Super Mario

Mario series, continues to expand a little more with the new games every day. The current production name is New Super Mario Bros. and our goal is the same again. Mario and the beautiful princess walk out on a sunny day to see something go wrong in the palace. This flurries Mario, leaves the princess behind and takes action to find out what happened. But this is a trap and the Princess is kidnapped. The protagonist sees this shortly after, and then goes on an adventure to save him.

When we stepped into the production menu, the one-man scenario, Mario etc. We meet the titles of Luigi and mini-games. When we decide to play the scenario mode, a map is being met at the bottom of the DS screen. This route, which is divided into various sections such as snowy, tropical, desert and glaciers, constitutes the path that we will follow throughout the 8 chapters.

Each section has its own sub-sections. After completing a few subsections, you can save the script, and sometimes you may encounter extras. For example, if you get a high score, a prize house appears on the map and you can get many features with the help of getting there. Talking about these; such as throwing flame balls, tortoise shells and even new rights.

Section progress is the same as the previous classic Mario games. We collect the gold, beat the turtles and the human-eating flowers, and finally we reach the flag and complete the section. We may face changing ground levels and also we can climb the walls by making a final move before falling. We can collect mushrooms that grow, but this is not ordinary growth. Mario grows up to cover the entire screen and destroys everything that comes in front of him. Thus, we become untouchable for a short time. Also, if we took flowers to throw the ball of flame and come back again, we can also take it and keep it in stock. If we lose our property, we can activate the stock reserve.

The final parts are always in gloomy buildings, and we’re dealing with the end-of-section boss. In the first stage, we fight the creature who missed the princess (Turtle, rather). The enemies we will face to complete the main section are different and bigger. The common point in defeating them is to hit their heads three times when they are vulnerable.

When you look at the other titles of the game, Mario etc. We see that Luigi has allowed online struggles. One player is Mario, the other is Luigi and they can play together. In the title of mini-games, there are mutual and one-man battle modes. There are over twenty games ranked under categories of action, poker, puzzle and bomber. You can also test them with the Nintendo DS control bar.

New Super Mario Bros. Making a cute, graphical and auditory. Already DS’de visuality, not a fun game experience to wait the most logical. I would definitely recommend Mario because of its comfortable controls and beautiful gameplay.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run  is the first game of the series. Mario appeared for the first time in an endless run. Mario’s automatic progression at first seems nice, but I like to collect all the gold will infuriate those who want. It’s hard to stop Mario in Super Mario Run.

However, this doesn’t mean that Super Mario Run is the greatest entry in the franchise to date. Nor does it mean you should expect the level of sheen that a home console version offers. To do so is approaching this in completely the wrong fashion because ultimately this is a mobile app. It’s meant to be enjoyed that way, too.

There are boxes in certain parts of the game. Mario’s been on this box for a while. During this time you choose where you want to go. But after this selection, you have to give up the gold in the upper section or the lower section.

In addition to collecting all the gold, it is necessary to collect the colored gold. In each section; There are 3 different colored golds, pink, purple and green. To open the next colored gold you need to collect 5 different colored gold pieces. It’s pretty hard to collect these colored golds. I can say that I like the difficulty in Super Mario Run because it is hard to gather such special gold in the Mario games on Nintendo consoles.

There are 2 balloons in each section. If you miss the colored gold, you can roll Mario back to this balloon. Super Mario Run, which gave a new breath to the endless running type, didn’t like the different gameplay at first, but I thought I should be open to innovation and soon I was accustomed to it.

Super Mario Run offers the opportunity to see Mario in high resolution for the first time after Wii U. Thanks to the successfully applied AntiAliasing filter, a smooth Mario welcomes you. The modeling of characters and spaces in the game looks very good, as in the New Super Mario series.

While the design world passed to the concept of flat design, which I described as a cool design, I was very happy to see the glossy design of Super Mario Run in menu design. The biggest difference between the original cartridges of the Mario games and the emulators is the sound effect. While the sound of Mario games comes without delay, the emulators have a slight delay in sound. Although SuperMarioRun is a new game that is not ported, it feels as if it is using an emulator.

Particularly when passing through the pipes, the sound effect is disturbed. However, I think that this issue will be solved with the updates that will come in the coming days. Apart from the delay, Super Mario Run has been successfully applied to the sound effects of New Super Mario.

As a Nintendo fan and user of Super Mario Run in general terms; the game was very successful despite some shortcomings and short playing time. It is especially nice to have the option of creating the episode of Super Mario Maker style and playing with the characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Princess and Toadette. But apart from Mario, you need to complete the quests to open these characters.

Apart from the main characters, Boom Boom, Fake Bowser and Bowser, as well as to see the boss added a different taste to the game. Under the rally division, I strongly recommend anyone trying out Super Mario Run, which has a game mode other than the main game, with the Toad gold picking race.