Clash Of Clans


Today I will introduce you to the game Clash of Clans, which can be played on Android and iOS devices produced by Supercell. First of all, I want to tell you what the game is like. We start our game with a village that is given to us. As in every game in our village, everything is in level 1, and in our game the items are opened according to the level of our village building, not according to the level. In the game education, our village building is brought up to level 2 and after several wars, management is left to you.

Clash of Clans, the strategy game, is initially introduced to us with a small education. Clash of Clans also knows how to play a beautiful game until we manage our village and winter and raise our walls, but when the clan wars begin, you will realize that the game is not just an individual but a team play. and our village’s wall strategy is very important.

Of course, you can choose a name for yourself, you can not change the name of the village to the level you can not change until the 5th level so it is good to make the right decisions. Once your village building is on level 5, you have the chance to change your name only once. We are able to use a wide variety of soldiers in our attacks, but we have to develop our barracks, village building, and winter. In the game, which was given to us in the winter, we have only barbarian warriors. By raising all our fighters to level 1, 2, 3, we are able to unlock new features and make them stronger.

When we develop our village in the game, it has a really beautiful appearance. Again, battle lovers recommend a game, I’m playing but there are a few shortcomings that are not outstanding. However, I would like to point out that in the last 2 3 updates, there are very nice new features. The game is free and there is no advertisement, there is one more thing we cannot play this game without internet. Friends who have mobile data do not worry about  your internet package  because it does not consume so many data.

In our game we have a building called clan castle where you can join a clan and fight with another clan group. Also players can train soldiers with potions or black potions. In addition to the walls and buildings and soldiers in the game, all other combat tools can be developed. In multiplayer mode, players can win trophies. The earned trophies are also used for ranking within the game, as well as for the separation of players’ levels.

 All soldiers and potions that can be used in multiplayer mode can also be used in attacks on the goblin villages, which are single player modes. In the attacks of other players to the village, all the gold and potions that are obtained cannot be taken. In addition, in these battles, the winning side wins the trophies, and the number of trophies is decreased at the appropriate rate. Soldiers are not used in the defense of the village.

However, there are groups of 50 players and these groups are called clans. There is no obligation to be a member of any clan in the game. If you are not a member of the clan, you can chat online with all the game plays in one language. If the fortress is developed in the game and becomes a member of a clan, troops can be shared among the members of the clan. You can also chat in the private room of this clan. Clans include a clan leader, a number of co-leaders, and the clan elders and other players, who are categorized under the clan leader, on the assignment initiative.

Each rank can be lowered, downgraded, or promoted by one rank (except those who are large in the rank of clan cannot make members big, but they can throw them away from the clan). may invite members of the clan. New names appear under the names of new players. This article disappears after a while. Soldiers sent by members of the clan stop in the castle, war and can be used in the defense of the village. However, as mentioned above, the soldiers produced cannot be used in village defense. In the game the trophy spool is the biggest goal.

 When the cup of the players became 400, the silver became 800, the 1400 became the gold, the 2000 when the crystal, the 2600 become the master, the 3200 champions and the 4100 become the titan league. In order to grow among the clans, the scores of the clan members must also be large. Because, the number of trophies of clan members is based on clans. The player with the number of trophies begins to gain bigger gains and develop his village better if he now gains from the attacks. However, with the development and development time of many materials, the cost is increasing.


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Asphalt 9 Legends

Who remembers the game where Gameloft’s name is heard? You know, in 2004, when there wasn’t even the letter A in the middle? Let me give a brief summary for those who do not know Gameloft. Gameloft is a company that has been in the game industry for about 18 years.

They are actually a side studio of Ubisoft. Ubisoft brothers who founded the firm, the firm is getting worse than I understand it, so I will open another studio in the Proverbs, the company founded Gameloft. Of course, Ubisoft responded immediately. If you open a new studio, then you will be one of our studios said.

This is how Gameloft was born. Gameloft, Since 2000, PC (although not much) for Mobile and Playstation (although not much) Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter, Ironman 3 (Yes Ironman 3) games, and many more games with our phones, our hands were not dropped from our hands The reason why we didn’t get rid of our consoles and PCs.

When  come to 2004, Gameloft makes an explosion. You ask why? Because of Asphalt. The fact that Asphalt is so loved is the only factor that has caused Gameloft to grow. Asphalt 3, Asphalt 4: Eliteracing, Asphalt 5, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Asphalt 7: Head, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Asphalt: Overdrive, Asphalt : Nitro, Asphalt Extreme, Asphalt: Street Storm Racing and finally Asphalt 9: Legends.

Here is the game we will examine this day Asphalt 9: Legends himself. Let’s think! How many years has passed since Asphalt’s 8th game? Yeah, guess right. Full 5 years. So let’s see what has changed in this 5-year game. At first, you can turn on the Touch Drive feature if you cannot use the tools.

Well OK too! What is this Touch Drive? Touch drive is a feature that automatically uses the tools if you cannot solve them. The vehicle continues to go on its own, unless you turn it off. It should rotate where it should rotate, stop where it should stop. Then what did I get out of this? Why do I play if I’m not driving?

Actually, you’re not exactly driving. Nitro, Drift VB. The features are completely left to you. I can’t say much because I haven’t tested this feature on the mobile platform on the PC platform. Attention, the police are coming! So far, the police have not made much of a challenge, but I will certainly be a trouble to me in the future. For example, you are the first, the police are after you. As soon as you crash, you fall back in the rankings. I think it suits the game very well.

Tell us about the music! Let’s come to the game’s most crucial point, Music. The music is just as great in the 8th game as it is in the game. You’re losing yourself to the race. (Sometimes to music)While the music in the beta process of the game is a disgrace, it has overcome this problem in the full version. From Rock to Rap, DeepHouse to Electro. Trap music only plays during the menu. He got a minus score from me.

How does Nitro work? I won’t say much. Nitro looks exactly like the eighth. How do the cars and car sounds?

They seem to have worked abundantly on cars. Because if you call Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, La Ferrari as licensed in the game. I’m going to say one word about their voices. Spectacular! How to upgrade your car in the game and get the car?

To upgrade the car, you have to apply the appropriate drawing to the car from the races. If I don’t get it wrong, every drawing doesn’t fit every car. This event did not prevent the game to look like Need For Speed: Payback. Minus points. If you want to buy a car, you can participate in daily activities, you can collect coins, you can win races, and you can get real money.

Like the 8th.How many modes in the game? There are 4 modes in the game. These are Career, Multi-player, Clubs and events .Career mode, season, you are trying to climb to the top point. In events, you are trying to complete the races, such as winning coins, winning races, drawing win races. In the clubs, you can create your own club and participate in the races, or join the existing clubs and race.

That’s all the modes. How are the graphics? If you are playing on a great PC, you can enjoy the graphics exactly. But even if you have a medium computer, the graphics will look good to you. Because the graphics are really amazing. The last minus of the game, as a last, loading times. If it is not corrected, it will remain negative. As a result, it is almost identical to Asphalt 8.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now the name of all players in the world of video games. Every day, a new record of news and the game to reach such a large audience, all segments of the surprise continues to be watched. However, although the name of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gained a great reputation in a short time, we can say that there is a long story behind the game.

So why do you think that the successful production that evolved from DayZ, which first emerged as an Arma mode, was so loved? Unlike the developers who have given years to the video game world, Brendan Greene, who is considered a new developer and gifting the game of Battle Royale to acting, could not even guess that this project would be so successful.

It was said that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which entered the early access process on March 2017, could not get out of the early access process and would be lost in the Steam Cemetery. At the time, the biggest rival in the H1Z1 only one month to grow the game grows, of course, content producers (YouTube and Twitch) was supported.

But unlike the other developer teams of the BlueHole studio constantly to play with the game, probably played an important role in Keeping this much of the Battlefields PlayerUnknown. Almost every week until December, a new update to the game developers need to congratulate on this issue. During the first period of the optimization problem, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, improved over time, the full version was made.

With the update 1.0, the developer team added new maps, new tools and new animations to the game. With more than 30 million players and 3 million players, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the leader of Battle Royale. On the other hand, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competing with Fortnite will probably not be overthrown for a long time. The game, which is already on the Xbox One platform in the console wing, is currently dominating the market. We can accept that the excited minutes offered to the player with its fast consumable structure is indispensable.

In a construction that starts on an ordinary cargo plane and leaves 100 players on the large map, your ultimate goal is to survive the remaining 99 people and survive on your own. In the first phase of the game, which can be played in teams of four or two, all you need to do is get the items that will be useful for you.

You can try all kinds of ways to eliminate your opponents in the game where you can carry weapons, weapons, armor, energy drink, painkillers, ammunition, bags and much more with you. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you can eliminate enemies by throwing bullets like silence or Rambo. At certain intervals, you have to stay within the circle that is closed to a point of the map. Otherwise, you have to die even before you get into conflict with your rivals. Therefore, it would be good for you not to be too greedy in the game.

Also, it is important to note that the items boxes, which contain special equipment, fall at certain points of the map in a random way. It is impossible to find any equipment in these boxes in the normal areas of the game. So I can say that these boxes are very valuable and that after landing on the playground, it attracts the attention of all players.

So if you want to get the box, you can be both an open target and a target for all players. You should also keep in mind the random bombing of the playing field. Depending on the intensity of the player, certain areas of the map are painted in red and if you stay in the red zone, bombs are falling on your head. To protect against the bombs, you have to take shelter in the houses around.

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Anime New Tab for Google Chrome

Anime, style of activity famous in Japanese movies. Early anime movies were planned basically for the Japanese market and, in that capacity, utilized numerous social references one of a kind to Japan. For instance, according to anime characters are ordinarily seen in Japan as multifaceted “windows to the spirit.” Much of the class is gone for kids, yet anime movies are once in a while set apart by grown-up topics and topic. Present day anime started in 1956 and discovered enduring achievement in 1961 with the foundation of Mushi Productions by Osamu Tezuka, a main figure in current manga, the thick, novelistic Japanese comic book style that contributed incredibly to the stylish of anime. Anime, for example, Miyazaki Hayao’s Princess Mononoke (1997) are the cutting edge likeness the epic people experiences once recorded by Japanese experts, for example, Mizoguchi Kenji and Kurosawa Akira. At the turn of the 21st century, anime started to achieve wide global fame with the Pokémon TV arrangement and movies, for example, Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2002), champ of an Academy Award for best energized highlight film.


Angry Birds

A family of birds that live in the endless bosom of the wild is coming to the brink of extinction as a result of the unexpected attack of the pigs. The pigs have stolen the eggs of our tiny birds . On top of this, the family members of the bird family that consolidates their ties well, take back the eggs and counter attack to take revenge.

For this struggle they want from us, that is to say, people (it is normal for them to choose people because they do not have the ability to think in the animals. Do not say how they do this without thinking, and instincts come into play).

Let’s come to the implementation phase and our methods. The operation is quite simple. You should develop your own methods for the most effective attack. We have a sling in the left corner of the screen and birds waiting next to it. On the right side, there are pigs and structures. We’ve got to kill all pigs by placing all the birds in the sling, respectively. Only this way we can move to the next map.

Speaking of birds, they’re not all the same type, of course. They differ in both shape and power. When we touch the screen while we are floating in the air; We have weapons that accelerate, explode, or turn into 3 small birds. While our birds are found in different varieties, the other side is not bald. Although there are pigs of different sizes, the structures in which they are stored vary. Sometimes they stand in a simple wooden shed and sometimes they can take shelter in castles surrounded by iron blocks.

Angry Birds physics in the foreground. From your touches to the moments of birds’ flight, collision, and subsequent disintegration, everything is physics. Sometimes it’s bullshit, yes, but it’s in your best interest.

We can say that there are very cute graphics in terms of visuality. Especially bird designs have been perfect. It doesn’t taste as good as it sounds. Definitely play this game with clear sounds. In fact, there is much more to be said for the game: more than 100 episodes, humor, reward system and prize games. If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch, play this game.

Knowing the Angry Birds, there is a very important story. At the beginning of the eggs singing happy songs in a moment the birds are kidnapped by pigs and the pig is given a relentless struggle against the king. The new episode also has nothing to do with changing in Rio. The cage falls to the top of the birds at the beginning of their eggs again and they begin to glide through the air before they understand what they are and find themselves trapped in a hangar in Rio. There are countless birds in cages around and do ours stand idle? As they jumped out of their cages, they go after the cruel parrot, who is responsible for it.

Just like the previous episodes, fun and simple gameplay in Angry Birds Rio actually has nothing to change. We are launching our birds, which have different features in Rio, towards the objects. In the previous games, we try to shoot the pigs and this time we shoot the cages and release the birds inside them.

As the rules of physics and gameplay are completely the same, there is not much to explain. We try to stretch the sling sufficiently, to catch a certain angle and to drop the objects onto the cages. The more bodies we destroy in the department and the less birds we lose, the more points we earn.