My Little Pony New Tab for Google Chrome

In a city called Ponyville, cute ponies lived in peace. The cute ponies, who were unaware of the catastrophes of this city, had been running and enjoying with their friends all day long. But one day, a dark force threatens Ponyville. In the face of this threat Ponyville and friends Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity; They go on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria. This journey that makes them new friends leads them to an adventure where they will face new challenges, using the magic of friendship to try to save their homes.

Pony friends, while preparing for a friendship festival will be held soon, they heard that a bad witch has frozen the 3 princesses in the Ponyville. The new My Little Pony, a reboot version of My Little Pony in 1980, is also known as the Friendship Magic. She’s been very successful in re-shooting the previous film. Everything was just modernized, and the originality was preserved, so there was no scattered movie script.

The originality is almost completely preserved in terms of new characters designed for the film made in the past. Two baddies, Tempest Shadow and The Storm King, are the two main villains of the movie. The purpose of the Pony’s  is to save Ponyville from the bad guys they live in and continue to live friendly. To stop this evil, friends all go on a journey together. They make new friends during this journey. This journey teaches them that friendship and togetherness are more important than anything else.

This may sound very pleasant to an observer. But fans of the My Little Pony  series  fans often ignore the imperfections in this film. First, the characters our heroes face – Capper, a totally human-looking cat, and Captain Celaeno, a purely human-looking pirate parrot – completely break the rules of the series. The show’s design philosophy is completely subverted for introducing new characters that are not required for the story and for add-ons such as self-added fanatic characters.

Also, as everyone who watches the series really know, the time when Mane Six is friends with God is a powerful chaos that can do something in the full sense, and it revolves around finding a powerful, magical MacGuffin. The only thing they really need to do is look for Discord and solve all the problems. And if, for some reason, Discord was not available, they would also have the army of dragons and changes that did not owe them a small favor. If we are to explain this issue in a way that can be understood by the audience who is not a fan of My Little Pony; In Endgame, it is as ridiculous as heroes to try to find a bigger infinity glove instead of traveling in time.

And in contrast to its name, the day is saved not by friendship and understanding, but by violence. Capper and Spike friends literally set people on fire. One of these characters is completely consumed by the flames and falls, and we move away from that scene and never look back. This is a friend of ours made of fur and he could not survive the fire.

We can’t ignore the changes in character design. With the development of technology, the characters are seen in quite different situations. At the end of the film they are separated and I guess the reason for this is to end the movie with a dramatic ending. One of the malevolent characters really sees the light, but the only way they can allow them to show their salvation is to carry out an act of violence on another villain.

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