Apex Legends New Tab for Google Chrome

One of the Titanfall developers, Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale game Apex Legends has fallen into the game world as a bomb. The new game of the genre continues by PUBG and Fortnite. Basically, you’re starting off the classic sky, the spoils of the game area you are looking for and the size of the game Apex Legends compared to other games, let’s examine what differences.

First of all, Apex Legends is a free game to play and has 3 different in-game currency. The only way to open your wallet in the game may attract cosmetics. However, in addition to Apex Legends quality, Respawn reflects its desire to innovate, depending on its traditions.

One of the interesting things about the game is that you’re coming up at the beginning. In Apex Legends, you always play with three teams and being alone in this game makes dying much easier. For this reason, wars are co-operated between three teams. When you start the game, you are asked to select the character you want to play. Call of Duty: In contrast to Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout, the characters have their own unique abilities and have special skills with tactical abilities. But in general we can say that there is no character superior to each other.

Warrior Bangalore, a professional soldier, has the ultimate ability to bomb bombs that can be launched with absolute accuracy to disguise the battlefield or to bombard the area with rockets. It also starts to accelerate when you run, and if you don’t have a distance-closing effect, you’re hard to get.

Your robot buddy, Pathfinder, is successful in finding a route and can hack the GPS towers in the arena to find out where the next safe zone will be. It can also go to hard-to-reach places with clamps and make it easier for anyone to use a permanent zipline gun. This way, you can easily lead the team into more tactical areas and set up a trap for opponents.


The characters of Apex Legends have clearly defined roles and it is not difficult to guess that Respawn will bring new characters. You can buy characters like Mirage and Caustic, but I just opened one by playing. The credit system is quite generous in the game, but playing around 10 hours for one character can be overwhelmed by some players, especially on performance. There are eight launch characters as well as several groups. There are several female characters and realistic war armor in different colors and body shapes, and even a robot.


To unlock Caustic, the only white male character on the Apex Legends’ list, you have to pay money or spend a lot of time. Although there are many complaints on the Internet, each character has its own personality. There are also many personalization options, including jokes, poses, and even brutal killing movements that bring the personality to the forefront.

After passing the character selection, you are flying with your friends on a map to a point of your choice. So Apex Legends’ input mechanics are the same as most battle royale games. You can jump in a beautiful array with a master jumper on the team.


The map consists of a mixture of worn-out industrial zones, shanty towns and rural areas. Apex Legends is in the same world as Titanfall, but in this world there is a utopian sparkle, where everything looks worn out. Your team can pass through an abandoned air base or power plant. These gloomy structures, even if not for all players, are able to offer colorful images in style as illustrated.


Courageous teams descend to a moving ship of replenishment, they can prefer to reach good spoils at the expense of direct collisions with other teams. Although it is often deadly to land on a supply vessel ready for battle, you can grab a gun and some ammunition before you land. At this point, I think one of the worst is one of the sides: you can rely on Apex Legends’ high killing times. Then a more challenging task arises and you are trying to get back together. In this process you may be faced with a lot of competitors, so you must be alert to revive your friends.

If you kill the champion of the match as statistics, you will receive XP bonus. Leading players are killed; they appear on large boards in the arena showing cosmetic items, glory poses, player stats, and some details selected by the player. This can be a deterrent in some cases. Although Apex Legends is new, it may be difficult to deal with an opponent who has reached hundreds of kill points.


As I said before, team play is very important and being close to each other after the weapons and goods collection process gives the opponents an advantage. Apex Legends has an extremely responsive ping system that allows you to mark enemies, install a replacement helmet, or even highlight an open door. It’s important to keep your teammates safe and alert. With basic alerts, you can indicate where you want to go, show where you want to defend, specify an important booty, or report enemies. There are many more options.


Sometimes you can lose your teammates even in a successful battle, but if you can return to your body at the right time, you can take the banners out of their booty and take them to a place where they can be reborn.

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