Gangstar Vegas Mafia Game New Tab for Google Chrome

Gameloft, which has proven itself with the games it develops for mobile devices, is coming out with the new game of the Gangster series. Gangster: Vegas has a map that is 9 times larger than Rio’s previous game, Gangster: Vegas. Using the Havok physics engine, the game offers a visual feast.

The main character of our game is Jason Malone, the champion of far east fighting techniques. Malone must be defeated at 4.Raund by the owner of the casino. However, when our character hits his opponent a little hard in the fight, our opponent falls to the ground before us and the casino owner Frank Veliano’s plans fall into the water.

After the fight, he hardly saved his hand from Veliano’s hand and went to Vera, the wife of Vegas’s youngest thug Jack Montello. Vera Montello does everything to save our character from Veliano and his men. But there is a response to these favors. Now our character has to do what Vera wants.

Gangster: Vegas, which looks like Grand Theft Auto with its gameplay, seems to revolutionize the mobile platform. Especially Havok physics engine graphics and gameplay structure, Gangster: Vegas shows the effects. However, due to these high graphics, there is sometimes a low frame rate in the game. 4. We have witnessed these frame drops on most points, even on iPad and iPhone 5. Gangster: Vegas has 80 different missions, 54 different vehicles, 38 weapons and 39 clothes. If you don’t pass a mission in Vegas, you can ask your friends for help.

You can send notifications to your friends via Facebook and Gameloft LIVE. However, when your friend has passed the section, you cannot get the prize money at the end of the episode. The prize goes straight to your friend’s membership.

Not until we’re in Vegas. Vegas; There is also a section for playing blackjack, slot machines and video poker. You can get keys with the points you earn from the games and you can open the locked boxes in the Secret Service section with these keys.

The game features two different modes, New Play and Quick Play. The options in Quick Game mode open as you complete the tasks in the main mode of the game. The difficulty levels of these tasks have been successfully balanced for touch screens. Gangster: It takes a while to get used to the Vegas controls. You may sometimes have difficulty controlling your character during a fight. In using the vehicle, Gangster: Vegas performs superbly in contrast to character control.

As you complete the tasks in the game, you earn Skill Points. With your skill points, you can improve your character’s features such as driving and fighting. You also earn money when you complete the tasks. You can use these coins to buy new weapons as you can spend changing your character’s clothing and hair style.

If we look at the game in general, there are too many in-game graphics errors caused by the Havok physics engine. However, Gameloft can provide a solution to this problem with updates. In-game music performs successfully. You can easily get used to the air of Vegas with the Skrillex, the master of Dubstep music.

Available in the Chrome Store