Pou New Tab for Google Chrome

 Just like a real animal, our cute little alien called Pou needs us. When you’re hungry, we need to feed you, drink it when it gets sick, have a shower when it gets dirty. In addition, when we eat too much fat has been successful in terms of realism. We have a laboratory, a game room, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is an important detail here. When we want to give our friend Pou to the lab room, we have to get him to the bedroom if we want to sedate him. In short, we can’t do this in the bedroom when we want to give medicine.

Pou’s food, health, entertainment and energy has 4 different features. We look at our alien friend named Pou and play together and develop these features. The game also has a level system. As you level up, our alien friend Pou is growing.

The producer has integrated 32 mini-games into the game, thinking that the game will only be squeezed when it consists of looking at our alien friend, just Pou. In this mini-game, there are popular games like tic tac toe, jet Pou (flappy bird) and hill climb (hill climb racing). We can play only Tic Tac Pou and Four Pou’s games with our friends.

There are various accessories, clothes, foods and medicines that are special to Pou. We can also change the color of our soap from the design of our room. As you can see, the store has a wide range. You can buy items such as hats, hair, mustaches, balls, soap from the store with the gold you have accumulated. As you can see in the picture, this place can change the store and the background. You can buy different different dishes. You can enjoy Pou with basketball balls and footballs. You should buy gold coins. You can earn or buy gold as you level up. The game is free in the android market, but you need to pay some fee on iTunes.

I suppose we don’t think we’re too mistaken to say that Windows Phone users have a lot of application support. After the removal of third-party Snapchat applications from the Windows Phone Store recently, we now have some news that will make the users happy.

Pou, one of the most popular games on android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms, is the future of Windows Phone. Only the Android platform has more than 100 million downloads, finally Windows Phone users can play. In short, Pou is a very creative and fun virtual baby game.

Although Pou is actually a bit of a character. We called him the virtual baby because the sounding bit didn’t sound good. You can give the name you want to wear your virtual baby as you like, you can wash and play games with him so that he does not get bored. In short, Pou, who could become a virtual friend, will soon be in the Windows Phone Store Pou also aims to have a virtual pet and you play it through various games. You also need to make sure that you sleep well enough, or your pet is not properly developed.

By playing games you can also open various features in the game by raising money. A nice aspect of the game is that you can play with your friends via Wi Fi or BlueTooth. For Pou, they give 1500 coins (in-game money) these days as a Christmas Present by the makers.