Candy Crush Saga

I guess Candy Crush Saga has been known by every person on this earth. Even people who have never played the game have ideas about the game, and the opportunity to know, Candy Crush Soda Saga  as a new game has presented to us.



The differences of the game from the classic Candy Crush are of course present. For example, in one section, we try to save bears from honeycombs and try to release them from the jellies in the other part. At the same time, we complete the tasks by removing the bears on the candy string. Each department has its own task. While trying to collect the Soda bottles in one part, we try to destroy white chocolate and cocoa chocolate in the other part.

The sugars are ordered in the same direction to complete the previous format as the last sugar moves. If you carry a sugar horizontally, it will create a strip of sugar bed. This will cause the sugars to disappear horizontally.

When you start to get rid of the jellies, you’re particularly afraid of corners and jams at the bottom. It’s hard to get rid of these jellies. Because these jellies are at least in combination. So when you start the game, first clean the corners and the bottom jellies.

At any level, you can create a chain to destroy candies with +5 sugar. This candy will give you an extra 5 seconds at levels with time constraints. You can see whether there is a time limit or a jelly-cleared level at the bottom right corner of the screen that appears at the beginning of each level.

To create special candies you need to match 4 or 5 different candies in different ways. So you’ll get a higher score than the candies you blow. When you get used to bringing these shapes together, you will be taking faster steps for the next level. If you memorize what shape is the special candies, the game will be more fun for you.

It is more advantageous to destroy the sugars in the bottom row and destroy the top sugars. Because as soon as you destroy the top row of sugars, the new sugars from the top will disappear one after the other and this will give you extra mobility.
The combination of packed candy and striped candy and the combination of donut and striped candy is the best move to destroy more candies in the game. When you use any of these combinations, you can eliminate almost half of the sugars in the section.

In this way, gaps in areas where you can not get to clean the gaps will occur and you will have the opportunity to clean all the jellies. You can reach the squares at the level of 181. You can reach the impossible squares with the help of these combinations. Also, if you match two packaged candies side by side and you move both, you will clear a large area, such as a 6 × 4 area.

Parents need to know that Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 puzzle game played on Facebook. It’s free, but players can spend real-world money to buy extra moves and power-ups and to instantly unlock new episodes. Offers to buy such goodies pop up frequently. Players are regularly prompted to invite friends into the game, share status updates on Facebook, and ask friends for help.

Candy Crush is the meaning of soda, as you open the soda bottles, candies are arranged from the bottom upwards and the game is played with the opposite moves.

Let’s talk about the top candies that make up the candies;

  • When we combine 4 same-color sugars, we get striped candy, and it helps to destroy other objects in the form of a column – right – left and up – down.
  • When we combine the same color candies as T and L, we get 1 bag of sugar and when we detonate it, it destroys the columns around us.
  • When you combine 5 same colors of sugar, the chocolate ball is formed and you can use only red candies if you want; you can combine it with a striped candy or sachet with sugar. (My favorite sachet is combining sugar with all the same color of sugar in the bag of sugar and explosion)
  • As a new feature you can get an object in the form of colored ball 5 candy comes side by side and 1 candy is formed in the middle.
  • Our last feature is that when we combine 4 sugar in a square form, the fish is formed and destroys a square it determines.
  • Moreover, in-game purchases are very fast and practical. In the beginning, 50 gold gifts are given as a gift and then you can buy with a credit card. The most purchased packages are as follows;

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