Crossy Road

One of the first things that is taught to children in the family and school is to cross the street. Although crossing is evaluated in an easy-to-use category of action, a mistake or a moment of distraction is caused to die. Game-makers who love to consider the simplest elements of everyday life in a fictional dimension have also managed to play a game from crossing the street.

 Crossy Road presents the popular design language and gaming experience with one of the most basic actions of daily life. Our goal at Crossy Road, produced by Hipster Whale, is to take our hero as far away as possible by keeping it away from the dangers it will face in traffic.

On Crossy Road, players are asked to cross the character controlled in heavy traffic. Although the idea was that the main protagonist was a chicken at the beginning, it made it possible to unlock different characters by making some progress in the game. The character lock is opened with a draw at the end of the run or in-app purchase. With a wide range of characters, Crossy Road provides players with an intense but uncomfortable effort to buy these characters. Crossy Road offers players the opportunity to test some characters and does not neglect to offer sales offers with special bonuses.

At the beginning of the game, our first character, our chickens are hit by the cars and the sudden moves of the trains, while the river side, we try to cross over the logs moving from left to right. As we move forward with our hero, some of the subtle details within the game are remarkable, such as hearing the music played in some of the cars passing by.

It can easily be said that Crossy Road’s basic gaming experience is close to weariness in Flappy Bird and derivative games. The fact that the game is about to move fast on the ground rather than flying, even if the players are awakened by the fact that the players will not be overstressed, the heavy traffic flow and the removal of various obstacles against the characters make this progress difficult. Sometimes an eagle from above to fly the control of the character to fly the players at a time can be crazy.

One of the most interesting aspects of Crossy Road is that it gives players both the game and the opportunity to record themselves during the game. When you tap the icon in the lower right corner of the Start screen, the recording menu of Crossy Road is displayed. When the players press the record button, the immortalization process of the Crossy Road adventure begins. Players can also record their images with the game by activating their front cameras. Storing and sharing the recorded images takes place over the internet.

In the game where we can use the screen upright and horizontal, my advice is to use the screen in the horizontal position. In this way, it will be easier for us to see the vehicles that are approaching our hero and to go to the right, left, forward or back. If you are too late to make a decision, a big eagle takes away your character and you start the game again.

 While it is obvious that the popular design language has been carefully adapted to Crossy Road, this does not change the fact that the eyes are tired after a certain point. Crossy Road; Its cute characters, a sleek yet tiring design, a challenging gaming experience, and a rather casual subject, make it an interesting mix.