Geometry Dash

When we look at the players in general, the things we want from the games and the producers are more or less the same: a solid story and the smooth controls we won’t struggle with. In addition, there are special requests, some players want to get good graphics, some multiplayer option whether or not, some of them want to show their ability and ability. Geometry Dash is for those who want the latest category.

Geometry Dash can be defined as a platform game where you play with the rhythm of music and try to finish the chapters. Let me make a reminder before I start. As soon as you start the game, I recommend that you create an account in the settings section and save your progress, then you want to delete the game and install it again, or you can upload your progress again in case of an adverse situation.

Gameplay, all you have to do is to play on the PC, if you are playing on the left mouse button, if you are playing on mobile, touch the screen and of course to do so with the right timing. Looks simple, doesn’t it? Not as much as it sounds. The number of players who have nervous breakdowns while playing Geometry Dash is not less than that. Especially after 90% of deaths involuntarily throw the phone, or left you to the left. And that’s the reason I want you to save your progress: rage quit.

If you need to start from the main menu of the game, you will see your account on the far left. Here you can edit your friends and follow the people you like and you can write your profile and you can see the comments left. Then there is a section where you set your characters in the game, and the game’s own store is here and you can see your ore progress.

The gems are falling from the crates in the game, and the collection of a certain number allows you to open a new vehicle. On the far right, Daily has 4 boxes that you can open every 4 and 24 hours. The big start button in the middle is the sections that the game offers you; the main part of the receiver is right on the button on the right. Here you can design a new section, play daily and weekly selected sections, and even enter dungeons. Because there are too many episodes that players do, there are as many options as you like under this tab.

No, he’il take you. Now let me turn on a single push of a button at the right time. Geometry Dash wants to reflex from you. Going with your frame and asking you to jump from the bumps and blocks, make crazy maneuvers with your spaceship, and calculate how much you can jump with your robot. In the game there are various obstacles like bumps, blocks, saws and bouncing, changing gravity, reversing the direction of travel. You’re trying to finish the sections with your different vehicles and pass the music yourself. Let me not give you one more advice: It will be much better for you to play the parts firstly in practice.

As for the vehicle, there are currently 7 different vehicles in the game. The first one and the square that we will use the most, allow us to do the simple jumping movement. Spaceship is a tool that goes down when you hold down when you hold down and you are looking at moving forward without hitting obstacles by maneuvers. The ball changes gravity every time you press it. Ufo stands out as a tool that you can pounce in the air and has a mechanic similar to Flappy Bird. Ok, you have a gameplay like a spaceship, but you go on a sharper and clearer line. The robot jumps with as much power as you can, so you can press and hold it to the maximum height, and you can do a little jump by pulling and pulling. Last but not least, the spider changes the gravity as a ball, but it does it instantly and sharply.

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