My Talking Tom

Talking tom, which is the ancestor of the gaming industry in the smart phone world, had a big impact when it first appeared. This game, which was played by almost every person with a smart phone at a time, was entitled to be the most popular game in 135 countries. Talking Tom, who takes over a talking cat and wants us to play various games, owes this success to his cute cat character.

If we look at the general purpose of the game, we need to feed and raise a baby cat until it becomes an adult. It can be called the smartphone versions of the virtual babies that are not missing from our pockets. Our kitten is  required to bath, to feed and to resolve health problems are our biggest responsibilities. Isn’t it like having a real pet?

But you don’t own a pet just by meeting your basic needs. Especially if you own a cat, you have to play games and fun activities with the cat. You should be careful about Tom’s sleep pattern and your interest in him. Because when he can’t get his sleep, he turns into a cat that is very angry and grumpy. Of course you’re thinking now. How I’m going to know what Tom wants or what he needs.

The answer is also quite easy and surprising. Because talking cat Tom has gestures and mimics just like people. Tom yawns when his sleep comes in, shows his belly when he gets hungry, and even makes you cry when you’re not interested in him. If you caress him, he takes you from the sweet murmur of the pussy, he pisses you off if he does not want to be touched. Tom becomes nervous and irritable when he is sick, and Tom continues to pout you until he is healed.

One of Tom’s favorite things is his soap. You need to bathe Tom periodically in the game and you use soap on the screen. As I have just said, having a pet is not just defined as being able to meet the main needs. Our pets like to play games and spend time with us. Here at this point, Tom offers more than one type of game where you can play together. These games, which we define as mini-games, can be defined by saying game in a game.

By playing these games you can have a lot of fun and win two games at the same time, allowing Tom to progress faster at the levels. Tom grows as he gets higher, he grows taller, and sometimes he can get even more pounds. As our cat grows, their needs are growing and we need to be more concerned with it. We can  dress him up and take him to the clothing shops where there is a dress of the world, from funny hats to the most elegant suits.

We also have the opportunity to make changes inside Tom’s house. We can change wallpapers by choosing from galleries. In addition, if we connect to the game with our Facebook account, we can visit other friends’ houses and look after their cats. We find treasures and gifts while wandering in the homes of our friends and we are rewarded when we open the chests. Let’s not forget the ability to simulate the main feature of the Talking Tom app. Tom listens to us and repeats our conversation with his own unique voice.

If we want our cat to jump and grow, we can’t do it just by talking. We have an average of 90 levels that we need to jump in front of and there are a lot of coin locks that we need to open when we pass them. To summarize, Talking Tom offers us a pet opportunity that we have in our smartphones and we can do a lot of things with this pet. You have the chance to have a cat who can also speak, unlike a real cat, with the application that contains the things that many pets need in real life, such as playing, feeding, cleaning and not disrupting their care. You can download the application on google play and appstore and start having fun.