Subway Surfers

In this episode, we will have fun with Subway Surfers, one of the most popular games of Play Store with over 500 million downloads. Although there were a lot of imitations after the launch, none of them were loved as Subway Surfers. We are downloading our game to our mobile device, in order to download the game you can use the play store searches.

Standing out with its 500 Million downloads, Subway Surfers has a 55 Megabyte file size and wi-fi connection, as well as games that can be downloaded via mobile data. After installing the game we can enter the game using the Open button.

On the welcome screen, we see that our heroine ashes written using the graffiti letters on the train is Subway Surfers. Use the Tap to play button at the bottom of the screen (clicking on the screen) to start the game. In the first few meters of the game, the moves we need to make for educational purposes will be shown to us with graphics.

A white transparent arrow sign indicating the left direction you see on the screen; he explains that our hero has to go to the left. If the mobile device you are using is a touch screen, you can do this by sliding your finger to the left on the screen, or by pressing the left direction key.

Story; A train station is being noticed by the guard while drawing graffiti on the trains. The game begins with the guardian chasing the child and we are trying to keep the child’s movements and not to be caught by the guard. Although the game seems very simple, it has many functions in itself. One of the most striking features is seen as a speed factor. The speed of 1x at the beginning, as the distance we run and the tasks given to us to rise up to 35 levels can come up.

The developer of the game, Kiloo Arcade, has added daily function to the Daily Mission so that we can log into the game on a regular basis every day. During the first day of the game we will encounter in this task; we are trying to collect the letters of any word. If we complete the letters without hitting the train and catching the guard, we are entitled to win some prizes.

The gold we collect in the chapters and the loots given as gifts are collected in our cash register. The loots collected in the vault give us two different advantages. From these advantages, we are gaining as much points as the 1st Gold amount, the points we earn continue to accumulate in our household by adding to the total score if we are caught. 2. The advantage is that the fact that this is the real advantage; You can also buy special items (Hoverboard, Rocket) that can be used in the game from the store called Store in the game.

We make it easier to understand by mentioning the names and descriptions of the items that you will frequently encounter and will use;

  • Mega Headstart: 2000 Thanks to this feature you can get from the market in exchange for gold; you start to fly as soon as you start the game. You fly fast for a while and collect gold.
  • Hoverboard: During the game, the skipper is escaping quickly. You can move faster with this skateboard and if you hit any obstacle, you lose only skateboard instead of dying. Since there is a time limit, you can use it as numbered within a day.
  • Score Booster: You can buy this property for 3000 gold at the convenience store. The game helps you earn 5 points more per second from the moment you enter.
  • Mystery Box: This surprise box is available for 500 gold. What comes out of the box is a mystery. Sometimes score booster, sometimes rocket sometimes 50 gold.
  • Jetpack: It allows you to fly suddenly and fly as you run fast during the game. In this way, you can easily progress by collecting gold without any obstacles. Perhaps the most useful item of the game can be obtained from the store, you can get on the map as you go through the moment you step on.