Csr Racing

In addition to the PC and console games, the quality of the android based games is increasing day by day, while the CSR Racing Games which was released by Natural Motion Games in 2012 gave the signal quality two years ago. Boss Alien ltd. Developed as a free to play game and released by Natural Motion Games, the game still remains high in the android and ios-based car racing game category, as well as having a high quality graphics as well as PC and console games, as well as content and gameplay.

CSR Racing is one of the best races of all time. I’ve been seeing for a long time, but it was possible to examine this game today. Already the publisher NaturalMotionGames Ltd had a game close to the console games said. Game graphics have gained our liking.

Having the game multiplayer increased the interaction in the game. I think that’s why we have received this download. Because you can get the download you want through advertising. You can do tunning in the game. These customizations are already indispensable for car races. Customizations include vehicle paint, brake calipers, rims, interior doors.

The game needs to be divided into two parts. After customizing the vehicle’s accessory area, you can also customize the tool’s performance. In the game, where the players are familiar with the PC games, the race duration is ten seconds. In ten seconds, you are asked to pass your competitors. The game doesn’t play like drag racing in pc games. On-screen shifting is performed by clicking on the first gas and nitro buttons.

So it’s a complete rhythm game. You can enter daily races with the restriction mode, because this mode is restricted, you must wait for a while before you enter each race and you have to play the game as free to play when the fuel that appears on the top left is finished. Of course available in different types of modes. You can earn money in the game with the increasingly difficult Ladder mode or Restriction mode, where your car should have certain criteria.

In the game you have five different big cities and five different groups that manage these cities. Lastly, you’re fighting group leaders. If you defeat the group leader’s key, if you are defeated by the group leader, all your labor is wasted and you have to return the money you collect from the group. In a small reminder game, when you skip each competitor, the game is getting harder.

Outside the racetracks, you can modify your car in your garage, replace the engine, suspend the other parts and improve other races. Of course, all these ones will be based on the money you will earn with the achievements you get in the race. The gameplay dynamics are different, for example when you ignore the other criteria of your car in your garage; If you don’t look at your tires while reinforcing your engine, it is inevitable to skid. As you can play as a single game, you can increase the enjoyment of the game by racing with racers from different countries in the world launch.

The graphics, PC and console games are equivalent to the sounds of the game is really nice. A different version of the game is released in the classic CSR Racing classic cars allows you to race.

The worst part of the game with its visuals and gaming dynamics is that when you are a patient racer, but the worst part is that you try to spend real money from time to time. CSR Racing offers a different pleasure for each player.

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