X Men Wolverine

Wolverine, who was dragged into a great depression after Jean Gray’s death and wanted to get rid of his identity, decided to go to Japan and see him as a friend who had saved his life many years ago came out and asked him for help. Wolverine, who accepts the proposal presented to him here, will be free from the ability of immortality and turn into a mortal. But at this stage he does not realize that he made a deadly enemy named Silver Samurai. With the addition of the ruthless Viper to this enemy, a historical war begins. While Wolverine is in this war, he has to fight against the mutant and a mystery from his past.

Starring Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee and Tao Okamoto is directed by James Mangold. Disappointing X-Men Origins: After Wolverine, the new Wolverine film makes two right decisions to be more successful. First, it doesn’t try to create a prequel before the original X-Men story, putting the story back after the last X-Men movie Last Stand, which is not a direct prequel.

In this way, X-Menaras most popular character, Hugh Jackman kısıts charisma and muscles, immortalized on the screen thanks to the Logan Logs necessarily to connect to the first X-Men movie issues such as restrictions on the subject or loss of mind is not infected.

The second correct decision is the creation of a Wolverine focused film. Even though the Origins film tried to be a Wolverine film with his name, he was trying to show the mutants who couldn’t be put into the first three X-Men movies, rather than focusing on Jackman’s character.

In The Wolverine, there are two new mutants known from comics, but the focus of the story is that Logan was overwhelmed by the guilt he felt after having to kill Jean Gray and thus his immortality with pain.

When a movie called ‘popcorn’ of $ 100 million comes into such philosophical themes, even if this approach doesn’t work, at least we need to give extra points for trying, which is perhaps one of the strongest features of the film’s scenario, which can be easily predicted from the start. except for the end.

Logan, who lived aimlessly after Jean Gray’s death, learns that Yashida (Haruhiko Yamanouchi), the head of the largest company of the Far East, wants to thank him one more time while he saved his life in the second world war. On his way to Japan, Logan has to endanger his own mutant forces and protect the beautiful grandson of Yashida from Yakuza.

Inspired by a 1982 graphic graphic novel created by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, the film resembles the Ronin movies by Akira Kurosawa, such as Yojimbo, Hidden Fortress and The Seven Samurai.

He creates a personal connection with a war that is not part of the seduction of a (or seven) warrior, approaching neutral at first in the events in films. It’s not so hard to create this connection about The Wolverine, because the film already mentions that Logan is a Ronin (a warrior without a master).

After Logan’s personal protection mission has started, it is not difficult to predict the rest of the story, especially the surprise final, as I mentioned above. However, the detail given to the inner conflict in which the character lives is truly admirable. But because of the character development involved in action sequences, the spectator waiting for the famous Adamantium claws to come out can be a bit impatient.

Interestingly, action sequences in the film directed by James Mangold are perhaps the weakest element of The Wolverine. I remember that when X-Men 2 came on the scene, a shot of Logan trying to kill the mutants left the audience breathless, because we had never seen such a violent appearance in a comic book.

This time, Logan cut dozens of Yakuzas in turn and made kebabs, but he couldn’t create the tension he expected because of Mangold’s swinging camera and the 13-year limit for high-budget comic books. The purpose of Mangold is to make a reference to the Samurai movies by using swords as if Logan’s claws were used. Mangold even admits that Takashi Miike was inspired by the immense 13 Assassins movie, in which the blood, with its incredibly fierce final battle, led to the body.

But the film’s violence against the age of 13 to censor his life to pass a lot of the film and this approach reduces the impact of action sequences. According to the rumors, a 17-year-old DVD might have been released, so maybe we should wait.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of special effects sequences that still remain in mind. Although a little absurd, we understand Logan and random Yakuza killers, too. The fight on Japan’s famous lead train is really impressive. The Masked Cavalry and now after The Wolverine 2013, will probably go down in history as an action sequence year on the train.

In spite of the small criticism, The Wolverine will make fans of both X-Men fans and superhero comic book fans happy. One last note, I’m going to say, don’t leave the hall when the ending credits begin.

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