Minecraft Wallpaper and New Tab

In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch), the independent game producer will have asked him the question that Minecraft has created a construction. In theory it was good, but in practice it made a very good idea that mistakes were made so good that Minecraft attracted the attention of all the players. If you start the game without knowing anything about the game, you can ask yourself the question “where am I?” Visually, some poorly-looking graphics will turn into a great visual presentation for you when you’re able to look through pixels.


Of course, Minecraft is not a game that tries to like us with graphics. The hit point of the game is the production part. Imagine a universe that almost everything you can shred and add to your inventory. Moreover, you can do what you want to do with these pieces of pieces. Whether it’s a castle, bread field or waterfall … all you need is the right stuff and the right schemes. You can make new items by combining the items in the game, but you need to set the items in the correct diagram.


Minecraft offers us 2 different game modes to create something. First, let me talk about creativity. In this mode where you have unlimited resources, you are playing only and only production-oriented. It’s a game for players who like to produce something and just want to concentrate on that direction. Yes, I just wanted to concentrate on production, I said, because it was a mode of play, the game’s main mode of survival, which will have a whole different problem in life.

In survival mode, your main goal is the same; to develop and to produce better works. But the biggest difference of this mode from creativity mode is that you are exposed to the invasion of zombies and creatures at night. You need to build a house at the beginning of the game from the first day until the evening. Otherwise, you’re involved in the food chain of living things that come out at night. When you have a certain amount of knowledge, you can also begin to challenge the zombies. The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can do all these online together with your friends. 3-5 even 10 friends can come together and create the works you want, together you can fight against zombies.

Minecraft Tree

The game allows you to experience the Stone Age environment in a way. It starts with a random game where a player is completely randomly produced and doesn’t know much about it. While you are surrounded by mountains, plains, beaches and seas, you start to play with your strong punches and your sense of creativity. What you can do in the game and your goals are completely up to you. To describe an example of the beginning of the game, the first thing you should know is that each cube you see around can serve as raw material to you. You can start your craft and architecture career with the boards you get from a tree you broke with your bare hands in the first place.

It is possible to convert these boards from wood to craft (which allows you to produce something new using raw materials) in the character menu. Then you can create the first walls of your house with these lumbers or you can use it as raw material to produce new tools. The lumber is also able to get wooden bars by putting them in a more craft menu. Or you can create a box that will allow you to produce larger and more detailed items by placing timber in each space of the 2×2 size craft space.

The heart of the game is this box. With 3×3 craft space, you can access dozens of different tools from digging up to TNT with the materials and placement variations you will use. First, you can fill the top row completely and put wooden bars in the boxes in the middle of the bottom 2 line, so you can accelerate the construction time of your home. With this digging you can break the stones quickly. However, an excavation made of wood will not be extremely durable. That’s why you can put the stones on the top row and put the wooden rods on the bottom and you can accelerate the digging process by making a more durable digging.

You progressed by digging the stones quickly into the center of the mountain. Now it’s time to take the first steps of your home. The design of this house is completely up to you. If you want, you can build a modest 2 room 1 living room, or you can build a gigantic and absurd design castle. If you want, you can develop your castle over time and spread all over the map. After all, the map grows randomly as you run around. So you can take the freedom of an unlimited world.

There are different materials for many interesting objects that you can create in the game. For example, if you want to make glass or make TNT, you need sulfur and sand. Or you need to find charcoal and wooden stick for the torches. For unusual materials like this, you may need to get a few more digging shots in the mine and go down to the diplomats. However, one should not forget that you can fall into a cave as you descend to the bottom of the ground, and even burn in lava and taste a painful death.

Minecraft didn’t actually try to do much, but it was a game that made you do a lot. The production system built by the game is a very good example of how simple and detailed gameplay can come together, and there are even producers who see this example in practice. With a little research, you can see games that try to imitate Minecraft. These imitations show us something very well; Minecraft is a touchstone for the gaming industry. It is also worth mentioning that the game is less than 50 MB in size. The only thing ahead of you is your determination and creativity. The game that offers its players such a wide and free space is therefore preparing to go down in history as the fastest developing and increasing number of players in the near future.

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