Block Craft 3D


The free Block Craft 3D game has brought together the download of tens of millions in Android and iOS app stores behind the popularity of Minecraft. With its formula block design and sand box formula, Block Craft 3D takes the Minecraft formula, but focuses on building your city and other elements.

It is a Minecraft-like game where you can build your own world. You can create your desired villages not only for you, but also for your own design. Visit the villages of other players, collect more of their own villages and enjoy being the greatest boss.

After a short training in making a good and simple club, players can start expanding the towns they see fit. The essence of the game is plan plans that allow you to place a template before completing it in the first person view for each building in the game world. Every new building experience is gained and new buildings are unlocked.

The building process simplifies the players by tapping their fingers onto the transparent blocks to complete the placed building template. Alternatively, precious stone currency buildings can be used to finish buildings instantly, but there is no need to place blocks with a single touch and have the ability to fly on the map as needed.

Of course, vitally and fortunately Block Craft 3D features impressively designed buildings to make it a grand city, as the game is mainly based on building templates and how they choose to mix and match those with high quality and interesting templates. In addition to the templates, players can also get rare blocks to decorate your city indoors and outdoors to make your city completely yours.

People who lack creativity or who have a short idea of ​​where the players begin will be able to look at what other players have with the villages that are prone to allow the actors to display and vote on village designs. All this is supported by a level and currency system that forms the basis of progress.

If Minecraft’s design and construction elements have appealed to you in the past, Block Craft 3D is a great way to see what other designers do when creating your own design village from a template base.

The only difference with Minecraft is that you don’t actually remove resources, just build it. I live not only in his village, but I can also equip new villagers. I can choose her clothes, hats and weapons. Together, you have to buy and build different buildings such as huts, workshops, mills, lighthouses, world famous places (Parthenon, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower and others).

You can earn more money by tracking ads and buy them for real money (prices are between $ 5 and $ 100). You need gems to buy money, phone and tickets. You need coins to buy different facilities and buildings for your village, and the tickets are for gifts from the gift machine (for example, you can win a cat there). Only with real money, you can have the ability to fly, which is cool and makes the whole game easier and faster (about $ 3).