Lords Mobile New Tab for Google Chrome

Today we look at Lords Mobile for our valuable followers. While you’re leaning back, we’ll start telling Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game that is quite rich in detail. Moreover, you can easily play Lords Mobile on Android with the Android emulator Bluestacks 4. Thus, your enjoyment of the game will not be interrupted!

We are entering our game and after a small cinematic section of the tutorial tells us what is what is what. After the tutorial section, we stay alone with our village and start studying.

From the outlines of our village, we can say that Lords Mobile is quite successful in terms of graphics. There are general elements in this kind of strategy games such as our own castle, hospital, barracks and watchtower. The higher the level of the buildings inside our village, the higher the advantages that will be provided to us. However, after reaching a certain point, we cannot raise other tools without raising the castle level. As you raise your item, the amount of supplies will increase.

Dark clouds over some areas of the game are wandering around .. Create your army to open the locks and get them. After defeating your enemies, the clouds are scattered over those areas and they open up areas for you to create new buildings. After opening our first area, we have room for buildings where we can create raw materials.

Here you can increase your raw materials by creating the Timber Factory, Farm, Quarry and Mines. In our second region, you can create Academy, War Palace, Embassy, Trade Center, Prison and Altar. We have opened three sections so far and in the third section, we open up areas for us to do in Castles, Barracks and Sick Bay. This way you can create areas that will contribute to your development by breaking the locks of the regions.

From the moment the game starts to give you some tasks. By doing these tasks you can level up very quickly. In this way, you can upgrade more with the materials you will get from the tasks, you can train soldiers, you can increase your production by doing research. When you click on the exclamation point at the bottom of your screen you will see the Task menu. In this section, the Land Tasks in the upper left section is the part of the tasks that you want to upgrade your buildings, do research or produce soldiers in your village. The executive tasks are the tasks that the game determines within itself. You want to lead, to take out the diamond or to make an instrument.

There are also Guild Tasks and VIP Tasks section in the Tasks section. You can start performing guild missions when you join any guild. VIP quests are the tasks that you can buy with the rise of the VIP section of the image at the top left of the main screen of the game. As you increase your VIP level, you can open the chests and earn valuable gifts. After finishing a period of administrative tasks, new tasks come.

When you click on the statue in the middle of your village, you are coming to a place called Hero’s Attack. You can increase the level of your character by going through the steps here and you can win new heroes in your battles. As you continue the offensive with the heroes you take with you, the level of the heroes and you will increase and become stronger. At the end of the episodes, you can dress the items in the falling chests to your character if they cut the bosses, and you can increase your hero’s rank when you fill the items in all the slots.

Head Ball 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

You can be sure that you are in the right place if you want to be the winner of the rewards by easily defeating your opponents in Head Ball 2, which is the continuation of Head Ball game developed by Masoma Gaming. You can also download Head Ball 2 with BlueStacks 4 and start the match 1-0 ahead of your opponents.

Because when you play from your computer, your opponents are playing from their smart phones or tablets. Be sure to install BlueStacks 4 on your computer as soon as possible to easily defeat your opponents. Now, let’s move on to our game.

Enter into our game and create a player name ourselves. You can change it later if you want. After you create our name, you can proceed to the game. When we enter the game, the introduction of the game is quite simple and useful. In the middle, our character, the forces on the left, the market on the right, and the play section, activities, characters, team and social parts are remarkable. We will examine all of this, but first let’s talk about the purpose of the game.

Head Ball 2, as you know, is a continuation of the Online Head Ball game by Masoma Gaming. In the game, you and your opponent have character and castle and within 90 seconds of the essence of football as many goals as you can beat your opponent. You can also have many character packages, special powers and many other awards by logging in daily. Moreover, the match is made by the announcer Ercan Taner.

Super powers are given to you against your opponent during the match. Among the super powers there are many features like small castle, ice ball, extra time, ice castle, fiery smash and more. You can go to the special powers by clicking the Powers section on the left side of your character. As you increase the level of your superpowers, the number of slots you can open for power increases.

You have fans in the top right of the game. As you increase your fans the level of your stadium will increase, giving you the opportunity to unlock the locked superpowers. You can create your own tactics by unlocking the superpowers that are locked and you can score your goals thanks to your powers by shooting your opponent out of the blue. In the beginning you can only have two superpowers and in time you can increase it to six.

Continue to participate in activities as you can and try to do the tasks. As you do, you can get bonus money or diamonds, costume packages and character packs. The costume package is used to collect ordinary, rare and legendary accessory cards. Card packs are used to collect ordinary and rare character cards. As you have won awards in the events, you also earn prizes according to your position in the league. These awards vary depending on the level of your league. For example, if you are the first in Amateur League 3, you will win 25 thousand gold, 35 emeralds and 1 cup, while you can win 100 thousand gold 110 emeralds and 7 cups in Super League 3 level.

You can create a team from the team division or apply for a team you want. If your application is approved, you will join the team. You can learn the level of your team in the ranking section, you can see your total supporters.

From the Social section you can see all your friends, approve your friendship requests and add a friend you want to play in the game and you can match it online with it. You can also earn 2 thousand gold if you associate Head Ball 2 with your Facebook account from this section.

There are dozens of characters in the game and so many accessories to customize your character. To open the locked characters, you need to have a certain number of cards from the same card, and you need to open the character packs in order to be able to collect them in the desired quantity. In the same way, the accessory part requests the same item’s card from a certain number and you need to open the costume packages.

Why do you need costumes and characters in Head Ball 2? If you think that in real life, all the players have different potentials and different abilities, so the characters here have different characteristics. For example, Jack’s speed, jumping, smash and size capabilities of the first given characters are 10, Roni’s speed 11, jump 7, shot 14 and size 8. This also applies to costumes. Costumes with different features have the chance to increase your one or two features.