Homescapes New Tab for Google Chrome

With Playrix’s signature, Homescapes has already reached an awesome number of downloads. The game, which was launched about two months ago, has grown to a good position by taking more than 35 million downloads. In an interview with pocketgamer, Creative Drictor Igor Elovikov, Elovikov said the production was the most downloaded in October.

Homescapes, which was released on September 21 and the process of reaching the player and spreading since then, would not be wrong if we say that it is almost a lesson to new generation game developers. As a result of this process, we can talk about the fact that this production has an average of 9 million players per day.


Bring the pieces together side by side or up and down,┬áIn order for Austin, our chief hero, to organize his family home and restore his good old days, luck is not enough. It all starts when Austin decides to go on a long-term vacation. Austin, who visits his parents’ house, learns to sell the house he spent in his childhood. Very sad and unacceptable, Austin is starting to repair the house. He tries to convince furniture not to sell his family by decorating the walls in order.


Smart mobile phones spend most of the day and most of them are mobile games. Mobile games are apps we can download from the Apple Store for Android phones, Google Play, IOS phones. Homescapes is one of the most popular mobile games, such as action, adventure, training and strategy. Homescapes is a fun and fluid game. The only drawback of the game is that there are not too many language support.

Just like the Gardenscapes game, Homescapes consists of two main parts. One of them is following the levels to renovate houses, meet new characters and ensure continuity of the fiction and finish the game. Because the houses that need to be renovated are considered very detailed, the number of sections you need to finish is also very high.

The second important part of the game is the mechanical part of the game we call a puzzle game. We use these stars to repair or replace the household items that we need to replace. The stars allow you to buy many new products like new furniture, wallpapers and carpets, and in-game reinforcements can also be purchased using these stars.

The mappings made on the jigsaw puzzle differ according to the number and pattern of the paired pieces. For example; When you manage to bring 4 pieces side by side, a rocket emerges and it blasts the entire row. This way, you can finish the puzzle faster.When you manage to merge 4 pieces into one frame, you earn one piece of paper plane and this plane destroys parts in your chosen area.


The basic rule of the game is about passing the parts and completing the missions given to you. Candy Crush Saga-like sections of the game with different parts of the game as you move through the day you are increasing the manor you are developing. Starting from the easy sections, the more difficult jobs you want to sign the game, the number of problems you need to solve is increasing.

In Homescapes, you’ll be given certain tasks to do in the box at the bottom left of your phone. To perform these tasks, you need to press the triangle box in the bottom right corner of the screen and enter and play the game. For each level passed you have 1 right, so you can perform one of the tasks. The more chapters you pass, the more tasks you perform and shape your mansion as you wish.

Give yourself a place in this unending home renovation adventure of Austin! Download Homescapes app for free to your phone via Google Play and Appstore, and enjoy the quality of time passing through the homes.