Iron Man

Iron Man is a character created by Stan Lee and his brother, Larry Lieber, who began his career in the comic book world with Tales of Suspense # 39 in 1963. At first, he was an anti-communist hero and fought with Vietnamese agents, but Lee would later regret his decision. Iron Man stories were first enriched by Tony Stark’s personal traumas, though he did a lot of American propaganda using the theme of national defense. To get to know the character completely, first of all, we have to look at the period in which the character was created.

Tony Stark has everything that is disgusted at that time; a capitalist, weapons producer, army supporter, industrial expert, and also very rich. The kind of character that we’re all going to scream at as we read it now. But Iron Man gains a lot of popularity. Why is that? He’s got the devil’s hair on him. But in a more philosophical way, I think we’re human. In the end, we are the ones who bring all of our disgusted concepts to this world, and if most of us were given power in the hands of Tony Stark, it might even be scary to think.

Tony Stark, designed as a playboy, will always be good with women. At this point, however, Stan Lee attributes a trait, or rather a trauma, to the character that I think is very successful in the symbolic sense. But, like most superheroes, this is not just psychological. Tony Stark’s heart is broken, but constantly in front of the reader. The capitalist has everything a man can want and has no heart. No, just don’t think in the romantic sense. This wound is important because it adds an eccentric personality rather than tragedy to the character.

No one who lives on the border of life and death is normal. Remember, Tony Stark isn’t crazy. But I can’t say that I have reason. The most accurate word is the eccentric; this is already a feature that comes true for every inventor or creative person in real life. Anyone who sees that others cannot see cannot be expected to behave like others. At this point, Stan Lee’s inspiration is Howard Hughes, the crazy billionaire of his time. . He’s not crazy, he’s a Howard Hughes, Tony says.

His full name is Anthony Edward Stark, son of Stark Industries’ founder, Howard Stark, and his wife, Mary Stark. It’s a genius child case. At the age of 15 he entered MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his field of study was in physics and electronics engineering. Then her parents will be killed in a car accident, and young Tony finds herself at the head of the company.

Tony’s misfortune isn’t only the death of his family, but also because of a booby trap. This is not enough, the Vietnamese commander Wong-Chu is caught by. As soon as Wong-Chu knows his identity, the weapon forces him to do it. Wong-Chu, whose tyranny is inflicted on us in his heart, strikes us as another prisoner, Ho Yinsen. Don’t see Ho Yinsen as a prisoner, he is a Nobel laureate physicist and one of the first heroes of Stark.

Yes, even the hero’s captivity is like a “Like A Boss with his childhood hero. Anyway, Yinsen makes a magnetic chest plate to stop Tony to save Tony. In addition, two physicists, “We are doing weapons!” Hidden secret Stark can start to escape the first Iron Man armor begins to build. However, during the escape, there are certain things, they cannot control the armor and Yinsen will sacrifice his life so that Tony can escape. Stark takes revenge on the Vietnamese by not letting it goes. On his way back to American troops, he will encounter a wounded fighter pilot, James Rhodes, who will be very important for him in the future.

The story is just beginning here; Stark returns home and learns that he will never get rid of the magnetic plate; it doesn’t look like a shrapnel; if the plate goes, he’ll continue walking to his heart and kill him. He must continue to wear the plate as a regulator and charge it every day, if not for a day, the result is death. This affects her psychology irrevocably, as I wrote above.

Stark accepts it and decides to become Iron Man. First he perfects the armor. He introduces Iron Man as his personal protection to the public and makes his company a mascot (Adam is a capitalist). In contrast, it is not unlikely that Iron Man would clash with those who attacked Stark Industries. Tony comes running from the realm to the rich playboy image, and no one thinks it’s Iron Man. Only three people learn the secret (Sorceress, General and Orko, sorry, but I had to do); his driver Harold Hogan, his secretary Pepper Potts, and Stark’s pilot James Rhodes.

When the side characters are replaced, the stories will take their speed and the enemies of Stark will emerge one by one; Communist Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo (see Black Widow for details), Titanium Man and the Mandarin who will become their biggest adversary.

As you will understand, the first issue of the comic book is very anti-communist. But as the reactions to the Vietnam War rise, Marvel gets the message and the line is softened. Stark begins to question his political views and embarked on a conscience account of the high-tech weapons he produced for the army. Over time their resources are predominantly their own armor and S.H.I.E.L.D. will start to use. But he is extremely arrogant and writes History winners! Because he is a man of his mind, he often contradicts morally with the characters around him.

Jack Kirby designed the armor first. In the number of exits, gray is a bulky armor that looks like a robot, but then it is revised in the gold version, then in red and gold. The second armor is Steve Ditko. The materials that the armor is made of course, like most superhero costumes are imaginative and enriched with power shields.

Each armor has its own weapons, increased force, flying systems, many communication and sensor systems. Apart from these, they work with more than one energy source such as solar energy. The most basic features of the armor are the repulsors in the feet and hands, that is, the spraying rays, and the rocket system that allows the fly in the feet. Another recognized feature is the uni-beam, which is thrown from the chest.

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