Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, launched in 2002, met the expectations of the first two films. Raimi had created a trilogy of $ 2.5 billion worldwide with his directorial preferences to showcase his great experience and comic book logic. Critically a thought of the third film, despite the box office, has put Sam Raimi in a reluctant mode of making his fourth feature.

When the lead actor Tobey Maguire was added, the project went on. It’s a good thing to sleep, because even in the third film, with Maguire, who was too much for reviving the character of Spider-man, he would come out of the superhero type and get closer to the type of comedy / adventure.

Do these reasons require that the first film be recaptured through a series of ten, five years from the last film? It is more logical to believe that the producers have no other branches or responsibilities they have to trust, except for the claim that Spider-man will tell the story of Spider-man, which he emphasizes on publicity.

Maybe they had agreed to take another movie with Marvel, maybe they thought that the last film had broken the charisma of the series, maybe they were relying on the idea of ​​’adding lots of scenes from the point of view of Spider-man’ in their trailer, maybe they wanted to take the wind of the IMAX and 3D, maybe they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the comic book, maybe they were just relying on the chemistry between his dear Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in normal life. .

The most important difference of the new movie from the first film is that we met Peter’s parents at the beginning of the film. His parents whose parents are afraid of getting into the hands of eye-to-eye formulas are familiar with Peter’s names of Uncle Ben and Uncle May, but I think the biggest reason for our confusion is the fact that there are kinship definitions that exist in America. They are printing. As we know later.

Growing Peter becomes a nerdy teenager, bitten by a genetically modified spider and acquires a number of superpowers. Peter, who used these powers for fun until the murder of his uncle by a thief, has been transformed into a masked crime fighter based on the principle that ‘great powers bring great responsibilities’.

As I have mentioned before, this is not an untold story, but it is necessary to say that the writers made positive innovations on the story by adhering to the original Amazing Spider-Man comic book. The biggest advantage of the film is that Peter Parker is a more entertaining character.

Unlike the previous Peter, we are talking about Peter, who is humorous, interested in the girl he is likes, but not obsessed with him, who mistreated himself when he first began using his powers, insulted the criminals, motivated by his parents abandoning him, and even used skateboards. Even though we know what will happen without success, watching this through a more three-dimensional character resets our danger of getting bored from the movie. Not to be bored or have a fun time with the film problem, but not to put the question marks on its necessity despite all good intentions.

Especially when the characters communicate with each other in the ceiling of the success of the comic book to lower the feeling of support to stand down to stay close to the reality of a large part of the film above the mediocre. Starting with Batman Begins and creating a new genre of superhero films, it is possible to see the character in a more humane way and to try to make mythology a little bit darker in Webb.

While he doesn’t give up high school romance and mixes his mind up a bit, Peter’s first love is that he’s a character far from the clichés of classic side neighbor girl Gwen. But when it comes to business action scenes, classic 21st century action cinema disease reappears and we’re forced to watch a carom that has fallen in ten shots every five seconds, for whom it’s not clear who hit it.




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