Helix Jump New Tab for Google Chrome

Simple games, both visually and playable, attract great interest in the mobile gaming market. Even though Monument Valley is the first game that comes to the mind of many in this category, the games that progress in the framework of a simple design and easy game mechanics without a script appeal to a considerable audience. Helix Jump is also among the new members of the group.

In Helix Jump, players are trying to lower a ball with a tab-powered ball down a helical tower. While this may seem like a very easy task at first glance, things are getting harder as they go down. Players should not drop the ball into different colored areas while lowering the ball in the spiral tower. Small touches are made on the screen for this.

These touches move all floors on the spiral tower. However, thanks to this movement, players can not drop the ball into a different color area. However, as the game progresses, it is important to note that the colored areas on some floors move and the players are making their work difficult.

As you move down the tower, the increasing level of difficulty is getting harder than going to the upper levels. After a certain point in order to progress in the game, you really need to make some kind of unda finger-wand Bel on the screen. The Helix Jump, which looks simple at first, can take on a dash of air when it comes to the point of finger-wand. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game arouses more of a desire to play.

However, in Helix Jump, players are offered a small opportunity to prevent players from completely freaking out. Players can continue to play at any level if they wish. But you need to watch an ad about 30 seconds long for it.

In Helix Jump, you can often see ads when you start the game again or switch between sections. Players can disable ads using the in-app purchase feature if they wish. Although Helix Jump may seem like a simple game at first glance, it has the capacity to connect obsessed people with it. For people who want to spend time with their nerves, Helix Jump is among the best choices with its simple dynamic and simple visuality. The game can be played on both iOS and Android.

In HELIX JUMP, you have to help a ball get to the bottom of a tower. By spinning a circular platform to the left or right, you’ll be able to find a space in the floor, allowing the ball to fall down to the next level. You also have to avoid dangerous pieces of the platform that can affect the ball’s path, although falling past multiple levels allows you to break lower ones, making your navigation much easier. But otherwise, there’s no story to be found in the game.

Though it is clever and fun, this physics-based arcade game is undermined by too many ads. In Helix Jump, a ball bounces up and down on a series of circular platforms held up by a pole. By sliding your finger left or right, you spin a platform around until you reach a break in the floor, which will allow the ball to fall to the next level. Of course, your ultimate goal is to reach the bottom of the tower.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds, since there are pieces of platforms, identified by color, that will block your progress. It also gets more and more complex as you progress; fortunately, you’ll learn new tricks to help you reach your goals as you clear more stages. For instance, you can move the ball in mid-flight, and if it falls past multiple platforms, it can build up enough momentum to smash pieces of a lower level.

Unfortunately, the gameplay would be a lot more fun if it didn’t have so many ads. They’re along the bottom of the screen, on the sides when you start playing, and between rounds, tempting you when you fail with the promise of renewed life. It gets to be a bit much after a while (which may be why there’s an ad-free version for sale). Were it not for all the commercials, though, Helix Jump would be an engaging and clever arcade game that uses simplicity and gravity to great effect.