Brawl Stars

High speed 3v3 multiplayer and fight royale made for versatile! Play with companions or solo across different game modes in less than three minutes.

Open and update many Brawlers with strong Super capacities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Gather remarkable skins to stick out and flaunt. Fight in various baffling areas inside the Brawliverse!

Stoplights can be found close to the ‘Alter’ or ‘View Source’ button on the vast majority of the pages on the Brawl Stars Wiki. They address the degree of assurance that is available on that page.

A green light implies that it is a local area page and can be altered by any individual who has a Fandom account.
A yellow light implies that you should be an enrolled part that no longer has the “new supervisor” tag close to their name on their client page to alter that page. The “new supervisor” tag is eliminated 4 days after you join the wiki.
A red light implies that you should be a mediator or an Administrator to alter that page. A page is commonly given this degree of insurance since it is viewed as complete.
Note that while client pages are not ordinarily secured, it is for the most part viewed as affable to acquire that client’s consent prior to altering their own page. Assuming you have any inquiries, kindly request one from the staff individuals for help.



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