Minecraft New Tab for Google Chrome

Overlapping boxes has never been funnier before! Enemies who seem innocent and harmless but have a strong impact. Combinations to do what you want and a different optional maps. Maps can also play in pre-resolved maps when you enter certain numbers, such as traveler mode, creative mode. You can play with your hours open food game in the open world.

Minecraft’s main character is Steve. But if you look for  a skin (player characters found on the Internet) you can find it. The boy is two blocks long and about one block wide, with brown hair, blue eyes, always wearing a blue T-shirt and light purplish trousers.

There are different game types. In the first game type Creative. In Creative mode we have a full inventory, we can fly, we can break the blocks with a single stroke and the monsters can not kill us. So the creative mode is suitable for the players who want to make spectacular structures. We’re collecting resources. We can’t break the blocks in one shot, we can’t even break at all, we’re fighting monsters. It’s Survival for those who want to go on adventure, take risks and fight. because you need to delete the world no function left.


Minecraft is a game that has been played with great pleasure by the players even though it has been in our lives for almost six years. Those who want to play this game have a few rules to do at the game entrance and play times. The game is played as a game fighting the wicked in general. There are also many new versions of this game, where young men usually have a lot of interest.

If you didn’t play Minecraft on one of the numerous platforms where you’re out, on your mobile phone, on your computer, on your handheld console or in your toilet, it’s probably the concept of the uninhabited island that corresponds to the word home in your dictionary. After Mario, we are talking about a game that is a candidate to be one of the biggest phenomena. The concept of the Minecraft world consisting of cubes is simple as well as detailed.

 If you want, you can build buildings, structures according to your head in construction mode, you are trying to discover the right pattern in a world full of survival, hunger and monsters. The whole world is made of cubes and it is possible to break almost all of the right equipment. You will continue to discover and live by producing new items and structures with broken pieces. These very simple mechanics, combined with a sense of curiosity and simple but impressive visuals, make it easy to learn.

There are various information and articles about this game. Each game channel on YouTube in the series you will meet indefinitely episodes in the existing block. And then you put a torch on top of two blocks of stone where they lay out in ambushes in the interior of the walls and they provide beautiful lighting and there will be no more works from zombies. I also saw spiders climb into 67 blocks. But the protrusion on the wall as a single block can not come out.

In addition, plenty of enemies waiting for you outside the wall is definitely water and cave is located around. If you close the caves, the enemy is running low. In addition to the cave you closed with a few torches in the back of the wall draws a space if you leave a space, then you will not lose the resources of the future will not lose. There is enough light to be detected from the single block opening. You can easily find the caves you closed.


If you started mining at the base of your house you can easily determine the direction of the mine by putting it down with two torches. Never dig down directly or directly upwards while digging deeply with greed like the dwarves of the Lord of the Rings. Note the current location with F3. They also create gates in the mines leaving the single square using soil. Then the enemies inside appear to you from the hole and cannot hunt you immediately.

Even though the basics are the same, the concepts such as armor and starvation come to the game, we meet with endersmen, and even the end of the game has an end and purpose, making Minecraft a different game. Minecraft’s power is also a plus for a relatively powerful device like Playstation 4. Thanks to the Java infrastructure, it is possible to play the game very smoothly in HD on my television. In the past, we found either on the internet or by chance discovered that the goods making system has been reworked and it is also very comforting game, in fact. It was already a difficult task to memorize how I would  make shovel  in all this work.



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