Piano Tiles New tab for Google Chrome

There are so many games on mobile platforms that  have been produced by big game companies and have come to very good places thanks to their ads, some nice games have not achieved the deserved download success. Piano Tiles 2 is a beautiful piano playing game that has not yet been produced by a big company.

Piano Tiles 2, also known as Don’t Tap The White Tile 2 game, is a game that has come out of the market as the previous game which is the continuation game of the first popular game. In the first game, there were only the black and white colors, while  the second game of the series Piano Tiles 2 game of different colors in the long notes come awaits you

The carry on from the original has been developed by Cheetah Mobile with the help of one of the game’s main developers Hu Wen Zeng. 

Piano Tiles 2 is the updated version for the game Piano Tiles or Don’t Touch The White Tile, which you might have heard about already as it was the most downloaded game of 2014. The object of the game is pretty much the same, where you are required to tap the black tiles to play classical music.

The highlight of the game is the simplicity. It hasn’t changed much since the original. You pick a song and playPiano-Tiles-2-5 it through. There are four separate columns of which black tiles go through and the goal is to tap on the black tiles and make sure you don’t miss one. This makes it an incredibly easy game to pick up and put down whenever you feel like.

When you finish (if you finish), you are rewarded a bonus round where you can tap on icons that are considered currency in the game where you can buy more songs. Once this round is complete you will be able to continue to play the selected song as it gets faster and faster and more addictively frustrating.

The audio is also pretty high up there. The music is exactly what you would expect in a rhythm game playing classical songs in the rhythm that you type. This allows you to feel like you’re playing the piano itself. It does have a few more songs that aren’t classical including the Mario theme tune and some TV tunes, but there is a distinct lack of other genres so it may only interest people who might be into classical music until they continue to improve the choice.

The design has improved greatly since the first iteration of the game. The sequel provides improved visuals and design which makes it much nicer to look at without compromising the smoothness of the gameplay.

The downside of this game, however, is pretty significant if you were a lover of the original. The developer has removed practically all the game modes, leaving you with just two modes, Classic and Rush. The lack of variety really doesn’t do the game any favors. Nevertheless, it is a good game if you just want to play something quick and easy.

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