies as you try to move your finger down the screen. In addition to these controls in addition to the game that gives the name of the Dash movement takes place. Of course, you need to collect enough gold rings to use this movement.

As you can imagine, the only purpose of collecting gold rings is not to activate Dash mode. You can also use your gold rings to buy power-ups for your character and improve your power-ups, and you can also think of gold rings as an extra life during the game.

Previous Sonic games are already used to this system. When our character hits an obstacle in front of him, he drops the rings that he has collected so far. However, to collect as many gold as possible during the game when you come to the relevant places in the bank to deposit your current gold can continue to play in that way.

Sonic Dash also has a number of tasks like other endless running games, and as you complete these tasks, your score multiplier is increasing. At the moment, however, Sonic Dash is a bit limited. Because in the game there are 11 missions consisting of 3 sub-missions and when you collect them there is no other task.

Although New Missions Coming Soon! While SEGA says new tasks will be added with updates, if 11x is not enough, when you fill in the bar required to activate Dash movement, if you do not perform Dash movement, multiplier is doubled. So you can play the game as 22x, which will greatly affect your score.

This is the case in the earliest days when the in-app purchases have gained a significant share in the earnings of the developers as well as the application fee and the players now pay attention to these prices as well. Remember, the EA made Real Racing 3 free of charge and only focused on in-game purchases, which created some frustrating situations. But don’t be afraid, there is no such application in Sonic Dash. SEGA, who doesn’t want to direct the players to buy too much in-app since the game is already paid, has made many items available for purchase with rings.

Specifically, the numbers determined for Power-ups are lower than many other games. Speaking of power-ups, let’s talk briefly about power-ups you can have in the game. Magnet,, HeadStart, Dash Boost and Dash Fill Rate 4 of these power-ups can be understood from the names of the function already.

Other acquisitions available in the game are HeadStart, Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can buy HeadStart with your gold rings, but you need Red Star Rings, or Red Star Rings to buy Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can earn these rings as you complete various tasks in the game or you can purchase them within the app for a certain fee. As with many of his other adventures, Tails, Knuckles and Amy don’t leave our blue eyelashes alone. However, these characters can also be purchased with red star rings.