Clash Royale

Previously known for his mobile games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, producer Supercell continues to impress mobile users with his new game Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a strategic card game. You are trying to destroy your opponent’s towers by creating a deck.

First of all, I’m not one of the Clash of Clans fans. Even if I wanted to give myself a game every once in a while the game failed to attract me. I’m already an active mobile player. In short, the Clash Royale first came out of my many expectations. But there are some features that attract me, which are now able to print this review. Forming decks with the cards, the strategy became more important as it gained level in the game pushed me to play the game. PC and mobile players know Blizzard’s Hearthstone.

 In this game, you create your deck and create the appropriate play style for the cards that you think might be in the hands of your opponent. This game becomes a deeper gameplay as it learns the capabilities, cons and pros of the cards in the game. It’s possible to get the same taste in the Clash Royale.

Firstly, the game is played in a vertical manner. Briefly speaking, you are creating a deck of eight cards. Among the cards there are many options such as skeletons, goblins, giants, cannons, rockets. It may take some time to find a deck that suits your gaming style. After selecting your deck, you are entering the game. There are a total of 3 towers in the middle and a main tower in the middle. Your opponent is of course also in the same way.

As in Hearthstone, you mean time, that is, your elixir is full. You can see how many potions your cards require, and you have the cards in your hands. After putting it, you don’t have control of your minions, so you need to put them at strategic points. You are trying to destroy each other’s towers with your opponent in a certain period of time. After a while, the potion in the game is speeding up and the game gets a little more complicated. Towards the end if you can even destroy a tower you are considered to have won the game.

Let’s take a look at the game’s trading model before looking at the gameplay in more detail. You have jewels in the game. You can buy these jewels as you can by buying them. So what do these jewels do? First of all, when you win a game, you are given a box. From these chests, you get gold and cards. When you collect a certain amount of cards for a petite that you want to use in your deck, you can develop that petite. In this way, he card health, damage per second features such as developing. More cards are needed for each development.

Now we said jewel. It is possible to get different crates with jewels. For example, when you buy a giant chest, there are plenty of gold and hundreds of cards. This allows you to develop your support. In short, you do not pay your own level is a superior situation than your competitors. However, there is a situation; As the game wins, your level is rising and you are given a trophy. Even if you think that you have paid and won, you will come across players of your own equivalence after a certain period of time.

So you can pay the money and take your support just to make you progress faster. The first logic of paying thousands of liras does not exist in this game. As I said, only the first levels will jump faster because your deck is strong.

When we look at the main menu of the game some features attract attention. For example, high-level players can watch the matches made possible. One of the benefits is that you can observe how the game is, see the cards that fit your playing style, and develop new strategies. This is a very useful feature.

You can also join teams (clans). When you join any team, you are given the gift of success. One of the most important features of the team is the card donation system. You can also fill out a missing card with your donation system and you can also make a donation. If you donate, you are given gold and experience. It is not too bad to be able to earn a little gold by donating cards that you do not intend to use in your deck because you will need gold to develop a card you want more. It can be useful in this respect. In addition, you have the possibility to make friends with your team. This way you can create new decks and try them here.

Another feature in the menu is the screen for creating decks. One deck consists of 8 cards. You can see all the cards you have on this screen and look at their features. Some cards are only melee, some are both melee and airstrikes, or there are only cards that attack buildings. Of course, these cards have 3 different features. Epic cards, some of which are general, some infrequent, and some more rare. It is possible to create your own style of play according to the power and speed of your cards. You can create a total of 3 different decks and you can choose one of these 3 decks when you enter the game. It can be a logical approach to make an experimental support and to create new strategies.

Available in the Chrome Store

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