Red Dead Redemption 2

I’m sure you’ve heard, many things are being said for this gang that goes beyond Mexico and even manages to cross this land. Years later, even in the hall corners, gambling tables, the names are passed … Yes, yes, in the late 1800s, even until the beginning of the 1900s, terrorism until the beginning of the Dutch Van Der Linde and its notorious gang I’m talking about. Numerous robberies, raids, duel, hundreds of leaps left behind and a life in exile .. But despite all these difficulties and lives in pursuit of chase, they are said to be free even in their last breath.

Yes, we are not very foreign to the Dutch gang and perhaps the most important members of this gang. Although the stories continue to be told in the nooks, we actually learned the finale in the first hand. If you played Red Dead Redemption, you already know how tragically the story ended. Dutch Van Der Linde Although our time has passed John in the minds of his words, but at the same time with his memory still continues to take place in our memories. Here’s Red Dead Redemption 2 goes to 1899, we have a closer look at what Dutch and his gang do and much more.

In the first game, we knew the characters like Bill Williamson, Dutch Van Der Linde, Uncle, Javier Escuella, Jack Marston and Abigail Marston. In Red Dead Redemption 2, we can actually say how crowded the gang is. Leaving the active members aside, we also testify that in the camp area, the concept of family grows rather than a gang, but we are witnessing big problems as in every family. As we already know the collapse of the Titanic, we can say that the collapse of these characters, which we started to connect with because we know the story of the collapse of the gang, is a little more upset.

Come to Arthur Morgan, the character we lead in the game. Arthur Morgan, like John Marston, was raised by Dutch at a young age. For this reason, he sees himself as a father figure and does not say that he is extremely committed to it, but he shows it at every opportunity. Arthur is also one of the most important and active members of the gang. Although it seems like a striking character, it is also a complete duty man. Dutch is very confident about it and we are taking steps that cannot trust that trust throughout the game. In the same way Morgan relies on Dutch and is sure that his decisions are the best decisions for the gang.

We start by learning that the gang has returned empty-handed from a big robbery. This robbery in the town of Blackwater ends in frustration and turns towards the north and the snowy mountains to make the gang lose. There are also difficult life conditions and some losses due to continuous movement. As soon as you start the game, you are already in the process of recovery, and at the very beginning of the work, the gang needs to be addressed. In fact, I can say that these needs are not easy. After a while, even though we are migrating to the hot land, you should always be interested in your gang. In other words, you are trying to chat with the gang members, to put aside both the main and side tasks that you get from them, and to improve their living conditions. It is in your hands to develop the camping site with the important materials you will collect outside of hunting and of course money.

The Dutchman, who has a fatherly speech, puts a donation box for the gang’s recovery and substitution, and you can put the money or valuables you earn in this box, as all gang members do. Of course, a separate book for the money deposited. In this book, it seems clear how much money he has invested. Of course, as you progress in the game, you understand that you are making the greatest contribution. When you’re donating hundreds of dollars, you can get bored of a little bit when you see that gang members donate only a few dollars. But remember, the family comes first and there is an important burden for you to survive.

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