Pou New Tab for Google Chrome

 Just like a real animal, our cute little alien called Pou needs us. When you’re hungry, we need to feed you, drink it when it gets sick, have a shower when it gets dirty. In addition, when we eat too much fat has been successful in terms of realism. We have a laboratory, a game room, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is an important detail here. When we want to give our friend Pou to the lab room, we have to get him to the bedroom if we want to sedate him. In short, we can’t do this in the bedroom when we want to give medicine.

Pou’s food, health, entertainment and energy has 4 different features. We look at our alien friend named Pou and play together and develop these features. The game also has a level system. As you level up, our alien friend Pou is growing.

The producer has integrated 32 mini-games into the game, thinking that the game will only be squeezed when it consists of looking at our alien friend, just Pou. In this mini-game, there are popular games like tic tac toe, jet Pou (flappy bird) and hill climb (hill climb racing). We can play only Tic Tac Pou and Four Pou’s games with our friends.

There are various accessories, clothes, foods and medicines that are special to Pou. We can also change the color of our soap from the design of our room. As you can see, the store has a wide range. You can buy items such as hats, hair, mustaches, balls, soap from the store with the gold you have accumulated. As you can see in the picture, this place can change the store and the background. You can buy different different dishes. You can enjoy Pou with basketball balls and footballs. You should buy gold coins. You can earn or buy gold as you level up. The game is free in the android market, but you need to pay some fee on iTunes.

I suppose we don’t think we’re too mistaken to say that Windows Phone users have a lot of application support. After the removal of third-party Snapchat applications from the Windows Phone Store recently, we now have some news that will make the users happy.

Pou, one of the most popular games on android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms, is the future of Windows Phone. Only the Android platform has more than 100 million downloads, finally Windows Phone users can play. In short, Pou is a very creative and fun virtual baby game.

Although Pou is actually a bit of a character. We called him the virtual baby because the sounding bit didn’t sound good. You can give the name you want to wear your virtual baby as you like, you can wash and play games with him so that he does not get bored. In short, Pou, who could become a virtual friend, will soon be in the Windows Phone Store Pou also aims to have a virtual pet and you play it through various games. You also need to make sure that you sleep well enough, or your pet is not properly developed.

By playing games you can also open various features in the game by raising money. A nice aspect of the game is that you can play with your friends via Wi Fi or BlueTooth. For Pou, they give 1500 coins (in-game money) these days as a Christmas Present by the makers.

Piano Tiles New tab for Google Chrome

There are so many games on mobile platforms that  have been produced by big game companies and have come to very good places thanks to their ads, some nice games have not achieved the deserved download success. Piano Tiles 2 is a beautiful piano playing game that has not yet been produced by a big company.

Piano Tiles 2, also known as Don’t Tap The White Tile 2 game, is a game that has come out of the market as the previous game which is the continuation game of the first popular game. In the first game, there were only the black and white colors, while  the second game of the series Piano Tiles 2 game of different colors in the long notes come awaits you

The carry on from the original has been developed by Cheetah Mobile with the help of one of the game’s main developers Hu Wen Zeng. 

Piano Tiles 2 is the updated version for the game Piano Tiles or Don’t Touch The White Tile, which you might have heard about already as it was the most downloaded game of 2014. The object of the game is pretty much the same, where you are required to tap the black tiles to play classical music.

The highlight of the game is the simplicity. It hasn’t changed much since the original. You pick a song and playPiano-Tiles-2-5 it through. There are four separate columns of which black tiles go through and the goal is to tap on the black tiles and make sure you don’t miss one. This makes it an incredibly easy game to pick up and put down whenever you feel like.

When you finish (if you finish), you are rewarded a bonus round where you can tap on icons that are considered currency in the game where you can buy more songs. Once this round is complete you will be able to continue to play the selected song as it gets faster and faster and more addictively frustrating.

The audio is also pretty high up there. The music is exactly what you would expect in a rhythm game playing classical songs in the rhythm that you type. This allows you to feel like you’re playing the piano itself. It does have a few more songs that aren’t classical including the Mario theme tune and some TV tunes, but there is a distinct lack of other genres so it may only interest people who might be into classical music until they continue to improve the choice.

The design has improved greatly since the first iteration of the game. The sequel provides improved visuals and design which makes it much nicer to look at without compromising the smoothness of the gameplay.

The downside of this game, however, is pretty significant if you were a lover of the original. The developer has removed practically all the game modes, leaving you with just two modes, Classic and Rush. The lack of variety really doesn’t do the game any favors. Nevertheless, it is a good game if you just want to play something quick and easy.

My Talking Angela New Tab for Google Chrome

Welcome to the glamorous world of My Talking Angela! Adopt Angela as your own virtual pet and offer her a fairytale life! When you turn from a kitten to a cat, it’s all yours. Dress up Angela in the latest fashion, equip her with the most elegant outfits and make her hair most admired hairstyles. Beautify your house and feed her delicious banquets. Just watch, she’ll be your best friend! You can play games with her, collect cool stickers to fetch with your friends and have lots of fun. Make Angela your own superstar!

Embrace Angela when she is a cute kitten and help her turn into a growling urban cat. It’s all yours for you to brush your teeth. You’re amazing, so make Angela so amazing. Upgrade and personalize her home and wardrobe in many different ways. Make her look exactly the way you want. We can make our lovely cat a beautiful princess, and we can make her repeat and talk to us, visit our friends’ homes.

Let your stunning style look bright and dress Angela in the latest fashion and equip her with the most elegant accessories. You can also play the countless games that we call mini-games in practice. As you can find many games that are popular in the game world within mini games, you can bring these games into a competition against your friends. Find and collect hundreds of virtual stickers, each decorated with Angela’s brand-new visuals, and place them in your own super exclusive album. You can even exchange stickers with other players to complete your album.

Angela has feelings similar to real life, so you had better be kind to her .Take a closer look at it and watch how it reacts. When you talk to him and sing to him, he will repeat everything. With Talking Tom and Angela, you’ll be able to click on the icons when you start playing fun games and let the cats choose the microphone. We can find gift boxes and special packages while visiting our friends’ house. We can decorate our house with the gold coming out of the crates, we can expand our cat wardrobe by buying new clothes.

You will notice that cats will listen to you during the conversation and say the same words when you understand that you have lost your voice. My Talking Angela is a very cute cat because we share the games. By clicking on the options in the game using the icons on the game screen you will be able to make our cats perform some movements and conversations against each other.


Easy and fun in terms of gameplay, My Talking Angela is waiting for you in her fun-filled little world, and in this application you will discover more features as you play, giving you pleasant moments.

Mini Block Craft 3D New Tab for Google Chrome

Mini Block Craft 3D is an application that is equipped with unique features that you can create a small paradise in your virtual world using your hands. As you know, most games ask you to fight to win something, but this game is not a game like that. It offers one of the biggest opportunities you have to create a world of your own, and it does this in the pixel world. The game has such a free world that you can build buildings and structures up to sky boundaries. Even if you wish, you have the chance to build the world’s tallest building that decorates your dreams and even cross the sky.

You create an inventory of wood, stone vegetables and ingredients that you collect from the game map and use them in areas such as building constructions and decorations. You can place an unlimited number of basic building materials that are called blocks, side by side or on top of each other. Buddha offers you an infinite universe of creation as your imagination. Isn’t it wonderful?

You can dig for days until you reach the core of the world. You can surround your castle with the ditches; you can add a nice view to your gardens by making water channels. You can build tunnels underground, you can store the materials in these tunnels. You can even build an underground shelter in case of nuclear war.

Without any exaggeration, you can build any structure you can think of. From a space base, you can build a pyramid that was built before Christ in your own world. You can build roads between your buildings and build different transportation networks. City setup games can be widely seen in the mobile gaming world, but no game can give you the ability to create and manage the Mini Block Craft application.

As an example, Mini Block Craft 3D, which is a game that you must dig even the foundation of an apartment building that you will build, is not just a game that directs you with tasks like in other games. As you know, most city-building games are simulators that need to be moved within the framework of specific tasks.

In the game that sends you to an area where endless countryside is at the beginning of the game, our only weapon is our imagination. After a short training period, we start to build. We initially produce simple structures using the types of blocks found in our inventory. These blocks are often divided into groups such as wood, stone and metal, all of which have their own appearance and characteristics.

These blocks are not an unlimited number, we need to collect them on the map where we are. However, the map is constantly renewing itself and we are able to find these materials continuously. In the world we are trying to build, we don’t just have to build concrete, metal and wood structures. If you want, you can even create a village in the jungle. You can even plant the trees and even the flowers in your own hands.

When you play this game, you will have the biggest obstacle in your way. As a side effect of unlimited imagination, because the structures we want to build are more detailed and large, it will take a long time to find and collect materials, and to arrange the structures by arranging them correctly. Also because it is a mobile application, you can stretch your nerves because doing such detailed tasks on the touch screen is more challenging than using a computer.

It is necessary to be careful when building high-rise buildings. Because as we go up, it’s getting harder and harder to balance and we can fall down. With a small error on the touch screen, you may fall down from the 100th floor and crash into the ground. If you do not want to experience such a problem, there is the ability to fly within the game. With this ability you can glide through the air. Of course you need to pay with real currency to the game to get this capability. Aside from all this content, Mini Block Craft 3D is a good quality and beautiful game that can make you addicted to you with its infinite universe.



Paper.io New Tab for Google Chrome

In a circular scene, your main mission in the game is to expand your territory by exterminating your rivals and drawing a new region with your cube. Paper.io 2, played by touching and dragging your device’s screen to control the moving direction of your player, gave up on simple scroll controls in exchange for a new joystick style control system that gives you more control and freedom over the movement direction of your character in the game arena.

It is very important that you can use your tactical intelligence in this application that does not require a very high performance kit in terms of graphics and does not have very high graphic features. Although it was almost impossible to capture the entire map, some game lovers managed to do so. The reason that it’s hard to get the whole map is because you’re dying when you touch the edge of the field.

We don’t have to take over the entire map. But in order to be successful in the game we need to cover more space than our competitors. In doing so, we can move in 4 main directions or just go back to where we were before. This restricts our ability to move. Of course the game is not that simple. It contains more than one rule and condition to cause your death. To give a few examples; you are dying if another player crosses your path around the area you are trying to cover. Another reason is that if you use a path you have passed before, you will die again. If you hit a wall, you die. And this list continues to grow. If I give you an advice, stay away from the walls and the roads that have remained in the past.

Although it has similar lines and control methods to the retro games produced in the past, Paper.io brings a breath of fresh air to the air with its eye-catching coloring. In addition, the map and path color variations are offered to us by the game in different options. Unicorn, Christmas, reindeer under the names of multiple color packages and makes the game more colorful.

There are 2 different types of tasks to win the game. In the first type of task, our goal is to capture the region and collect the gold as much as we can on the map. The second task is to destroy our opponents or to win the game with the percentage of the area we occupy. The gold we collect in the game gives us the opportunity to buy new avatars, in addition to giving us the game.

The biggest problem found by the players to be annoying is the large number of ads. At the end of almost every game and every death scene you have to watch one long or short ad. In addition, many players said that these ads affected the gaming performance and the game was running slower due to ads. As a result, it can be said that Paper.io is another application made by Voodoo Games, which confines people to computers or phones. Simple but requires intelligence and tactics and does not need much storage space, this game is a world of colorful paper you can have a great time.


Lords Mobile New Tab for Google Chrome

Today we look at Lords Mobile for our valuable followers. While you’re leaning back, we’ll start telling Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game that is quite rich in detail. Moreover, you can easily play Lords Mobile on Android with the Android emulator Bluestacks 4. Thus, your enjoyment of the game will not be interrupted!

We are entering our game and after a small cinematic section of the tutorial tells us what is what is what. After the tutorial section, we stay alone with our village and start studying.

From the outlines of our village, we can say that Lords Mobile is quite successful in terms of graphics. There are general elements in this kind of strategy games such as our own castle, hospital, barracks and watchtower. The higher the level of the buildings inside our village, the higher the advantages that will be provided to us. However, after reaching a certain point, we cannot raise other tools without raising the castle level. As you raise your item, the amount of supplies will increase.

Dark clouds over some areas of the game are wandering around .. Create your army to open the locks and get them. After defeating your enemies, the clouds are scattered over those areas and they open up areas for you to create new buildings. After opening our first area, we have room for buildings where we can create raw materials.

Here you can increase your raw materials by creating the Timber Factory, Farm, Quarry and Mines. In our second region, you can create Academy, War Palace, Embassy, Trade Center, Prison and Altar. We have opened three sections so far and in the third section, we open up areas for us to do in Castles, Barracks and Sick Bay. This way you can create areas that will contribute to your development by breaking the locks of the regions.

From the moment the game starts to give you some tasks. By doing these tasks you can level up very quickly. In this way, you can upgrade more with the materials you will get from the tasks, you can train soldiers, you can increase your production by doing research. When you click on the exclamation point at the bottom of your screen you will see the Task menu. In this section, the Land Tasks in the upper left section is the part of the tasks that you want to upgrade your buildings, do research or produce soldiers in your village. The executive tasks are the tasks that the game determines within itself. You want to lead, to take out the diamond or to make an instrument.

There are also Guild Tasks and VIP Tasks section in the Tasks section. You can start performing guild missions when you join any guild. VIP quests are the tasks that you can buy with the rise of the VIP section of the image at the top left of the main screen of the game. As you increase your VIP level, you can open the chests and earn valuable gifts. After finishing a period of administrative tasks, new tasks come.

When you click on the statue in the middle of your village, you are coming to a place called Hero’s Attack. You can increase the level of your character by going through the steps here and you can win new heroes in your battles. As you continue the offensive with the heroes you take with you, the level of the heroes and you will increase and become stronger. At the end of the episodes, you can dress the items in the falling chests to your character if they cut the bosses, and you can increase your hero’s rank when you fill the items in all the slots.

Homescapes New Tab for Google Chrome

With Playrix’s signature, Homescapes has already reached an awesome number of downloads. The game, which was launched about two months ago, has grown to a good position by taking more than 35 million downloads. In an interview with pocketgamer, Creative Drictor Igor Elovikov, Elovikov said the production was the most downloaded in October.

Homescapes, which was released on September 21 and the process of reaching the player and spreading since then, would not be wrong if we say that it is almost a lesson to new generation game developers. As a result of this process, we can talk about the fact that this production has an average of 9 million players per day.


Bring the pieces together side by side or up and down, In order for Austin, our chief hero, to organize his family home and restore his good old days, luck is not enough. It all starts when Austin decides to go on a long-term vacation. Austin, who visits his parents’ house, learns to sell the house he spent in his childhood. Very sad and unacceptable, Austin is starting to repair the house. He tries to convince furniture not to sell his family by decorating the walls in order.


Smart mobile phones spend most of the day and most of them are mobile games. Mobile games are apps we can download from the Apple Store for Android phones, Google Play, IOS phones. Homescapes is one of the most popular mobile games, such as action, adventure, training and strategy. Homescapes is a fun and fluid game. The only drawback of the game is that there are not too many language support.

Just like the Gardenscapes game, Homescapes consists of two main parts. One of them is following the levels to renovate houses, meet new characters and ensure continuity of the fiction and finish the game. Because the houses that need to be renovated are considered very detailed, the number of sections you need to finish is also very high.

The second important part of the game is the mechanical part of the game we call a puzzle game. We use these stars to repair or replace the household items that we need to replace. The stars allow you to buy many new products like new furniture, wallpapers and carpets, and in-game reinforcements can also be purchased using these stars.

The mappings made on the jigsaw puzzle differ according to the number and pattern of the paired pieces. For example; When you manage to bring 4 pieces side by side, a rocket emerges and it blasts the entire row. This way, you can finish the puzzle faster.When you manage to merge 4 pieces into one frame, you earn one piece of paper plane and this plane destroys parts in your chosen area.


The basic rule of the game is about passing the parts and completing the missions given to you. Candy Crush Saga-like sections of the game with different parts of the game as you move through the day you are increasing the manor you are developing. Starting from the easy sections, the more difficult jobs you want to sign the game, the number of problems you need to solve is increasing.

In Homescapes, you’ll be given certain tasks to do in the box at the bottom left of your phone. To perform these tasks, you need to press the triangle box in the bottom right corner of the screen and enter and play the game. For each level passed you have 1 right, so you can perform one of the tasks. The more chapters you pass, the more tasks you perform and shape your mansion as you wish.

Give yourself a place in this unending home renovation adventure of Austin! Download Homescapes app for free to your phone via Google Play and Appstore, and enjoy the quality of time passing through the homes.

Hole.io New Tab for Google Chrome

It’s kind of hard to think, but have you ever thought about living the life of a black hole? Even though we cannot fully agree on the color, we have the opportunity to learn how to go through a hole in the Hole.io game. It can be fun for you to show up at any point in the city where you live and to take out the buildings and shopping centers. But the chaos for people living in the city!


In a city built on a 3D map, we swallow them by wandering around people, cars or even buildings. Our goal is to bring as much lively and lifeless presence as possible into our hole full of darkness and chaos. By tapping the screen or tilting it to the left, we are able to move our black hole into every corner of the city. The game is very easy in terms of gameplay, the entertainment level in terms of reaching very high points. After all, a black hole shouldn’t be boring! Also, don’t forget that games that are easy to play are definitely not easy to win.

If you want to grow and destroy larger areas and black holes, you need to swallow more buildings, cars and people. As your field expands, the drop in the black hole you will do at once will involve larger amounts of objects. In addition, you cannot swallow larger objects without reaching a sufficient size. For example, in order to swallow a car, you must first be as large as the area width of that car.

Of course, growing up has  certain limits. Or the game could last forever because of the theory that black holes would not stop until they were large enough to swallow everything in the universe. The most popular in the game and the number of players in the Classic. In this episode, with 20 players at the same time you are walking in a city and you start to swallow what you see. At the end of the game the player with the biggest black hole area wins.

However, other black holes in the game also need to pay attention. When you walk around the city, a black hole that bigger than your black hole can swallow you. For this reason, do not try to swallow objects only when 20 players are traveling with black holes at the same time. If you forget to watch your back, you’ll be  dinner for another black hole. This 20-hole black hole adventure has a time limit of 2 minutes. For 2 minutes, you are trying to swallow a city that  you will be responsible for its destruction.

Another game option is to stay alive until the end of the game. In this game mode you are struggling with your opponents and trying to reach the end of the game by yourself. There are enough buildings in this city  only for  one black hole! Finally, there is a mode that called’’ as much as possible section for fun.’’ In this mode, you only eat as many object as possible to win in 2 minutes.

Also, if you want to wander and play on the same city with your friends, you can connect to each other and have a nice time using the Bluetooth connection. If the game is examined in terms of graphics and music, it can be said that it is enough. With the selection of quite vivid colors in terms of graphics, the pleasure you receive when playing the game is increasing. In terms of music, there was no music when the game first appeared, then music was added by the gamemakers.

If we look at the user comments seen so far, most players are addicted to it. Easy to play but difficult to win game types, a type of game that attracts players. For this reason, Hole.io manages to connect players to the game. In addition, the game created in the game with the great competition, the player’s ambition to win the game, invites you to learn about the life of black holes!

Helix Jump New Tab for Google Chrome

Simple games, both visually and playable, attract great interest in the mobile gaming market. Even though Monument Valley is the first game that comes to the mind of many in this category, the games that progress in the framework of a simple design and easy game mechanics without a script appeal to a considerable audience. Helix Jump is also among the new members of the group.

In Helix Jump, players are trying to lower a ball with a tab-powered ball down a helical tower. While this may seem like a very easy task at first glance, things are getting harder as they go down. Players should not drop the ball into different colored areas while lowering the ball in the spiral tower. Small touches are made on the screen for this.

These touches move all floors on the spiral tower. However, thanks to this movement, players can not drop the ball into a different color area. However, as the game progresses, it is important to note that the colored areas on some floors move and the players are making their work difficult.

As you move down the tower, the increasing level of difficulty is getting harder than going to the upper levels. After a certain point in order to progress in the game, you really need to make some kind of unda finger-wand Bel on the screen. The Helix Jump, which looks simple at first, can take on a dash of air when it comes to the point of finger-wand. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game arouses more of a desire to play.

However, in Helix Jump, players are offered a small opportunity to prevent players from completely freaking out. Players can continue to play at any level if they wish. But you need to watch an ad about 30 seconds long for it.

In Helix Jump, you can often see ads when you start the game again or switch between sections. Players can disable ads using the in-app purchase feature if they wish. Although Helix Jump may seem like a simple game at first glance, it has the capacity to connect obsessed people with it. For people who want to spend time with their nerves, Helix Jump is among the best choices with its simple dynamic and simple visuality. The game can be played on both iOS and Android.

In HELIX JUMP, you have to help a ball get to the bottom of a tower. By spinning a circular platform to the left or right, you’ll be able to find a space in the floor, allowing the ball to fall down to the next level. You also have to avoid dangerous pieces of the platform that can affect the ball’s path, although falling past multiple levels allows you to break lower ones, making your navigation much easier. But otherwise, there’s no story to be found in the game.

Though it is clever and fun, this physics-based arcade game is undermined by too many ads. In Helix Jump, a ball bounces up and down on a series of circular platforms held up by a pole. By sliding your finger left or right, you spin a platform around until you reach a break in the floor, which will allow the ball to fall to the next level. Of course, your ultimate goal is to reach the bottom of the tower.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds, since there are pieces of platforms, identified by color, that will block your progress. It also gets more and more complex as you progress; fortunately, you’ll learn new tricks to help you reach your goals as you clear more stages. For instance, you can move the ball in mid-flight, and if it falls past multiple platforms, it can build up enough momentum to smash pieces of a lower level.

Unfortunately, the gameplay would be a lot more fun if it didn’t have so many ads. They’re along the bottom of the screen, on the sides when you start playing, and between rounds, tempting you when you fail with the promise of renewed life. It gets to be a bit much after a while (which may be why there’s an ad-free version for sale). Were it not for all the commercials, though, Helix Jump would be an engaging and clever arcade game that uses simplicity and gravity to great effect.

Head Ball 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

You can be sure that you are in the right place if you want to be the winner of the rewards by easily defeating your opponents in Head Ball 2, which is the continuation of Head Ball game developed by Masoma Gaming. You can also download Head Ball 2 with BlueStacks 4 and start the match 1-0 ahead of your opponents.

Because when you play from your computer, your opponents are playing from their smart phones or tablets. Be sure to install BlueStacks 4 on your computer as soon as possible to easily defeat your opponents. Now, let’s move on to our game.

Enter into our game and create a player name ourselves. You can change it later if you want. After you create our name, you can proceed to the game. When we enter the game, the introduction of the game is quite simple and useful. In the middle, our character, the forces on the left, the market on the right, and the play section, activities, characters, team and social parts are remarkable. We will examine all of this, but first let’s talk about the purpose of the game.

Head Ball 2, as you know, is a continuation of the Online Head Ball game by Masoma Gaming. In the game, you and your opponent have character and castle and within 90 seconds of the essence of football as many goals as you can beat your opponent. You can also have many character packages, special powers and many other awards by logging in daily. Moreover, the match is made by the announcer Ercan Taner.

Super powers are given to you against your opponent during the match. Among the super powers there are many features like small castle, ice ball, extra time, ice castle, fiery smash and more. You can go to the special powers by clicking the Powers section on the left side of your character. As you increase the level of your superpowers, the number of slots you can open for power increases.

You have fans in the top right of the game. As you increase your fans the level of your stadium will increase, giving you the opportunity to unlock the locked superpowers. You can create your own tactics by unlocking the superpowers that are locked and you can score your goals thanks to your powers by shooting your opponent out of the blue. In the beginning you can only have two superpowers and in time you can increase it to six.

Continue to participate in activities as you can and try to do the tasks. As you do, you can get bonus money or diamonds, costume packages and character packs. The costume package is used to collect ordinary, rare and legendary accessory cards. Card packs are used to collect ordinary and rare character cards. As you have won awards in the events, you also earn prizes according to your position in the league. These awards vary depending on the level of your league. For example, if you are the first in Amateur League 3, you will win 25 thousand gold, 35 emeralds and 1 cup, while you can win 100 thousand gold 110 emeralds and 7 cups in Super League 3 level.

You can create a team from the team division or apply for a team you want. If your application is approved, you will join the team. You can learn the level of your team in the ranking section, you can see your total supporters.

From the Social section you can see all your friends, approve your friendship requests and add a friend you want to play in the game and you can match it online with it. You can also earn 2 thousand gold if you associate Head Ball 2 with your Facebook account from this section.

There are dozens of characters in the game and so many accessories to customize your character. To open the locked characters, you need to have a certain number of cards from the same card, and you need to open the character packs in order to be able to collect them in the desired quantity. In the same way, the accessory part requests the same item’s card from a certain number and you need to open the costume packages.

Why do you need costumes and characters in Head Ball 2? If you think that in real life, all the players have different potentials and different abilities, so the characters here have different characteristics. For example, Jack’s speed, jumping, smash and size capabilities of the first given characters are 10, Roni’s speed 11, jump 7, shot 14 and size 8. This also applies to costumes. Costumes with different features have the chance to increase your one or two features.

Gta 5 New Tab for Google Chrome

Grand Theft Auto V. This name has a very large and long-standing history behind it, a milestone on which to write theses. But what can we write about? What can we tell you about GTA V? No, there is so much to say about GTA V that there are so many stories about Los Santos that we’ve already experienced so we can write and draw some of us, we’ve even started to forget some of them.

GTA V is the story of a city, not just three characters. All over Los Santos, so many trees are falling over, which is only five percent of the times you’re unaware when you’re aware of it. While things are developing under your control, you never know some of them.

The reason is very simple, the game has three main characters, these three characters have their own behavior, routines, lives, acquaintances, social circles, hobbies and abilities. This holy trilogy system allows the story of the game to be scattered at different points like a spider web and reunited at different points.

But what is the common point that brings together these three dubious men? Why does Franklin, Trevor and Michael form the axis of this game? In all this gigantic world, if I say that every character has a world of its own, I don’t exaggerate. The most important feature of GTA V is the flow of life, whether you want it or not. In this context, while Franklin is planning to kidnap a Ballas member with Lamar, Michael watches TV while sipping his whiskey, while Trevor wanders around in the desert, taking care of various jobs. When you return to a character, he can change clothes, time passes, they all live their lives.

You can switch between these characters with one click and see them one to one, which is so impressive that I can’t tell. In particular, it makes it impossible for you to get bored of the game, because, as I mentioned above, each character has its own world and concept.

Michael, for example, is an ex-offender who is over 40 years old, so he’s been very experienced, he’s been out and about in this business and he has a very solid story to tell about it. As an experienced bank robber, Michael lives with the money he has left behind, but he has survived such a life in a deep depression.

Her husband, Amanda, dislikes him; his perky children, Tracy – Jimmy (who likes to be called Jizzle), and the space he is in, make Michael go crazy someday. As all of this is not enough, he is also moving towards a downturn in the economic sense because his wife spends his remaining money very quickly, so he comes closer to the life he has left behind each day.

Franklin, of course. Best friend Lamar with Simon at a car dealership in the car park, who is engaged in repo, to win big money. Franklin is a character who has left behind Lamar and his old-fashioned friends’ dreams of going back to the world of gangsters and is much more realistic. Michael meets with the young as a result of a very interesting event, a father-son relationship with him, the game that develops and changes throughout the game, leads to really interesting situations. The youngest and the most eager, Franklin, follows Michael and Trevor on the trail of the big money.

I can say that these three characters, the balance between them, is really great, especially the young Franklin, who acts as a bridge between character and structure between Trevor and Michael. Michael and Trevor symbolize the characters that are likely to be transformed in the future.

Except for these three characters, our fourth surprise character is Lamar’s dog Chops. Lamar’s uneducated dog, Chops, helps you when you don’t expect it, and to tell you the truth, the dog is pretty cute.

The presence of these characters in the GTA V is not only in the narrative sense, but also in the mechanical sense. Michael, Franklin and Trevor have things they can do and do about their past. At the beginning of the game, each of the various topics features specific.

Geometry Dash

When we look at the players in general, the things we want from the games and the producers are more or less the same: a solid story and the smooth controls we won’t struggle with. In addition, there are special requests, some players want to get good graphics, some multiplayer option whether or not, some of them want to show their ability and ability. Geometry Dash is for those who want the latest category.

Geometry Dash can be defined as a platform game where you play with the rhythm of music and try to finish the chapters. Let me make a reminder before I start. As soon as you start the game, I recommend that you create an account in the settings section and save your progress, then you want to delete the game and install it again, or you can upload your progress again in case of an adverse situation.

Gameplay, all you have to do is to play on the PC, if you are playing on the left mouse button, if you are playing on mobile, touch the screen and of course to do so with the right timing. Looks simple, doesn’t it? Not as much as it sounds. The number of players who have nervous breakdowns while playing Geometry Dash is not less than that. Especially after 90% of deaths involuntarily throw the phone, or left you to the left. And that’s the reason I want you to save your progress: rage quit.

If you need to start from the main menu of the game, you will see your account on the far left. Here you can edit your friends and follow the people you like and you can write your profile and you can see the comments left. Then there is a section where you set your characters in the game, and the game’s own store is here and you can see your ore progress.

The gems are falling from the crates in the game, and the collection of a certain number allows you to open a new vehicle. On the far right, Daily has 4 boxes that you can open every 4 and 24 hours. The big start button in the middle is the sections that the game offers you; the main part of the receiver is right on the button on the right. Here you can design a new section, play daily and weekly selected sections, and even enter dungeons. Because there are too many episodes that players do, there are as many options as you like under this tab.

No, he’il take you. Now let me turn on a single push of a button at the right time. Geometry Dash wants to reflex from you. Going with your frame and asking you to jump from the bumps and blocks, make crazy maneuvers with your spaceship, and calculate how much you can jump with your robot. In the game there are various obstacles like bumps, blocks, saws and bouncing, changing gravity, reversing the direction of travel. You’re trying to finish the sections with your different vehicles and pass the music yourself. Let me not give you one more advice: It will be much better for you to play the parts firstly in practice.

As for the vehicle, there are currently 7 different vehicles in the game. The first one and the square that we will use the most, allow us to do the simple jumping movement. Spaceship is a tool that goes down when you hold down when you hold down and you are looking at moving forward without hitting obstacles by maneuvers. The ball changes gravity every time you press it. Ufo stands out as a tool that you can pounce in the air and has a mechanic similar to Flappy Bird. Ok, you have a gameplay like a spaceship, but you go on a sharper and clearer line. The robot jumps with as much power as you can, so you can press and hold it to the maximum height, and you can do a little jump by pulling and pulling. Last but not least, the spider changes the gravity as a ball, but it does it instantly and sharply.