Cute Cats & Dogs

There are so many features that we don’t know about cats, that doesn’t end with writing them. For example, there are 500 million domestic cat species in the world. But we know only a few hundred of these cats. In addition, cats are the most sleeping animals compared to all animals. Cats sleep at least 14 hours a day. Hence, they are quite lazy animals. One of the most interesting features of cats is the lack of collar bones. That’s why they have the ability to pass easily from mice everywhere, just like their heads.

Cats only meow to the human species. When they are communicating between their own species, they make a different sound and use a different language. The characteristics of cats include color blindness. But there are a lot in common with people. People have color blindness in cats.

While the cats groom themselves, so they lick and clean their feathers, they spend about a third of their lives. At the same time, the fluid they use is more than the liquid in the discharge systems. That’s why cats are the cleanest pets. They eat the food they eaten out. It should be kept in mind that petting and fecal training is the easiest animal among pets. After doing stool or pee, it also cleans itself and does not need your help.

Cats are the most sleepy animals among all mammals. They spend an average of 16 hours every day. From this point of view, a seven-year-old cat spends only two years of his life awake. (With this account we also thank about half of a cat as squeamish)

 They have a noble and sensible personality, perfect intuition and a rational sensibility. They immediately attract attention with their curious behavior and positive outlook on life. These cats, who love to live outwardly and who are positive to people, like themselves, go from childhood to adolescence in two to three years.

Cats are extremely curious. They try to climb into all kinds of things to discover what is. One of the most obvious features of cats is purring. They are very calm, especially when they are peaceful and happy.

 It has been scientifically proven that caressing a cat reduces blood pressure. Cats have a view of 185 degrees. On the other hand, a cat spends almost 30% of his life grooming himself. The amount of fluid in the saliva secretion that cats spend on grooming themselves is greater than the amount of fluid they excreted through the excretory systems.

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