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In a different world, there is an ongoing war between the two races for centuries. This war is going through alliances with Hordle. Which side are you on? World of Warcraft is a masterpiece that has survived to the present day with new additional packages. These additional packages are integrated into the game with different topics and presented to the players.

World of Warcraft is perhaps the first game that comes to mind among MMORPG type games. World of Warcraft, which is among the games that best reflects the spirit of this genre, continues its path full with World of Warcraft: Legion. As you know, the year in which World of Warcraft was released, it was 2004 and it was a new phenomenon  all of a sudden. This, of course, even laid the foundations of being the most widely preferred MMORPG. However, Blizzard has not rested his back on this legacy and has extended the world of World of Warcraft to a considerable extent with the additional packages it has made over time. This expansion not only affected the content but also the story.

Nine years have passed since the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion package. World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth in this series. During this time, we have witnessed stories that are not connected to the main story under the name of Mists of Pandaria and the Warlords of Dreanor, but it seems that we are going back to the essence with Legion. In other words, the story map of World of Warcraft is added to the story map.


According to the story of the World of Warcraft: Legion supplementary pack, a series of passageways by Orc Warlock, previously opened by Gul, allows the army of Burning Legion at the command of Sargeras to pass to Azeroth. In the face of this situation, different races living in these lands hand in hand and managed to stop the Burning Legion army. After a very long time, Gul tried to open a new gateway to Azeroth’s lands to try his luck once again. With this success, the Burning Legion is back on the territory of Azeroth. Of course, then it happens. At this point, our task is to stop Sargeras.

We have said that the World of Warcraft: Legion additional package has added a new piece to the story map of the World of Warcraft universe. In this way, some question marks in the minds of the players can also be answered with the filling of certain gaps. With this new addition, we are joining a new class called Demon Hunter. The reason for this class to be included in the game is that the inhabitants of Azeroth were seen as the last trump in their hands against the Burning Legion threat. During the battle of the War of the Ancients, he is leading the Demon Hunter fighters, captured by the younger brother of Maud Shadowsong, Jarod Shadowsong, who had played a key role in the battle against the Burning Legion army. As a result, the Demon Hunter class is included in the scenario.

The universe of World of Warcraft is not a universe that has come up with its visuality until now. World of Warcraft: Legion does not disrupt the line in any way by focusing more on the content to serve the expectations of the old-style players. However, in addition to today’s games that seem almost realistic with the power of the latest technology, of course World of Warcraft: Legion may not meet the expectations of the players who are new to the series. But if you’re a player who is more focused on the script and content than on visual, it’s almost as if you wouldn’t have any problems.

The Blizzard company’s productions that has been marketed, can easily manage to take us to the realms of the game, even though they are not considered too much. This has not changed in World of Warcraft: Legion. Especially during the war, don’t forget to turn up the music that changes in the background. They will never disappoint you and bring out the monster inside you.

World of Warcraft: With Legion, some innovations have been introduced in terms of playability. One of them is the Class Trial system. As you know, the process of character development is perhaps the biggest shortage of the World of Warcraft universe. Most MMORPG types, however, are the biggest drawback of the game.

The higher the character levels and the higher the level, the higher the level of progress, the more we play the game, the more likely it becomes a lifecycle. If you choose a class that is not suitable for our style, we can see the next level of strawberries on the cake. But fortunately World of Warcraft: Legion took a precaution for this situation. Class Trial added to the game, you start to use a hero in any class from level 100. You are allowed to use this character until a certain part. In this way, you can easily decide whether the class you choose is right for you. In other words, unnecessary waste of time is being avoided. However, the newly added Demon Hunter class is not included.



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