Star Wars

We are looking at the life of a young man who has been on the planet of Corellia struggling to exist. Even though we are still involved in illegal affairs, we still see an abundant Inn in terms of experience. I don’t know if Alden doesn’t like his acting, because you’re trying to give life to one of the most iconic characters in history, and that’s already hard enough, but Alden was able to make me laugh in the transfer of gestures and dialogues.

During the film, sometimes I dived, there were moments I had to break out of the movie because my mind was constantly going to Harrison Ford’s Khan. At that time I said to myself; You see the Han, who lived 10 years before A New Hope. The less grieving, the less betrayed, the less blaster fired the Han.

From the first scene of the film to the final stage, the character of the Han in the original trilogy has been emphasized. I don’t know what comes to your mind when you speak to Han Solo, but one who comes to my mind in every way can come to life, but one who has a good character in the core but comes to life. In the first scene of the film we see a classic chase again.

Khan is running away, someone is chasing red As far as we understand, the Han is brought to the flood by the other underground organization, where he goes to barter as the representative of an underground organization affiliated to Lady Proxima, so that he loses the credits and so does Coaxium. First I saw Qi  scene before the kissing with Han was an illusion. The reason is the fact that I mentioned above. I said to myself that the original Khan doesn’t do that. He cannot exaggerate his love. But I recalled that when I remembered that this was Khan 10 years before ANH.

The first classic Khan was seen and came on the scene immediately after the first grin. When Han went to the account of Lady Proxima with Qi’ra for the sake she worked for, she again made that sacrile smile to Greedo, Jabba, and Kanjiklub and Guavian Death Gang in The Force Awakens. He tried to get out of the business with his trigger language and all his cunning. This is one of the things that fans expect from Han Solo. They must have given Alden a good Khan.

Han’s childhood love has a common dream with Qi’ra: escaping from Corellia and living together in any region not under the control of the Empire. While they are being chased by the members of Lady Proxima, they find themselves at the border of the Empire. They were already thinking about getting out of the door by giving them a bribe from a Imperial Officer with the Coaxium they already had. As they thought it was, the female officer accepted the bribe and immediately opened the door. Then Han passed through the door, but as he was passing through the full Qi , he was captured by Lady Proxima’s men and you can see that the real film is now just starting.

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