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Grand Theft Auto V. This name has a very large and long-standing history behind it, a milestone on which to write theses. But what can we write about? What can we tell you about GTA V? No, there is so much to say about GTA V that there are so many stories about Los Santos that we’ve already experienced so we can write and draw some of us, we’ve even started to forget some of them.

GTA V is the story of a city, not just three characters. All over Los Santos, so many trees are falling over, which is only five percent of the times you’re unaware when you’re aware of it. While things are developing under your control, you never know some of them.

The reason is very simple, the game has three main characters, these three characters have their own behavior, routines, lives, acquaintances, social circles, hobbies and abilities. This holy trilogy system allows the story of the game to be scattered at different points like a spider web and reunited at different points.

But what is the common point that brings together these three dubious men? Why does Franklin, Trevor and Michael form the axis of this game? In all this gigantic world, if I say that every character has a world of its own, I don’t exaggerate. The most important feature of GTA V is the flow of life, whether you want it or not. In this context, while Franklin is planning to kidnap a Ballas member with Lamar, Michael watches TV while sipping his whiskey, while Trevor wanders around in the desert, taking care of various jobs. When you return to a character, he can change clothes, time passes, they all live their lives.

You can switch between these characters with one click and see them one to one, which is so impressive that I can’t tell. In particular, it makes it impossible for you to get bored of the game, because, as I mentioned above, each character has its own world and concept.

Michael, for example, is an ex-offender who is over 40 years old, so he’s been very experienced, he’s been out and about in this business and he has a very solid story to tell about it. As an experienced bank robber, Michael lives with the money he has left behind, but he has survived such a life in a deep depression.

Her husband, Amanda, dislikes him; his perky children, Tracy – Jimmy (who likes to be called Jizzle), and the space he is in, make Michael go crazy someday. As all of this is not enough, he is also moving towards a downturn in the economic sense because his wife spends his remaining money very quickly, so he comes closer to the life he has left behind each day.

Franklin, of course. Best friend Lamar with Simon at a car dealership in the car park, who is engaged in repo, to win big money. Franklin is a character who has left behind Lamar and his old-fashioned friends’ dreams of going back to the world of gangsters and is much more realistic. Michael meets with the young as a result of a very interesting event, a father-son relationship with him, the game that develops and changes throughout the game, leads to really interesting situations. The youngest and the most eager, Franklin, follows Michael and Trevor on the trail of the big money.

I can say that these three characters, the balance between them, is really great, especially the young Franklin, who acts as a bridge between character and structure between Trevor and Michael. Michael and Trevor symbolize the characters that are likely to be transformed in the future.

Except for these three characters, our fourth surprise character is Lamar’s dog Chops. Lamar’s uneducated dog, Chops, helps you when you don’t expect it, and to tell you the truth, the dog is pretty cute.

The presence of these characters in the GTA V is not only in the narrative sense, but also in the mechanical sense. Michael, Franklin and Trevor have things they can do and do about their past. At the beginning of the game, each of the various topics features specific.