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Dragon Ball Super is about Dragon Ball Z, not the Dragon Ball GT, the latest DB series. Akira Toriyama, the screenwriter of Dragon Ball GT, was not the original screenwriter, and he was arguing for a long time whether he had a canon (whether he had a decisive place in the whole DB universe). With the newly released series, the GT is noncanon. So the events are not parallel to the DB GT.

As I mentioned in the story, Dragon Ball Z’s success continues a few years after the defeat of our last boss Majin Buu. The world has not been disturbed by the wicked during this time. Goku, his wife Chi chia forced to earn money on farming is engaged, but the Kaio-sama ‘s cute planet does not neglect to do training. Unlike his father, Gohan left the training and got a respectable place in the scientific world, while his wife Videl was pregnant with Panie.

While everyone is accustomed to peace, the god of destruction, Beerus, awakens from a few centuries of sleep in a distant part of the universe. The God of Destruction is condemned by destroying planets as its name requires, and decides whether the planet will live or not according to the current mood or the local flavors of the planet. She had previously dreamed of an incident predicted by the Prophecy. Super Saiyan will fight God, and he will enjoy this fight for a long time.

 Then the right-handed Whis Saiyan to ask about the information of the last survivors lived on the planet Earth and then immediately departs. In the meantime, it is the birthday of Finding on Earth, everyone has come together for the party. Beerus reaches the party and starts to taste every food he sees. In the end, Majin Buu get angry with him and easily gets angry. He has decided to destroy the Earth because of the disrespectfulness to him, but still Super Saiyan awaits God. To please him, Goku and his friends call Shen-Long to inquire about Super Saiyan God. The Super Saiyan learns that only the five well-intentioned Saiyans can be formed by transferring their power to another saiyan. Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Pan in the womb, and Videl transfer their powers to Goku. Then Goku, Super Saiyan is God and performs the rivalry with Beerus.

Super Saiyan God changes the name as Super Saiyan Blue (SSB) for easier pronunciation of the series. Even when Super Saiyan 3 was a horrendous power level, the SSB would have to have the ceiling as a power, but the situation is not like that at the moment. Logically with the opposite of the battles can end the game Goku usually do not change until the middle of the fight and the viewer is not able to give the feeling of empowering, still throwing rivals with mediocre rivals.

Where to go ıy Our first-ever worst enemy, Piccolo, is now looking after the baby, and no power in the universe is equivalent to ours. First we went to Kami-sama responsible for the world, with him we ended up in Kaio-sama, then we ended up with the Kaio-shin sama and we ended the universe and we started to work with the gods. The idea is not as creative as it can be seen, but can it be processed well? We’il be able to see this when it’s full.

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  1. I love dragon ball z and i think the kids will love this to and this site and you guys really rock!!!!!!!!

  2. love the dragon ball z I have watched since I was a little kid and love this site man keep up the great work!

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  3. I loved Dragon Ball since i was young you guys r the best bringing back the feeling of the awesome Dragon Ball show thank you so much

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