Counter Strike CS GO New Tab For Google Chrome

The legend of counter-strike, the history of describing the multiplayer playing again the head actor of the team-play games, has emerged with its new face Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When the first Half-Life came out in 1998, not only with its great gameplay and intense atmosphere, but also with its many features, it became a big phenomenon in a short time in the game world.

 The first Half-Life’s game engine, in contrast to the hardware craze that was rising at that time and every player had to refresh their computer every 6 months, could also work on low systems. The game engine was very popular in independent developers, both because of its flexibility in terms of optimization and good graphics rendering and very wonderful game mechanics. As a result, two cronies, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, created a Half-Life mode called Counter-Strike. Certainly, this initiative, which is not a commercial purpose, has changed the multiplayer acting forever and made a terrible contribution to the professional acting concept.

Already later Minh Le was hired by Valve. The great success of Counter-Strike was also an inspiring story for independent developers. In the intervening years, there have been brands that have changed the multiplayer gameplay, such as Modern Warfare and Battlefield, but a classic is always  a classic.


Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the one that has captured us at the beginning of the CS. Extremely exciting gameplay, realistic weapons and team play… All these components are the CS: GO’s nervous system. Even though there is no groundbreaking innovation in the game, re-interpreted maps and new modes are very addictive. Players are still organizing tournaments through CS 1.6 and Source, and GO’s policy of expanding to more players will make the game popular.

 According to us, GO, 1.6  was closer to Source. For example, those who have just started or have not played for a long time can directly enter the event with the Classic Casual mode. This option allows you to literally warm up the game and the mechanics. For example, in this option FF (Friendly Fire: your teammates can be harmed by your weapons) you can buy guns directly and automatically. This option allows you to adapt to the game more quickly. Classic mode is known CS. The two new modes we’ve seen in the CS games, Demolution and the Arms Race, allow you to play highly exciting and high-level matches. As you clean up your opponents at Arms Race, the weapon in your hand is changing, so every new frag means a whole new challenge.

Every time you die, you’re spawning immediately.  In this mode, the last piece of the knife knives and knives at the end of the competition are trying to make an epic signature. In Demolution, every time you win, the weapon in your hand changes, but you don’t respawn when you die; you need to wait for the end of the round.

As you can see from the name of this mode, terrorists in each round to set up a bomb, special teams are trying to prevent them. Other than that, we can count the revision of classical maps in the game. It’s good to see classic maps like de_dust, cs_italy with brand new graphics. Of course, all character models and weapons have been overhauled. Although it has no effect on gameplay, it has made the game look good. Although Global Offensive has been trying to please both the new players and the former players and close to 1.6, the Classic mode has become quite difficult. You’ll notice when you hit the game without getting into the habit of Classic Casual, it’s harder to aim and shoot headshot than the 1.6, which is the gold key to success in CS. Obviously, the game’s lack of a bit of a lack of impact has an effect. In Counter-Strike 1.6 you can feel a rattling every bullet that gets stuck in your opponent’s body, but in GO, that feeling is lost.

For the last part of the text, want to share with you the game modes that you can play in The Counter Strike Global Offensive. I hope you will enjoy the game with the highest pleasure.

Competitive: 5v5 is played. Each round head players are given a certain amount of money. Most played mode. By winning the match, the rank can be jumped or lost. Players are matched according to their rank.

Weapon Race: You will be alive again after you die. It’s like a death match, but you can’t pick the weapon you want to use. New weapons are given as the enemy kills. The last level is the golden blade and the person who kills the enemy with the golden knife wins the game.

Demolition: The weapon system is similar to the Arms Race mode, but there is no immediate revival like a death match. When you kill the opponent, you go to an upper gun. 11 Round area team wins the game.

Death Match: You are born again as you die. You can play with the weapon you want. In 10 minutes the winner of the game will be the most points.



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